The Ash Wednesday Plot
Part 2

by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

Dr. David Kelly---Who Really Murdered Him? And Why?
Dr. David Kelly was important. No question about that. He was considered one of the top scientists in the world. In biochemistry and a few other subjects. And he was a top intelligence official, with British Intelligence, under the supervision and control of the Duke of Edinburgh, also known as Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
Other connections, according to savvy sorts, are subject to some discussion if not actual dispute. Was he actually a double, triple, or quadruple agent? And if so, what other intelligence forces was he active with if not secretly entangled?
He came and went frequently from Baghdad, Paris, Tel Aviv, and numerous other hotspots, known and unknown. In whose world was he the strongest? Did he know former members of Saddam Hussein's elite secret political police? In visiting with Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, was it just sharing scientific and spy data with a friendly power or was it something more? Was he aware of the sort of love-hate harmony and disharmony between The Mossad and France's internal secret political police (similar to the American F.B.I.) and their external version of the same (similar to the American C.I.A.)?
Does anyone remember the Dreyfus Affair, an upboiling of French Catholic hatred against Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, a French Military officer on the general staff and a Jew, from the borderline province of Alsace-Lorraine between France and Germany? At the time, the French military was riddled with monarchists and Catholics, permeated with deep hatred against Jews. Late in the 19th Century, Dreyfus was framed for treason favoring German interests, and whisked away to Devil's Island, between what is now Brazil and Venezuela. A campaign by a French author as a crusader, Emile Zola, finally freed Dreyfus, but not before France went through a wrenching anguish, just prior to World War One.
Those purportedly associates of Dr. David Kelly contend he was murdered when he was found dead in July, 2003. The British and American oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press said then and persist in saying, that Dr. Kelly committed "suicide". Cynics favor the term that he was "suicided", coined by assassination researchers to bridge the gap.
He was found dead at a time of religious if not biblical-reconsidering turmoil. The press fakers were conveniently ignoring the numerous radio talk shows in America, many of them dubbed, rightly or not, as "Christian broadcasters". America was in economic troubles, a sure road to hatred and deep-seated prejudice. There is an epidemic in the U.S. and in Europe of deep hatred of "Jews".
The U.S., and then Britain, and then France and Germany were below the television screen, reviewing the role of "The Jews". The British had arranged to insert European Jews, who somehow survived the concentration camp murder policies of the Nazis, to go to Palestine. The oilfields would be controlled, for the British/American oil cartel, while the Jews fought the Arabs endlessly, without any simple answers as remedies. Of an opposing religion and surrounding the new State of Israel, the Moslem world found it simple to oppose what they felt were the encroaching of the Jews of Europe.
Perhaps in their heart of hearts, faced with the problem without an answer, the Moslems wished that Adolf Hitler finished off the Jews entirely, ending the Chinese box riddle, to whom does Palestine belong? Jews or Arabs? Advocates for each are prepared with their arguments of history.
As we said earlier, some would divide the world between Jews and Gentiles, leaving out all the other religions. The pressfakers are not educators. So we are not told the history of "hofjuden", royal court types with Jewish surnames not actually Jews. Simple folks persist in hollaring, regardless "But they ARE Jews!" Hofjuden are clever types, ambitious in the extreme who know that they are stooges and scapegoats. If the regime, the Crown, the Central Authority, is in trouble, the hofjuden find out and continue a business relationship with the evil Establishment and then, before the destruction begins of actual Jews, escape with their bloody fortune to another country.
A case in point reportedly is the family of Ted Koppel, a mass media big dealer, now quietly a subject of federal court litigation in Florida. His elders ran one of the biggest businesses of its kind in Nazi Germany, mining equipment and tires with the blessings of the Nazi cartel, I.G. Farben, the petro-chemical monopoly controlling synthetic tire patents and production. The huge firm,Orenstein&Koppel, continued long after 1933 when the Nazis passed laws making it virtually illegal for Jews in Germany to be in business. The Koppel Family, ostensibly hofjuden (a German term), continued with their business even after the Declaration of War, September 1, 1939. They fled with their fortune to Lancashire, England, where Ted Koppel was born, February, 1940. His father, considered a Nazi collaborator, was kept at the prison in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man, a tiny nation separate from England but housing prisoners for England. The Koppels ended up In Canada.
[The Isle of Man is also a notorious criminal bank money laundry center for use by the Monarchy's private enterprise, Coutts Bank London. See Skolnick's article "The Overthrow of the American Republic", Part 48 , "The Bribery List".]
After hofjuden have fled to safety, ahead of the storm, ordinary actual Jews are left to be blamed and condemned collectively, put to the sword and slaughtered, and the rest becomes another tragedy of History.
Mel Gibson probably would not dare quote what the New King James Version of the Bible attributes as a statement from Jesus, Book of Revelation 3:9
"Indeed I will make those of the syngagogue of Satan, WHO SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT, BUT LIE---I will make them come down and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you." (Emphasis added.)
The Bible already prophesied that there would be Jews who call themselves Jews but are not Jews.
The truisms are endless. The Rothschilds are falsely described as "international Jewish bankers". Yet, they are not Jews but the officials bankers for the Vatican. Know-nothings will not surrender their beliefs.
"Jews" own the monopoly press. Yet, they only front for the actual owners, such as of the major networks, owned by the Rockefellers principally with Saudi Royal loot. But know-nothings will not depart from their gut reactions seeing the name of "Jews" as managers and supervisors of the news-gatherers.
Those calling themselves "Christians" are more and more coming to believe the Hollywood "Jews" are hostile to Christians. The movie-makers have bombarded the screens showing the plight of the ordinary Jews of Europe, 1930s and 1940s.
