Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 49
Ralph Nader And The Ruling Class

By Sherman H. Skolnick

There are certain more or less censored or forbidden subjects. And if one writes on the same, an author can flunk a popularity test. Why? One simple, but incomplete reason, is that too many inhabitants of North America believe in fairy tales. If the monopoly press designates someone as their "hero", not enough peons are suspicious. This article may qualify to put me on the "crap list" of acceptable commentators.
[1] About thirty five years ago, Ralph Nader had a group of purportedly "idealistic" young men and women. He dubbed them "Nader's Raiders". One part of that group in the Chicago area met occasionally at my house. In my own sly way, I quizzed them. Who are these folks crusading supposedly against the "Establishment"? All of them were young law students or beginning lawyers. But crucial to my understanding of them, they were moreover, I quietly discovered, the sons and daughters of the ultra rich.
Among my close pals, I called such persons "RBs", short for rich bitches. In my own way, I went down my list of what I urged them to do. INVESTIGATE BANKER-JUDGES. I got a blank look. RUNAWAY COURT CORRUPTION. Another blank. Expose the war-mongering mostly private huge Universities. "Nader's Raider's" absolutely not interested. INVESTIGATE THE CIA/FBI's AGENTS PROVOCATEURS. They dismissed the idea.
I tried not to show my suspicion. Privately, I discovered directly that they simply wanted to correct some of the more blatant misdeeds of the Ruling Class, "the powers that be", the Establishment---in other words THEIR elders. That is control perpetuated by a play for time, continuing problems of the system to a generation or more hence, if ever remedied by drastic measures.
[2] Ralph Nader was good at planting phantasies. Such as, that he lived in a cold-water flat, paid almost nothing per month for it, and lived on a very reduced financial level. All of it complete rubbish. Very credible sources contended he had a friend who on occasion drove him around in their Rolls Royce. Nader lived secretly in luxury houses. See: "Me and Ralph: Is Nader Unsafe for America" by David Sanford, New Republic Books, 1976.
[3] For thirty years and more, he has been an extremely high-paid visiting lecturer at the very universities identified as the center of the "war industry", as documented in the book "The Closed Corporation", by James Ridgeway, 1969 (those familiar with the subject, say little has changed since the book was first published). Ralph Nader was paid between fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars honoraria for each speech, which took up about ninety minutes of his time on the lecture platform. Nader received speaking fees over two hundred fifty thousand dollars annually, even in the 1970s.
By the year 2000, when he ran as a candidate for President on the Green Party third party ticket, his lecture income was about just short of a half a million dollars a year. As required by election regulations to be divulged.
[4] Calling it the "Green Party" should be a dead giveaway of what they are about. Basically, their idea of the world, at least as I understand it from having in years past talked to Green Party officials, is that so-called "left-wingers", those truly devoted to workers' rights as against bosses, are the "Reds". That is union members, labor activists, and such, are immediately thought of as dreaded "Communists" whether they espouse anything like Marxism or not. In simple form, it is the "Greens", presumably "anti-Communists" versus "The Communists". I suspect some Green Party supporters will hollar me down on my analysis of the situation.
Nader busted the Union of his own low-paid workers. "Anti Labor Chapter Surfaces in Nader's Past", by Heather Szerlag, Pacifica Radio News, 10/31/2000. "Union Buster? THE NADER?" by Nick Mamatas, Greenwich Village Gazette, Vol.5, #44, 9/15/2000. "Editors Claim Firing by Nader Based on Unionizaion Attempt" by Peter Perl, Washington Post, 6/28/1984, page B 3. As to his group, Public Citizen,Inc., Nader refused to divulge their finances, although required by law. "Public Citizen's Non-Disclosure", Wall Street Journal, 3/17/1992, page A 14.
