State Of The Union Speech -
A Review
By Bill Morgan
I had resolved to be a "good citizen" and watch the Lizard in Chief give what I knew would be a State of the Union speech full of lies. What else would one expect from a proven public liar? So, I hunkered down and tuned in. I had my choice of 8 channels to watch it on so I flipped randomly between them now and then as the speech went on, just for something to do.
Yes, it was a stream of lies, but I should be used to that by now. Somehow, I am not. It disgusts me. Poor Ted Kennedy. You could see it disgusted him, too, the few times the view cut away to look at him. They must have been following the script because they cut away to Kennedy at just the point where Bush was lying about health care, and later when he was lying about how necessary it was to go to war. Kennedy just sat there at those moments grimly shaking his head back and forth slowly, as if he were completely revolted by what he was hearing. He looked absolutely disgusted and in pain. He wasn't clapping. He didn't stand up.
Actually, only one half of the chamber kept standing up, the Republican half. They clapped and stood up like mechanized programmed robots, while the Democrats remained sitting. Good for them. Idiots that they are, too.
After ten minutes, I started to feel sick from the spew of untruth and decided I needed some popcorn. This provided a ten minute escape and a chance to regroup my sanity a bit. By the time I returned he was heavy into it, how we must fight the fake al Quaeda and wage the phoney war against all the staged terrorism. Here was the world's current greatest terrorist talking about a war on terror. It was like watching the Devil quoting scriptures, the Master of the Lie. I was starting to feel unclean by watching.
Well, it went on and on. Almost every single thing was a lie. What else could he do? He has been the worst president in American history and done more damage to America than any single person in history. He has totally trashed America and made it hated and despised throughout the world. He has become the greatest threat to national security we have ever known. How could he tell the truth? And besides, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson's character in "A Few Good Men," "America CAN'T HANDLE the truth!"
After what seemed an interminably long time, my resolve started to falter again. I was feeling very edgy and uncomfortable. How much of this can a person take? I broke down and flipped channels. It was a nature show about hornets. These men in white protective suits were examing a hornets' nest and poking it purposely to arouse the hornets. The hornets were flying and raging around the men, who, despite their suits, were acting afraid. "Look! He's stinging me!" said one man and they cut to the hornet stinging at the man's gloved hand. "He's stuck!" he said, and indeed the hornet's stinger had become caught in the glove. The man was talking about how the hornet's venom had 11 toxic agents in it. The they cut to an extreme closeup of the hornet's face, monstrous looking and scary.
I flipped back to Bush and the after-image of the hornet's face got superimposed for a second and I saw how Bush was like a hornet. And instead of a stinger in his hind end his stinger was his tongue, and the words spewing out were the venom with its 11 toxic agents. I withstood the spew of the toxic agents for a while more and then, again, broke down, flipping channels.
I flipped over to a horror movie on TBS. It was taking place aboard a big ship in a thunderstorm. I think it was Nick Nolte yelling over the rail in the gale and finally he jumped overboard for some reason. Cut to the waterfilled interior of the boat where the hero and heroine were zooming up and down the hallways in a jet-ski boat thing. Outside the thunder rolls and the lightning flashes. Suddenly an amazing sea monster came into the ship somehow and started going after them, reaching with its dozen giant rubbery tentacles to grab and kill them.
I flipped back to Bush and AGAIN the after-image of the sea monster blended with his smug puss. I saw how Bush was a wicked sea monster with a million tentacles reaching at me, trying to kill me. The tentacles, I realized, were all the corporations that put him in power, and that each of them had their own tentacles and that the sea monster was about to strangle and devour the world. The after-image faded as Bush droned on and I saw that he was just a pathetic pipsqueak of a man who actually was incompetent of anything, a man totally controlled and activated by persons known and unknown, a marionette reciting words written for him by speech writers, who were hired by corporate toadies, all of them conspiring to present a false world, false threats, false promises.
Finally, mercifully, it was all over. I had made it through (except for the popcorn and clicker diversions). I had finally watched a whole (almost) State of the Union speech! I am a good citizen! I had swallowed my dose of hornet-venom toxic propaganda and came out alive, free of tentacles, to tell about it. The medicinal lies are now gushing through my bloodstream and I am returned to full status as a dopey, deluded and ignorant, brainless American, proud of my country, and proud of my President.
His last line was "...and may God continue to bless America." I almost faltered there. Oh no! I cried out, don't say THAT! If God were to suddenly bless America he would swipe you and your lying bloodthirsty oilthirsty criminal gang right out of office!


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