Ending Our Plague
Before Our Children Become Rats

By Charles E. Carlson

Americans are sick with an intentionally spread disease far more deadly than anthrax. Our Plague has symptoms: constant wars and the dilution of our wealth are the two most deadly. Unlike the bubonic plague of the Middle Ages, our disease is being carefully crafted and cultured by man, some few of whom benefit from it beyond our wildest imagination.
Villages and towns all over Europe were wiped out in the Middle Ages, and families lived in dread. The mystery of how the plague was spread engendered terror. Some tried to run from infected towns; people were murdered for being suspected of causing it; no one wanted to handle the bodies of the dead; some who secluded themselves from others died. "Plague" became a uniquely feared word in our language.
The Plague was carried by fleas that lived on immune rats. When humans got too close to the rats they were bitten by infected fleas and soon died a terrible death, and the rats had more to eat; they were unseen, hiding everywhere.
Our plague has two faces and its own special rats
Someone is methodically stripping our money of its value. While some elites have more than they can spend, many of us are trapped by rising prices and taxes. We are, it seems, helpless to stop it. Pharisee Watch calls this financial plague "dilution," because someone is causing our hard-saved dollars to be watered down.
Those who cause dilution prefer to call it "inflation." Our paychecks, our investments, our savings, and our pensions buy less every year--no, every month--and our debts continue to mount. WHTT's easy to read publication, Gold, the Rediscover Investment, lays the groundwork for a good understanding of what's happening..
War goes hand in hand with dilution. The planners of Serial Wars are like child molesters; they never stop; they're always plotting. When the heat is on, they go into hiding, but only temporarily. Plague-makers repeat their war crimes as long as the public does not revolt over the killings. When no enemy remains standing, they engage in "bully" wars against shamefully weak countries. War is a business they cannot allow to stop. Serial wars are perpetual paydays for them.
Wars destroy morals
Serial Wars also steal the minds of our children, numbing them to killing, a generation at a time. Wars are teaching them that life is cheap.
A recently pirated film clip taken in the cockpit of an Apache helicopter made the rounds of the Internet. Military camera footage caught on open ground in the dark the appalling sights and sounds of two young Americans who had received permission to execute three Iraqi men. In the film you see terrified humans executed one at a time from a great distance with a Gatling cannon designed to destroy tanks. The bodies appear to disintegrate when they are hit.
The callous dialog of the two young Americans, with their sights locking onto the infrared images of humans, should chill your blood. Their words are: "Get him, he's wounded"... "here's the other one... under that truck"... "got him!"... "where did the other one go?" In 15 or 20 seconds it was over.
I felt a distinct and terrible thumping in my chest. My pulse had increased by half. One who saw it described it as a "pornographic experience." What do the young executioners feel?
Some have described the "head rush" of killing a wounded Iraqi. They will never forget it. They will someday recall their faces or remember that those three men against whom no fault was proved were only in the wrong time in the wrong place, that their wives are sleeping alone, and that their children are fatherless and may be going without food.
As the selected enemies of the Plague-makers become successively weaker and the serial wars lose their public popularity, impersonal, Nintendo-style mass killing replaces the bloody shoot-outs from foxholes and pillboxes of Korea and the jungle patrols in Vietnam, like the Israelis, who surround and execute from a distance, rarely exposing themselves to risk, and then pat the children's heads for the camera.
War infects our families.
It feeds the drug importers and porn industry, collapses sexual morality, fuels the abortion mills and crack houses; job problems and anger are anti-family symptoms of the Plague. Does anyone question the immoral impact of the ten-year long war in Vietnam on two generations of Americans? For those that do not know or remember our books and tapes explain.
To pay for their wars, the Plague-makers print money and pay it to their allies. This is why your dollars are diluted. To hide rising prices (caused by diluted money) they sign treaties that lower labor costs, forcing emigration of stable jobs. Business goes where labor is cheap and civil responsibility is nil. The war promoters also deliberately discourage industry at home with regulations that don't apply abroad.
We consumers are forced to buy cheap-labor imports, while our neighbors look for work. And when our own job disappears, we replace it with two and with mini-paychecks from our new "service jobs" at Wal-Mart and Denny's.
The lower priced, cheap-labor stuff we buy provides the illusion that we are not sick. But the jobs that produced raw materials and created the products are gone. Gone is the blue-collar laborer who worked 30 years for just one company and, amazingly, was able to educate four kids on one income.
The service economy is vulnerable, unstable. Rare is the middle class family where mom stays home and the family can afford an annual vacation together.
The illusion that the Plague does not exist is the cruelest part of the hoax. In order to further hide the cause of the disease, the Plague-makers have purchased control of virtually the entire mediaónewspapers, TV and talk radio, most of Hollywood and both political parties. All of these openly campaign to justify more serial war.
Skull and Bones for President
Our next presidential election will likely be a rigged competition between two members of the Yale University Skull and Bones occult club. Both will claim to be "Christians," because some 85% of all American also make this claim. "Skull and Bones" is a perfect choice of name for Plague-makers. There is no political choice for the voter!
The symptoms of disease surround our lives; we're preoccupied with a concoction of unhealthy entertainment that tells us this sick society is the norm.
Worst of all, the plague-makers have found a way to influence mega-churches and religious celebrities, helping them establish various degrees of control over some 40-70 million salt-of-the-earth Americans. It is from this base of practicing Christian Americans that the political swing vote is maintained. But these many missions are the Achilles heel of the Plague-makers.
How the Plague makers control America:
Our disease-carrying fleas are well known to many people: The fleas are the Republicans and Democrats, the media, Hollywood and mega-corporations, the CFR, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, Zionists wherever they are, and many more. Everyone has their own favorite list of blood feeding fleas, and most are indeed part of the problem; but knowing or being partly right cannot overcome a plague planned by experts.
Many have suspected for a long time that someone is feeding on our blood. The 35-year Cold War proved to be a farce when the Soviet Union collapsed, revealing a shell behind a high fence. A new, shooting-war was needed, it seemed, but who was left to fight? Only two possible choices, China and the Mideast remained. The Arab Mideast was elected in 1990.
The Plague makers chose to make China an ally, and Islam was elected as the war target. How does this author know this?
In 1992, the Plague-makers published and obscure map, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Peacekeeping Map, and on it was the locations of future wars, even Bosnia. Your writer bought the map; it called for war on Islamic states.
The Enablers, the root of the problem
The key to controlling bubonic plague was to reduce the number of rats by gradually cleaning them out. Medical science calls the rats "vectors." We prefer to call them "enablers." Enablers do not have the Plague themselves, but facilitate the work of those that do, knowingly or not. "Enablers" are often well-meaning facilitators of something evil. In warmaking, most are easily influenced, made accomplices by their own trust of others. Some few are rats.
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