Immigration - What's
The Real Agenda?

By David Icke

Throughout Europe and North America immigration is under discussion, be it Mexicans crossing the border illegally into the US, immigration 'amnesties' or the fears that Britain and other Western European nations will be flooded with people looking for work from the Eastern European countries about to be absorbed into the European Union and thus allowed free movement across former borders.
The debate, as usual, and by design, has been polarised into a Left-Right slanging match. If you challenge the level of immigration you are branded a racist, for example. But this is not about what is good or otherwise for a country or the immigrants themselves. The Illuminati-controlled system doesn't give a damn about either.
This is a long-term plan I have mentioned many times over the years to destroy the nation state. Whether people support the nation state structure or not is another debate. Flag waving turns my stomach personally, but that's not the point here. If we get caught in that debate we won't see the real agenda which it is designed to obscure.
The nation state structure, and the history, culture and sense of uniqueness that goes with it, are blocks on the absorption of nations into the world centralised fascist state with it's one world government (dictatorship), army and economic system.
Therefore, they know that to break down resistance to this global state they have to destroy the sense of unique nationhood and culture and create 'multicultural' societies in which the sense of 'nation' is eventually lost. That doesn't mean that 'multicultural' societies are wrong - not at all - only that there is an agenda to manipulate them that is kept from the people.
It is not racist to point this out, not least because the Illuminati want to destroy the sense of nationhood and culture in ALL countries; those from which immigration is coming as well as those where it is going. They want to destroy cultural distinctions as much in Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe as they do in North America and Western Europe. The expansion of the European Union is, in part, designed to do this in the new member states of the east.
They want a McDonald's, Burger King, global 'culture' that sweeps away cultural uniqueness to leave us with a planetary version of Disneyland - a uniform superficial 'culture' based on pap and crap with the same TV programmes, same movies, same 'art', same music, same food, same structure of society. The 'Americanisation' of global 'culture' through fast food, movies and music, etc., is actually the Illuminati-isation. What is shown to work in the United States in terms of advancing the agenda in all its forms is then exported to the rest of the world.
Once this reaches an advanced stage - and it is happening before our eyes - the sense of nationhood and distinct cultural differences will be eroded sufficiently for the people to be far more open to accepting the One World, centralised structure, that would dictate on all levels to their former culture/country.
The 'One World' society is not about bringing all members of the human family together in harmony and respect for each other. It is about eliminating cultural diversity that we should be celebrating and ruling everyone from a central point.
That's the real agenda behind the thrust of immigration policies and you are going to see this process expand rapidly in the years to come.
What we need to do, I would suggest, is to (a) ensure that all cultures within the multiculture are preserved and allowed to freely express themselves without eliminating each other and (b) we do not allow any loss of national identity to trick us into accepting the world government dictatorship or the myth that 'One World' equates to peace, love and harmony.






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