Who Really Controls Poland?

Dear Mr. Rense,
Since Poland allowed the Israeli Air-Force to fly over Polish air space, and since Poland sent their soldiers to massacre the poor Iraqis, I was wondering why Poland is trying to be more Jewish than Moses? I was wondering why the Polish government is more in love with Israel than Israelis themselves ?
Also , since Poland has no enemies, I was wondering why the Polish government is driving the polish economy into bankruptcy by buying endless Israeli weapons such as Rafael Spike NT-S Anti-Tank Missile (1) and Merkava tanks (2) ?
I was shocked to get today a copy of the Peter Myers newsletter (4) which explains that Poland today is NOT Polish or catholic anymore, IT IS JEWISH! It is under complete Zionist/Israeli/Jewish control. ALMOST EVERYBODY in the Polish government today is Jewish! The enclosed email is a wonderful example of The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion (3).
Yehudit Cohen London
(1) (2) (3)
Solidarity Leader Says Zionist Jews Took Over Poland
Peter Myers Newsletter <>
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 16:24:17 +0100
From: PPMKC> Organization: PPM-S
1. I am born 1951, catholic. 1978 I finished study in Warszawa and have been master's degree engineer of aircraft technology. I emigrated to Sweden 1981. Solidarnosc was just finished.
2. I had been one of first builders of Solidarity movement . I worked in state owned company 7000 employers I Poland. This was one of the biggest and absolutely best energy enterprise companies in East Europe. O course, unions activity never have been some ideas for me. But this time had been very special. Young people like me believed that it was a big chance to change something. We believed that "we are the people". People like me could never accept be part of this system, we paid a very big difficult price for " be out sides of the system": - discrimination - no chances for personal development - disgusting think that our leaders and our nearly boss on work places are people without qualifications without moral or ethos. - everything is going to bad or badly. They play had a lot o risk , but it was worth the price.
I started first local Solidarnosc (200 members ) only with clerks. Everybody was worry and believed that I will be arrested or killed on street by unknowns people. But it was not. Later we had got 1000 members. People broke a fear. I believed and felt be free. Homo politicus have been born. The Holly Church open wings and said for as don't worry ; go and fight. We used this power, but without respect for The Church and us self. I think that it was beginning for beating. We was catholic but only after baptise not after action. And in few weeks later we had got 5000 members in whole company. After it we established contacts with others companies in this energy branch in Poland. Together we had 50.000 members. I had been chairman for both companies Solidarnosc an over whole "energy" Solidarnosc in Poland. We never had been hooligans or make strikers. We worked with system or against system.
We was first in country with "employee council " - it was system of decentralisations of management moved from government level to companies level. We worked hard to establish it like common rules in whole Poland. It was really most important things! We pressed on leaders in Gdansk but they had not the same planes like we. Top of leadership and adviser in Gadansk was secret services (SS) agents or jews. I knew it but could never imagine sizes of it. Even if I selv have been attaced by SS to be confident for them - under study time 1977 - I said no.
But of course - in begin - we could not understand that everything was complot. Even then - in case of complot - we had support from Church, nothing wrong could happen. But it happened. Church had been controlled by cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. He was Prince of The Church, Holy Man. We trust him, loved him, we had been safety. But he dead in May cancer, Pope had been shot under same time. After Wyszynski`s died (really; important people die under important time , example Iran, Resa Pahlavi) , The Church in Poland failed in enemy's hands. All hidden liberals ( or jews in Church ) brought to the surface. I hade my members in Walensa environment. We had seen him and people around him. He was simple marionette. He had been created to leader. He had been saved and protected with positions without rivals.
I began understand that everything had been simple provocations. We hade been used to destroy communism in whole Europe. We did it for this same power who established communism in Russia 70 years before. But how ? Who was behind it? - polish secret service. Who was behind them? - KGB. Who was behind them? - USA secret service. Who was behind it ? This powers who make profit today; masonery and jews behind them. In Poland today all most important posts in government or political power is in jews hands. If I look on polish TV its difficult to find Poles on the screen!
Jews just decided to destroy own state in Palestine and move it to Poland. I thing that decision is about 20-30 years old. I next further they will use mass killing weapon against them self. They will blame for it Palestinian movement. And probably just now everything is clear for it. Poland is ready for jews immigration. Just now is very intensive immigration of jews to Poland. Top of political and economical system in Poland just occupied by them. To make it easier everything is destroyed in Poland: - The Church - national identities - moral - defence system - industry - educations system - health system Polish people have problems with everything , they can not thing about simplest most elementary state problems. They must fight for own things.
