Chemtrails Over LA And
Ventura County

From Mike Holinka

The first time it happened...around Christmas (a tad after...right around NY's...slightly after) I saw the chemtrails in about five or six bursts over Simi Valley. Later in the turned into complete overcast and within days, I had tons of sinus problems that continue to linger though better.
Today, out for a walk, I actually saw the planes spraying. First, I saw TWO LONG lines and behind them (where the wind was blowing to)...lots of overcast while the opposite side was as clear as I've EVER seen in So Cal.
On my way home the first two were finished and the second two planes began (total of four that I saw). By the time I put batteries in my camera and took some pictures..the original two began to spread into overcast while the new ones thickened and were not so "tight". Two hours later, the sky was nearly completely covered...even the spots that were once clear.
Take a peek. I haven't heard anyone mention this from So Cal before..**I actually watched planes fly by...spraying a "thin/tight" line of smoke for at least 75 miles that was razor sharp that then gradually spread. It was a PERFECTLY crystal clear day upon awakening and these sprays turned the sky overcast. (note: in one pic you can see what was obviously a of the two or three in the sky. It may be important to note that the flight paths started around Los Angeles and went Northwest...none of the planes went Southeast.



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