[5] By the time of his mandatory disclosure as presidential candidate in the year 2000 campaign, Ralph Nader had about three million dollars in high-tech industry stock, primarily firms into war electronics for the Pentagon. Nader amassing money sources. Ralph Nader's official financial disclosure for year 2000. Open Secrets web site. "Inside Nader's Stock Portfolio" by Jake Tapper, Salon Magazine, 10/28/2000. "Mr. Nader's Conglomerate" (editorial), Wall Street Journal, 4/17/1980, page 26. "Ralph Nader, Inc.", Forbes Magazine, 9/17/1999, pages 119, 122. Nader amassed his fortune by speculating on the very stocks of corporations he condemned. "Abuse of Trust: A Report on Ralph Nader's Network", by Dan Burt, Regnery Gateway publishers, Chicago, 1982.
[6] From about 1969 into the 1970s, I gave lectures and seminars all over the U.S. on the subject of "agent provocateurs" and war-mongers and war- profiteers. This was at small junior colleges, which were mostly trade schools for working class students; and student government sponsored lectures at State Universities. These lectures were often vigorously opposed by faculty members who wanted to silence me. Placards announcing my upcoming speeches often were torn down by mysterious forces.
I cannot forget the speech I was scheduled to give at a junior college in a Chicago suburb. My court-reform group was to receive, for my lecture, seventy-five dollars (a laughable sum by Nader standards). It was toward the close of the Viet Nam War. At the last minute, the college President revoked the seventy-five dollar budget.
Into his office came several disgruntled students, ex-GIs, still wearing their Marine outfits but with Peace symbols painted on their back. They told the junior college boss, "Look, we want Skolnick to give us the low-down on the war-mongers. We learned in Nam how to blow up places. Restore the f---ing money, or we're going to level this place with you in it." They wore the same outfits to my speech.
Later, over supper with them, they told me all about it. I asked, "How did you survive being so shot at in Nam?" They answered, "We slept near the rice paddies and told the Lt. that HE should be point man on night patrol and most likely go home himself in a body bag."
"Then what?" I asked. "If he did not listen, we late at night threw a grenade into his tent. (Called 'fragging', apparently from the word fragmentation.) And if he survived, we said 'Lt., it was the little V.C.woman doing your laundry. SHE did it.' "
I understand that "fragging" U.S. officers is happening in Iraq by the "grunts".
[7] Nader, a lawyer, apparently never openly discusses the situation with THIRD PARTY candidates in America. They are obstructed from having equal ballot access by a thick forest of State laws. And the U.S. Supreme Court, traditionally made up of zillionaires on behalf of the Ruling Class, has repeatedly refused to strike down these obstructions.
Europe, to their credit, does NOT block third, fourth, and even fifth party candidates from sitting in their Parliaments. By way of a defect in the U.S. Constitution, the highest Executive, the President, is NOT required to come before the Parliament, that is Congress, to be regularly if not daily grilled and even, if necessary, heckled as to his policies, as a Prime Minister is before a Parliament.
In the annual State of the Union speech, the President is not questioned in Congress by anyone present there. On that extremely rare occasion of Resolutions of Impeachment in the House, followed by a Senate Impeachment Trial, the President is not required to attend to give oral testimony or answers.
In a Parliament system, the Prime Minister has to appear almost daily to be grilled if not heckled by the "back-benchers". He must organize votes above a certain number to introduce any legislation.
Does Nader ever comment on the arithmetic of American law? Notice. Canada has about thirty million population. And they have about three hundred representatives in their Lower House.
GET THIS. AMERICA, with about THREE HUNDRED MILLION POPULATION, has just 435 Representatives in the Lower House, and 100 Senators in the U.S. SENATE. Most every Representative and Senator is a lawyer and/or represents huge financial interests, not the ordinary person in their back-home district.
Among 535 that purport to represent Americans THERE IS CURRENTLY JUST ONE "INDEPENDENT", a great rarity to have even one. NOT A SINGLE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE is generally permitted to sit in Congress.