This most important is that; Holy Church is attacked and can not defence us. We should defence it but we cannot. Why? Because we loosed our moral. We are "Children of Holly Mother" and we cannot defence The Church either of this simple reason. We - Polish - have only one identity: catholicise! But we just loosed it. Without it we are nothing. We cannot serve Church, we cannot serve us self . We (I) waited 20 years for order from Pope: wake up, move or equal. But I never heart it. He has others different duties. Now we can only pray and cry over Poland and Poles. Poles are not longer Nation, they are only simple community. But I would like hopping and wishing that it could be change. ++++
Polish, as you understated has nothing to do in Poland, they are out of the game. Joining to EU is simple way for moving of polish people from Poland to West. This way; to making empty palace for immigrants from Palestine. This way; to connect west part of Poland to Germany. Again, German and jews go together - hand in hand. This is destroying of State of Poland. One part will go to Germany other part will go jews. This is Judeo-Polonia; jews state in Europe.
This (Judeo-Polonia ) is simple historian (II war) - explanation - about jews easy movement from West to Poland. Why they travelled do Poland from Holland, France etc without constraint? They had no plans to die in Oswiecim. They took for travelling everything - including tools! They had been promised to establish absolutely clean; jews state in Poland. German just cleaned place for them. Germans moved 150 villages in Poland and murded thousands of polish farmers there. Jews moved from West without constraint; it was simple agreement. Ideas were just nearly 100 years old! Jews discussed about own state with borders: from Gdansk , Wilno, Lwow, Odessa. German just cleaned place for them in this area: Lublin- Hrubieszow - Zamosc. It was best place in Poland: best farmers land and with a lot of coal!
Why they missed? - nobody know.
Jew Ludwik Hirszfeld (baptised in Church) wrote in "Historia jednego zycia" PAX -1989 ISBN 83-211-1034-7 page 403. (diary from getto I Warszawa - up to end of II war): He discussed with different jews in getto :
-why jews in England or USA will not help jews in Poland? Polish government in London do it.
They answered that;
- this jews (USA , England) have plans to have economical payment from Germans after war.
He said; - maybe, a jew can be foreign office minister I Germans furthers government ? - Joska Fischer!!!???
I am sorry for my English . I must use swedish every day and it is difficult to praxis 2 languages. Specially, that I forgot grammar rules. Additionally I must take care of my small business witch is very difficult or impossible in communist Sweden.
BR Krzysztof
From Christine Ross
Dear Jeff,
I am responding to your article by BR Krzysztof on the Jewish takeover of Poland. The author complains that the Catholic Church has not come to Poland's rescue. Allow me to explain.
The present "pope," John Paul II, is the son of a Jewess, and has never worn the papal tiara. He wasn't even crowned with it.
There are smiling photos of him with Masons and the B'Nai Brith, in the book Peter, Lovest Thou Me? Then there is his visit to the Wailing Wall, his worship in the Roman Synagogue, which is a grave sin in the Catholic religion because it is a form of false worship.
Maurice Pinay demonstrates in his work The Plot Against the Church that the Jews have a long history of entering the Catholic priesthood and religious orders with the intent of destroying them. Eugenio Pacelli, who became Pope Pius XII and appointed Archbishop Bugnini to destroy the Latin Mass, was of Jewish descent, as was Giovanni Montini, who became Pope Paul VI and introduced the New Mass in 1969.
The British White Paper on the Communist revolution in Russia said that it was entirely Jewish in origin. Bella Dodd of the Communist Party USA testified before the US Congress in the 1950s that hundreds of Communists had infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy and were about to create a New Church, one that appeared Catholic, but was not in actual substance, Catholic. Given the Communist/Masonic/Jewish infiltration and takeover of the Vatican, it is unreasonable for any nation to now expect the Vatican to come to its aid.
Kind regards,
Christine Ross
Alton Raines
In a conversation on this subject (of the Jewish/Zionist control of Poland, among others) the other day I noticed three pro-Zionist associates slapping their knee and laughing. When I inquired as to what was so funny, they wagged their heads and said, "It's preposterous to suggest that Jews control... anything! I mean... how many Jews are there in Poland? Come on!" I noticed that this come back to Zionist issues arises again and again. Somehow, people en mass have been persuaded that a small group of people cannot possibly control anything or anyone. No matter how powerful they are. These same people must be so naive as to believe the Mafia is a myth. The foolishness of men has become so shockingly profound as to be truly disheartening. They cannot see. They cannot hear. It's as if the world went suddenly and inexplicably blind in a few short decades. And this is precisely what Zionists and others in power desire, cultivate and encourage. They prod them on, laugh, laugh, make a joke of it -- no one will believe it. Yet, there's nothing even remotely preposterous about it. But it has become so in the eyes of those for whom the veil of eternal ignorance has been lowered. The illuminati, for lack of the better term, is laughing its bloodthirsty ass off.



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