Israel To Use Pig Fat
To Deter Suicide Bombers
BBC News

Israeli police are to hang bags of pig lard on buses and in other public places to deter would-be Muslim suicide bombers, Israeli media have reported.

The Maariv daily said rabbinical authorities sanctioned the plan to use the product - considered impure by Jews and Muslims - if it might save lives.

Officials hope the prospect of defiling their bodies with blown up pig lard might discourage would-be recruits.

Hundreds of Israelis have been killed by suicide bombers in recent years.

Rabbinical approval

Rabbi Eliezer Moshe Fisher, of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, said there was no "halachic [Jewish law] ban on using bags of lard in buses and other places" when saving lives is concerned, the newspaper reported.

He said the bags would also be permitted to be placed in shopping centres, train stations, schools and other public places which might be targeted by bombers.

The rabbi said if police do not enact the plan, tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews will arm themselves with guns capable of spraying liquid pig lard at suspects.

Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Yaacov Edri said he supported the plan.

"If bags of pig lard will prevent zealous Muslim terrorists from carrying out attacks, I'm all for it," the newspaper quoted him as saying.




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