Don't You Understand
What Freedom Is?

By Ted Twietmeyer

Now, let's all understand what freedom is about. Many don't seem to get it. So, we'll summarize here the essentials of it once and for all, and how recent and current events demonstrate the proper way to implement it.
As many people know already, the 911 "problem" goes so much deeper than the great 911 witness article states. Apparently, no one understands just what freedom is...
The pictures, the witnesses, the 1 hour delay in getting interceptors off the ground after the first plane hit. Continuing to sit there, reading a primary reader book UPSIDE DOWN after being told. Then going to a photo op. So much more important than america under attack.That's all good too, because that's "freedom."
No longer conspiracy theory, we are a country run by a dictatorship. But of course, that's good too, because that's "freedom."
If you have a bad record of ANY kind or are a heavy drinker, and apply for security clearance to do a government contract, forget it. Even at just the secret level you're cooked. The feds travel around and talk to everyone you know, and visit every place you went since you were 18. It can take 8 months to go through this. I know, because I passed that scrutiny.
But run for the top office that gives you temporary (?) ownership of the oval office, even with a felony record and DUI. Even if you were AWOL for a year because a judge ordered you to do community service. No problem, because you know when you do "surface" again in the Reserves there will be no Courts Martial. And indeed, there wasn't one. Scull and bones gets you out of trouble again. Think about this- someone with a criminal record having above top-secret clearance AND the commander in chief of the armed forces.... But the government loves paperwork, and somewhere, somehow, those documents and discplinary actions "surfaced" and the fell into the "wrong hands." So why doesn't anyone care about this ? Its that "aw shucks, what can I do about it ?" or the old "You can't fight city hall." That's what you are supposed to believe as a good american. Your parents taught you that, and their parent's parents, etc...right ?
Father Bush was in the white house situation room on 911. According to security protocol, his entry clearance would have been cancelled after his offspring took over. But someone from "The Family" had to be there. Reading books upside down in school was much more important on 911. Now don't go getting the impression that this a non-italian mafia. This is what freedom and accountability is all about.
Oh- the publicly admitted simulations done at the CIA of crashing planes into buildings ? That's just a coincidence of course, and part of freedom. You've seen pictures of other cities, like Baghdad. Didn't you notice all the other WTCs around the world to crash planes into ? How did you miss seeing those ? They wouldn't think of doing something LIKE THAT HERE would they ?
And those Northwoods documents back in the sixties that describe crashing planes into buildings, and how to damage/attack the base in Cuba to mobilize public opinion against Fidel. Fidel's big offence ? Refused to be a puppet. He found the forbidden scissors and cut the strings. Just like Noriega tried to, Saddam and others. Those documents were obviously just someone writing fiction in the government then getting it classified. What's the matter with you ? You still don't understand what freedom is ?
And the photos of the Pentagon hole, a little larger than the firefighter standing in front of it before the wall collapsed about an hour later ? That's the amazing new plastic airliner that made the hole. When the plane hit the wall, it automatically reduced its diameter to fit into the hole, then it blew up. Oh- the landing gear ? That just vanished, even though in most airplane crashes it survives. Videos from surveillance cameras which showed that what went into that hole wasn't big enough to be a plane ? Well, that's just a conspiracy theory too. Why would our own government do this to itself ? But that's freedom.
In December 2001, the furer made the following public statement when asked about how hard it would be to be president: "This job would be a heck of alot easier if this were a dictatorship, just so long as I'm the dictator." But we must understand that this is good too, because that's the sound of freedom.
No one apparently understands what freedom is. Its the freedom to blow things up, just like hitler did to the Reichstag building in Berlin. Blamed it on terrorists, and had everyone register their guns. Then he sent the troops out to collect the guns. And after the guns were collected, he began collecting people. He had the Red and Blue lists. Red people were executed immediately- Blue list people were kept in camps 4 to 6 weeks for interrogation, then executed. And hitler used the laws already on the books to take control. FEMA already has Red and Blue lists too. This is because hitler was such a great role model. Why else ? But thats good too, because that's freedom.
Now we see that the robots on capitol hill passed Patriot 2 by breaking it up into many parts and spreading it around in other bills. The same required laws hitler needed to get into power, are on the books now. Just a matter of time. Don't you understand yet, that's freedom too ?
After touring the "camp" at Ft. AP Hill in Virginia, in August 2002, I now know where all those who are patriots can look forward to be taken to. Those that speak out. A nice, warm place south of the Mason-Dixon line, way out in the country. Ten miles east of I-95. There's a sign on I-95 for the exit. Go visit paradise and see for yourself. Note the american flag doesn't fly there either. Big government is good. Red list people need not worrry about blankets, ether... They don't even make it to a camp. Camps are for those that revolt and want freedom. They don't have that right. What's the matter with them ? They must not like the new freedom given by our furer.
Gary Hart, on national TV makes the statement about a year ago, that "the next attack will be a bioattack on Dallas, Denver and Cleveland." If you or I got on TV and did that, we would be picked up and taken off to an interrogation. After all, that can be considered a verbal threat to the country. What happens to him ? People just quote him or ignore him. But that's what freedom is of course. Perhaps he was TOLD to get on TV and say that ? He is a part of the NWO and loves globalism. He's above the law. As we can see, freedom of speech is good.