I have particular insight into this. In the 1960s and 1970s, in Illinois, on behalf of myself as a voter, and on behalf of all voters similarly situated, I brought and won vast class action Reapportionment suits as to most every type of State and U.S. election district. My suits were on the basis of scrapping the then-current mal-apportioned districts and applying the doctrine of ONE MAN, ONE VOTE, each district re-drawn to have, within a very few per cent, equal population. The federal judges on occasion violently opposed me. In my suit against the Mayor & City Council of Chicago, to re-district the fifty city Wards into equal population voting districts, and open the way for blacks and latinos to have equal representation; I accused the Chief Judge of the Court, assigned to my case, of being beholden to gangsters in that the Chief Judge was a Director of the gangster-originated Albert Parvin Foundation. The Chief Judge in 1967, falsely told his bailiffs I was a "vioient,
dangerous" person, and two bailiffs in his courtroom, without provocation, grabbed hold of my wheelchair and tried to turn it upside down with me in it. Eighteen mass media reporters were witnesses to the same but did not report it. The situation became an assault and battery case by me. The higher court said I am not entitled to any remedy even though there was no proof I was a "violent, dangerous" person. [Skolnick vs. Guadagno, et al., U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit case.]
[8] For more than 12 years, I conducted a one-hour weekly, public access Cable TV Show, cablecast within the City Limits of Chicago, to upwards of 400,000 viewers. In many election periods, we put on Third Party candidates, often completely ignored by the monopoly press. I found most of such candidates to be intellectually superior compared to what the Establishment offered the public by way of two parties, the candidates of which are generally bought and sold.
The press-fakers, generally, if forced to depict a Third Party candidate, BUT NOT THEIR BOY RALPH NADER, usually describe them in a way that they are nuts, kooks, or numb-skulls with no platform or policies whatever and having no news or issue value whatever.
In the year 2000 Presidential election, Ralph Nader, a spoiler, pulled 97 thousand votes in Florida while condemning the Democrats. As a disrupter, Nader made it possible and economical for GOP officials to purportedly heavily bribe South Florida DEMOCRAT officials, at a strategic moment, to stop the recount of Democrat ballots. Candidate Albert Gore, Jr., had won the popular vote nationwide by a 600,000 plurality. The Florida vote was crucial to the Electoral College vote system.
A five-judge, military-style Junta, on the U.S. Supreme Court corruptly installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. To see the court records of the corruption involved in the high court in Washington, in the litigation Bush versus Gore, visit our website story, "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts", parts 9 and 10.
It is no secret that Bush White House bagman and Rasputin, Karl Rove, is overjoyed that Ralph Nader has announced he is running on Third Party ticket for President. If not on the Green Party ticket, Nader may not even be on lesser state ballots, but no doubt will be shown on those necessary for the big fix favoring possibly Bush.
IS RALPH NADER AMERICA'S MOST PROTECTED AND CONCEALED "Agent Provocateur"? Using polished rhetoric to mislead those dumbed-down by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press? Retired spooks aver that Nader is a CIA weirdo provocateur. He appears to be part of the gay underground media and government cult, that includes George W. Bush and U.S. Senator John Kerry.
IS NADER JUST MORE BUSH WHITE HOUSE ELECTION INSURANCE? Is Nader part of "The Secret Agenda" to discredit the U.S. nation-state, put an end to Presidential elections, and create the Breakaway States of the disunited provinces of America? [That was one purpose of the Brits in turning the North versus the South, on the excuse of the "slavery" issue, in the U.S. Civil War, or "War Between the States".] AND TO RUN THIS LAND WITH AN EMERGENCY FASCIST PANEL, not a Presidency?
[Visit earlier parts of this series as well as my co-authored series The Middle-Finger News.]
For example, on Sunday, February 22, 2004, Nader appeared on the NBC Network program, with NBC owned by General Electric. Did Nader say anything against G.E.? He should have mentioned---but didn't--- that the Albert Gore family was instrumental in the perpetuation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, by which electricity in that State is almost free. Further, the Gores were instrumental for the first and only time in U.S. history to get the top officials of the electric machinery monopoly, General Electric and Westinghouse, put in federal prison for anti-trust violations, fingered as they were by the TVA and the Gores, 1961.
