The Skull And Bones Of
Bush And Kerry
By Jim Moore

If skull and bones were no more than the remains of a human body, or the scare heavy in a Halloween movie, there would be little reason to give it further thought. But it is much more than that.
The Order of the Skull and Bones is far from the fratty, fun-and-games milieu that uninformed people think it is. The fact is, Skull and Bones may be the world's most bizarre, and exclusive, secret society.
Therefore, if both the President of the United States and the top Democratic contender for the job are devoted members of this Order, and they are, the American public ought to know more about it before November rolls around. Not that we can do much more than dissect it at this time. Nevertheless, the dedicated mission of Skull and Bones, though not obvious, should be at least somewhat understood before we elect a member of this mysterious enclave to lead our nation any further.
Before we proceed, it should be stated that the history, background, member roster, and political "connections" of the Order of Skull and Bones is far too complicated and extensive to include in this article, but all the information herein is fully documented and readily available for interested readers.
Let us proceed with its most important tenets.
More than a century ago, Skull and Bones was a secret society in Germany, where it was also known, not always in jest, as the "Brotherhood of Death."
The American chapter of the Society was founded at Yale University in 1833, and its members are known as Bonesmen. Today, Bonesmen number less than 1,000, which is quite fantastic when one considers how effectively they manipulate and influence world affairs.
So, Skull and Bones is not just a bunch of "Yalies" getting their kicks with unique handshakes and secret code words. Bones is a unique group of young men from affluent, well-established, Northeastern families; literally a chosen elite of intellectually superior Yale students, who are educated and prepared for positions of influence and power, particularly in politics and government.
Each year at Yale, 15 juniors are chosen by seniors for Skull and Bones initiation, which is performed in occult surroundings with bizarre rituals, where the initiates are indoctrinated and sworn to absolute and binding secrecy. This illustrates the exclusivity and esoteric, cult-like qualities of this strange order.
As the country's leaders, many Bonesmen have held, and still hold, positions of prestige and influence. These include presidents, cabinet members, congressmen, senators, governors, and other positions of the highest political authority.
Why is it vital that Americans know that both George W. Bush and John Kerry are Yale alumni and Bonesmen? For many compelling reasons. Here are a few.
Since both Bush and Kerry, as sworn Bonesmen, are privy to its rituals, inner workings, and secret objective, it would seem to make little difference in both domestic and foreign policies of the United States which man wins the November 2004 election. This gives us little choice.
Bonesmen believe that the United States should be the first among the "equals" in the New World order. To achieve this, the Order believes in "constructive chaos." And what is constructive chaos? It is simply keeping true intentions secret by constantly sending out mixed signals on all critical policy issues, and keeping sacrosanct their self-created vision of New World warriors. Both Bush and Kerry appear to be victims of this self-aggrandized thinking.
Bonesmen have an affinity for the Heglian theory. This is a precept in which the State is absolute and individuals are granted their freedom based on their obedience to the State, i.e. the New World Order.
Does that have the smell of tyranny or not?
This pretentious elitism and dangerous arrogance is rare in most men. But it is all the more troubling when found in two men who are both vying for the most powerful leadership position in the world
Bonesmen are mostly born to privilege, bred on visions of intellectual superiority, educated in worldly matters, and trained to give orders, not take them. It follows, then, that these men should be the epitome of nationalistic pride. Unless, of course, they have other ideas. Such as keeping their actions secret, using power to achieve ulterior ends, and putting the Skull and Bones oath above allegiance to their country.
And most disturbing of all, the sole purpose of the Skull and Bones Order is to perpetuate power. To maintain and increase this power, politically ambitious Bonesmen strive to put fellow Bonesmen in key positions of influence, to help build the New World organization that is their primary goal.
Recent actions and decisions of President Bush, if carefully scrutinized, tend to bear this out. And there is little reason to believe that John Kerry, as president, would not follow the same detrimental path.
Like all of us, George W. Bush and John Kerry have skeletons in their closet. But unlike ours, their skeletons have the power to undermine the sovereignty of a nation.
Don't let it undermine ours.
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Published in the February 6, 2004 issue of Ether Zone.
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