Never discussed are events leading up to this runaway hatred of Jews with the rise of Adolf Hitler. Skolnick once attended an important meeting about 1980 in Chicago, of the Jewish Geneological Society. On tape were interviewed elderly Jews.
They described how the blood-thirst started as they understood. It was after the Germans under the Kaiser lost World War One. Unemployed ex-soldiers blamed the collapse of the German war-effort on "Jewish communists". By 1923, there was a disastrous inflation. It took a wheelbarrow of paper money to buy a loaf of bread. The German aristocracy, however, did not suffer. The elite had their funds in gold-backed Deutsch Marks, not available to the peons.
Fronting for the German Establishment were lawyers and bill collectors with Jewish names, hofjuden, in the midst of the inflation crisis, and in the aftermath, who proceeded to foreclose upon and seize the farms, small factories, businesses, and homes of ordinary Germans. All for the financial benefit, not really disclosed, of the German, British, French, and American "powers that be".By 1933, with the installation of Hitler as Reich Chancellor, most Germans remembered what those with Jewish sounding names did to common Germans ten years previous. But the hofjuden of Hollywood never show this. So rampant anti-Jew sentiment is overtaking America and re-emerging in Britain, France, and Germany, among other places. Of course, how can it be said that Germany royalty, masquerading as the British House of Windsor with a history of treason favoring Nazi Germany, before and during World War Two, can have any great concern for Jews (or, for that matter, for Irish Catholics) ?
The American/British financial forces created the Soviet Union, supplying them with machinery and technology. [Review the extensive books by the late Antony Sutton, an expert on the subject.]
It is known as the Hegelian method; set up your "enemy" and control the overall situation, to the detriment of know-nothings. [Examine the details in "Trading With the Enemy" by Charles Higham, setting forth the treason of big business.]
A follow-up was that American/British Big Business then financed the rise of Adolf Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviet "enemy". Skolnick has elsewhere discussed how General Electric, Ford Motor, General Motors, and others financed the Nazis. BUT, G.E. and the others had their factories in wartime Nazi Germany IMMUNE from Allied aerial bombers.
The Hollywood hofjuden showed endlessly in movies the horrors of the concentration camps occupied primarily by Jews of the countries surrounding Germany. Nothing was ever shown of American/British large industrial and financial forces financing the Nazis. Never widely shown was the documentary showing the Allies, U.S./England, failed and refused to bomb the railroads going toward and into the concentration camps.
The hofjuden of Hollywood knowingly steered up bad gut reactions from Gentiles. Never shown was the 1912 holocaust against the Armenians. Never shown was the millions and millions of Christians slaughtered by the great butcher, Josef Stalin.
Whether by accident or intention (you decide), enters on the stage of public preoccupation Mel Gibson. He does not separate himself from the views of his elderly father who fosters the beliefs of holocaust deniers as to the Jews. Mel's movie as to the last hours of the deity on Earth, Jesus Christ, is ballyhooed as having been made to accurately depict what happened.
Yet, the Jesus shown is of the height, color, and look of present day Americans/Europeans. Males of Eastern Mediterranean areas of two thousand years ago were dark-complexioned, and at an average height of five foot three inches, not five-foot nine or ten inches. ["What Did Jesus Really Look Like", story with pictures, by David Gibson(no relation to Mel), New York Times, 2/21/2004.] And Mel's movie shows Jews dressed and looking very much like current Ultra-Orthdox Jews, in the U.S. and in Israel. Did their prayer shawls two thousand years ago look identical to those worn nowadays? The movie fosters images that are surely much more than subliminal triggers.
To show Jesus as dark-complexioned would set off great commotions among movie-ticket buyers. People of color around the world, including Afro-Americans might cause big noise by loudly proclaiming, "I told you! Jesus was black, a person of color!" Whites as the expected largest number of those going to see the movie, might feel afronted. A detailed consideration of the biblical details would show that Jesus, in fact, was non-white. And why did Mel Gibson NOT show THAT?
We understand that a black movie-maker is in the works with a production that would show Jesus Christ as biblically and historically correct non-white, which would shake-up the Mel Gibsons of the world as to their fake Euro-Centric supposed version of history. A side issue is that such a production would give needed support to the economy of Ethiopia which offers to supply accurate depicting of scenes and performers.
Do the American/British monopoly press show or describe the Iraqis as "people of color"? Is there any sympathy shown for the innocent men, women, and children of Iraq, continually slaughtered by the American foreign invaders?
A question perhaps for bible scholars: In brutalizing Jesus Christ, the deity on Earth, did the Jews/Romans not seek to humiliate him? If Jesus were actually on the cross without a garment, how would Mel Gibson's movie show THAT?
Below the television screen is the issue not discussed in the monopoly press. Namely, that the Vatican for various practical and historical reasons, seeks to control and occupy Jerusalem. Some claim the Israeli government or someone there of pretended or actual authority, has quietly granted the Vatican certain powers over the biblical center, Jerusalem. Did the Israeli people, by referendum or whatever, approve of this?
If the Jews were worldwide collectively blamed for having brutalized and then slaughtered, two thousand years ago, the deity on Earth, Jesus Christ, would this pave the way to either destroy Israel, or control them? Or would it simply stop Israel from blackmailing financial assistance out of the Bush White House. And what was the role of Dr. David Kelly, a frequent visitor to The Mossad?
Mel Gibson's movie on Jesus Christ premiered on Ash Wednesday, February 25, 2004. In advance of that date, the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen, reportedly began circulating data that Dr. David Kelly was, indeed, murdered, and that it was done by certain specified forces pointing away, apparently, from those who may have actually ordered the political assassination.
Who is being blamed for the Murder of Dr. David Kelly? Are THEY the real assassins? If not, why are misleaders at work, for what purpose?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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