Is Ralph Nader ready to adopt a motto against BIG OIL, BIG MEDIA, BIG ELECTRICITY? And how about Nader's cronies in the war-mongering high-tech electronics industry, and he owns millions of dollars of their stocks? Does Nader ever raise questions about the political assassination of U.S. leaders, such as John F. Kennedy, and civil rights activists, such as Malcolm X and Dr. King? Of course not. Does Nader ever raise questions about the Queen of England getting huge U.S. cotton subsidies based on British Royalty having owned the Illinois Central Railroad, from Chicago to New Orleans, operating through farmlands in the South and owning vast tracts of land on either side of their tracks?
Does Nader ever raise questions about the Bush Crime Family being in a ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR joint account with Queen Elizabeth II, in her private bank, Coutts Bank London? And that Saddam Hussein, having been a private business partner of Daddy Bush, has a huge interest in that account as well?
[9] I conducted seminars at small colleges, not those big private ones of the Ruling Class, and at a broadcast school in Chicago. I used to suggest a possible government undercover operative as a target of the class investigation. I said to my students that as they start the probe, first go down to the drugstore and buy a roll of cotton.
"But Mr. Skolnick, why the cotton?" And I responded, "Because provocateurs have polished rhetoric most times being impossible to penetrate. Plug up your ears, do not listen to their mouth. TRACE THE MONEY. EXAMINE THEIR ACTS."
During the Anti-Viet Nam War movement period, I taught methods, quite successful but often not accepted by naive sorts, of identifying agents provocateurs. It is a French term defined as "A secret agent hired to penetrate some organization to incite trouble designed to make the organization or its its members incur punishment".
Methods I taught included tracing the money to them through CIA-linked Foundations. Little-known, such tax-exempt entities have to file publicly available federal tax forms.[It is a tedious task, however, following the money through various conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts. Scroll all the way down the website for a related story. "A Short History of CIA Fronts".]
I was often misunderstood, condemned, or ignored by naive idealists. In Chicago was a peacenik group headed by a charming CIA operative with believeable rhetoric. Dressed as a bearded hippie, he worked tirelessly to incite the members to "action".
"Don't just sit there!" he exhorted his group. "Come on. Let's fire-bomb the ROTC Center!" [The military facility, Reserve Officers Training Corp.] As he led them into breaking windows and were getting set to torch the place, the peaceniks were directed right into confronting the National Guard, lined up, ready with fixed bayonets. Some of the peaceniks were bloodied and later, all were arrested, and the Peace group scattered and disbanded. The provocateur-leader? Just before the flash-point of the commotion, he had safely disappeared behind the military lines.
My repeated prior warnings to the group about their "leader" were ignored and I was bad-mouthed as someone who does not understand the "Peace Movement".
Naive, poorly-informed persons probably "bought" Ralph Nader's words. Provocateurs, to seem credible, say believeable things. So what? In a politically realistic world, they are just running their mouth. As a lawyer, Nader is not about to finger top-level judges, as we do, who are inherently corrupt as Banker-Judges. He will not really heckle the high court in Washington. He will say nothing about the British Royals and the Jesuits who for two hundred years of U.S. history, benefitted from and instigated the political assassination OF SEVEN U.S. PRESIDENTS who opposed British encroachment on U.S. financial and industrial development and opposed the Vatican itching to have a firm foothold in America. [Four Presidents murdered by gunfire from supposed "lone assassins", three by poisoning. See earlier parts of this series.]
[10] He would have you believe he is "Saint Ralph" which he is NOT.
Nader is a bagman for the trial lawyers' lobby. "Ralph Nader is a bargain for trial lawyers at $1,000 a Table", Wall Street Journal, 6/24/92.
He blocks releasing money records of organizations he runs, and for such violations is not bothered by the Justice Department. Such as his group Public Citizen., Inc. "Abuse of Trust: A Report on Ralph Nader's Network", by Dan Burt, Regnery Gateway publishers, Chicago, 1982.
.He amasses millions while playing the stock market regarding corporations he publicly attacks. Numerous details catalogued at which details various sources of Nader's dirty business including his family members (some reportedly with the American CIA).
More coming. Stay tuned.
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