Note how Bill after Bill of outrageous legislation is passed with hardly a complaint. How ? Bills that steal our rights. And we both know that all of them take rights away. In fact, under Patriot 2 laws, there are no more rights at all. They couldn't take the Bill of Rights away, so they essentially nullified them. But that's good too, because that's freedom too...
NO ELECTION IN NOVEMBER IS LIKELY AND WHY Several things are almost a certainty, unless people get really mad about all this and stop it: Here is what logic dictates will happen, based on the publicly admitted motivations of people in office now. There WILL be another attack this year, before November. More than likely in spring or summer because of military logistics.
That last Christmas you just had ? It is almost a certainty to be the LAST one you'll ever have with the mindset you have now. You'll see why below:
1. The recent meeting in NY city on Fifth Ave, with the anchors from the five news networks with Tom Ridge, to discuss how the media will cover the next attack says it all.
2. The secret martial law order the furer declared the first Saturday after 9-11, WILL be made public after this attack. The order he signed that day, was publicly called a declaration of a "state of emergency." Tommy Franks made this statement just a few months ago- "The Constitution will be replaced by martial military law after the next attack."
3. Publicly declared martial law will automatically cancel the upcoming elections and suspend the Constitution. When this is suspended, the Congressman can just go home for good. The current key parts of the UNPatriot Act 2, covertly passed (with much of it classified and specifically called "frightening" by on congressman) will then activate.
It won't matter what the US Supreme Court has ruled about martial law recently, because any law is only as good as the enforcement is. Who will enforce it ? Take a look at other countries on this planet. Once the military takes over, THEY NEVER LET GO. Look at Israel, Cuba and others. The leaders dont' appear to the public in a 2 piece suit, its almost ALWAYS in military uniform. This reminds the masses that the military is still in charge. As it has been said, "one picture is worth a thousand words."
4. Since elections will be suspended under martial (military) law, the current furer will stay in office almost indefinitely. That is, until another low-life, scum sucking new world order-type decides he wants the Lincoln bedroom and the oval office for himself.
Oh- was I impartial and said "he" ? Well, that's because the scull and bones people are admittedly against women. No need to elaborate on what that means. So don't even think that anyone, including cute little pretend-politician Hillary, will get into the white house.
5. Inside the WalMart national offices in Benton, is a restricted section with the sign "Homeland Security." Think this might have to pertain to tracking of every product they sell, and to whom ?
THE WRITING ON THE WALL It was in the early 90's, when government was being scaled back I saw the writing on the wall. Where did I see it ? Interstate 270. Connects Frederick, MD with WA, DC beltway. Year after year, it was always 2 lanes each direction. Much like the infamous I-95. Not anymore. In the 90's they made it BIGGER. SIX lanes EACH WAY near WA, DC. And four lanes each way all the way out near Frederick MD. And there wasn't enough traffic at the time to justify the highway expansion. This is not a short connecting highway- its about 50 miles long. I suspected something was up, but didn't know what it was. Despite the press propaganda, I knew someone was definitely planning on a bigger government. But had no idea at the time how.
Everyone asks "why is everything out in the open like this ?" Why so many mistakes ? The answer is blatantly simple- THEY DON'T CARE. Why ? A timetable is already underway. Once the infrastructure is completely in place, the next REAL big attack will come.
White is a symbol of purity- perhaps its time the staff at the white house gave Sherwin Williams a call and asked for dark color paint strip might be a more fitting color for the structure.
At this point, the only thing that will halt this internal destruction of America, will be Patriots on the INSIDE. I appeal to those of you in goverment, to realize that what you see here on, and other websites is REAL. Not imaginary. A frog will jump out of a boiling pot of water, but will sit in a cold pot on a stove and cook. Can't you, who works for the government, reach outside the pot and turn the burner off ?
Finally, think about this. Even if america was a complete police state, it is utterly IMPOSSIBLE to prevent attacks from happening. Its just too large. Want proof ? Israel is 100 times more a police state than we are. And much smaller. But they are still attacked, too. Time has shown one thing of great importance- NOTHING has happening since 911. Is it because of tighter security ? No. Its because its not time for another attack yet. Don't forget the timetable...And the furer has publicly reminded us in one speech, that "war is peace."
Want more proof ? Watch CSPAN town meetings with the democrats contending for the prize office on PA Ave. Note how how not ONE single person asks them about the new world order. Why? The meetings are STAGED EVENTS.
Yesterday, I watched as former general Clarke did a standup engagement in the Aurora, NH firehall. One man was asking him about the connection between drugs and AIDS transmission, and things that can be done to reduce the problem. While he was speaking, they periodically changed to a camera that showed a small boy, 7or 8 years old at the most. After a couple minutes, the young boy began to speak- like an adult. He cited how many billions of dollars for health care were being spent, spoke about health care plans, people with it etc... Everything he said would have been of no interest at all to any child that age. It was clear by the on-the-fly video editing they KNEW he would be the next one to talk.
There are almost 300 million americans, and about 1 million NWO types and their minions at most. Are we going to be lazy and stupid enough to let this happen ?
Freedom has never been free. It comes with a price. Once taken away, blood has always been shed to get it back.
My question is- If you really love america as you may claim, why wait for a police state to happen? As it was once said, "When people fear the government, thats called tyranny. When the government fears the people, thats democracy." We have still have time to make a difference.
Ted Twietmeyer




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