John Kerry's Roots
From casafasa

Hi Jeff,
A friend received an email from Ross and in it he revealed some interesting information about Kerry's background - beyond his Skull and Bones membership.
John Kerry is a practicing Catholic - but his Grandfather lived in the Czech Republic and his name was Fritz Kohn, a Jew, who changed his name to Kerry in 1902.
(Note - Kerry's allegience to Skull and Bones...and potentially to Israel...are important issues for voters to consider as the primary season advances.)
This information is from Robert Gaylon Ross:
Who's Who of the Elite : Members of the Bilderbergs,
Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission
by Robert Gaylon Ross Sr.
Released: January, 2000
ISBN: 0964988801
Note - Knowing Kerry's full (and all candidates') ethnic and religious it Protestant, Catholic, or Buddhist is important information. From the major controversy over John Kennedy's Catholic background and coming fast-forward to the current zionist neocon 'dual loyalty' issue influencing the US government at the highest levels, the American public needs to weigh everything about each candidate before deciding who to support. Kerry's Skull and Bones membership is (or should be), in and of itself, a huge issue. America just might see a choice of Bonesmen on the ballot...



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