The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 46
Senator "Cash & Carry"

By Sherman H. Skolnick

In retail, to turn merchandise quickly into hard currency, it was advertised as "cash and carry". As to public officials, however, like judges and lawmakers, the term designates sweet-talking, all-mouth characters who are themselves "for sale". That is, those who front for bloody spy cartels, bank criminals, and are all-around fakers.
He came back from Southeast Asia looking-like and speaking-like a handsome Kennedy. Later, as a U.S. Senator he headed a subcommittee supposedly investigating narcotics traffic and terrorism. This, at a time former Secret Political Police Chief Daddy Bush became President.
The Senator looked in but past the Bank of Criminals and Conspirators International, and saw nothing. Funny thing, the Senator and his pals in the U.S. Senate received loot from---you guessed it!---BCCI. Disguised, of course, as "campaign contributions".
The worldwide criminal bank with branches in the U.S. bought and owned twenty five per cent of Congress, 108 members of the House of Representatives and 28 U.S. Senators. Including, of course, the U.S. Senator himself, head of a supposed Senate watchdog committee.
Supervising BCCI was the Bank of England. As an open record, mysteriously only for thirty days at the London-based Central Bank, was the BCCI bribery list of U.S. officials. Wow! A very wide-awake reporter for a major news organization copied down the list before it was suppressed. [Begun in London, January, 2004, is the trial of Bank of England as defendant accused of covering up BCCI crimes. The trial is expected to take at least a year. BUT IT IS NOT ADEQUATELY MENTIONED IN THE MONOPOLY PRESS. It has taken all the time from 1991 up to 2004 to put together the case against Bank of England. Also, on our website, see the various stories we have how the Bank of England fraudulently manipulated the gold market.]
Shown to his editor, the list brought a profound gasp, "We can't go with this. Why, it would bring down the U.S. Government." [This was in 1991, just after the U.S. slaughtered Iraq in Daddy Bush-instigated Persian Gulf War One.]
So the list was turned over to us; we being known as independent-minded, free lance journalists and investigators running a court reform group disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political assassinations, and savvy about banker-judges and the role of banks in corruption of public officials.
The major news reporter told us the steps necessary to corroborate the bribery list. We went to work checking out the list for ourselves. For example, in 1991, we interviewed Senator Phil Gramm (R., Texas, since retired) on the bribery list. He was a key senior member of a Senate Committee as to bank matters. His wife, Wendy Gramm, for many years was the head of the highly corrupt federal agency regulating the commodities industry, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC. Later, she was on the Board of Directors of the infamous Enron Corporation, and has, so far, because of links to the Bush Crime Family, escaped being prosecuted for her role in reportedly covering up this vast money laundry.
As we confronted Senator Gramm with being on the verified BCCI bribery list, he did not deny it. Instead, raising his voice, he threatened us with physical harm if we dared set about to circulate the list. We got similar threats after confronting other members of the House and U.S. Senators.
The major journalist who gave us the list and all the details liked and trusted us. We got to know as well about his family, his unlisted number where he could be reached outside his office, and similar details. We promised him, as we do for all our sources, that we would never, never, never reveal his identity, even if faced with jail for contempt of court for refusing to answer [I have been jailed for such "contempt of court" some eight times in the last forty years.]
One time the reporter called us and I suspected his editor, the boss, was listening. The reporter sounded cold and strange. The reporter started denying that he ever previously spoke to us or gave us details of anything. He later wrote stories about BCCI, never mentioning the bribery list. Despite his precaution, he later lost his job.
We carefully followed up on every step he told us as to how to verify the list. In the process, we were astounded to discover that BCCI secretly in part financed Ted Turner, and his worldwide news empire which became CNN.
The bribery list was correct.
Two U.S. Senators knew too much themselves about the murder of President Kennedy; about treason committed by Ronald Reagan and the Elder Bush in the Iran-Contra Affair; about how the American CIA and various foreign intelligence agencies used BCCI to launder funds for political assassinations, committed within the U.S. and overseas.
One such Senator was John Tower (R., Texas). He headed up what became known as the Tower Commission which whitewashed the criminality of Reagan and Daddy Bush as to Iran-Contra. The other one was Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.) Heinz knew too much about fellow U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R., Penn.) Specter had previously been on the staff of the infamous Warren Commission. Specter formulated the big lie that a single pristine bullet, marked Warren Commission Exhibit 399, somehow wounded John Connally in the limousine with JFK, and blew out Kennedy's brains. Cynics contend the bullet still circles the planet and no doubt, under Specter's big lie, also killed Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, and a host of other assassination victims.
In the spring of 1991, just as we were verifying the bribery list, Senators Tower and Heinz were both assassinated, a few days apart. Both, in separate sabotaged plane crashes. By October, 1991, our exclusive story about the bribery list ran in a populist newspaper, "Spotlight" (later defunct after publishing continuously for 25 years). They had from us the bribery list and ran the complete story, but at the last minute, deleted the list from my story.
So, thereafter Senator "Cash & Carry"---Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.)---married the Heinz widow, heiress to the Ketchup fortune. And now the Senator is apparently going to run for U.S. President against his secret pal, George W. Bush. Both are members of the super-secret satanic worshipping cult, the Skull & Bastards Society.
Kerry is an expert on dope from Southeast Asia, from what is known as "The Golden Triangle". He is in a position to know that a Burmese General, in a videotaped confession and statement, stated tthat the dope cartel is headed by George Herbert Walker Bush, General Colin Powell, and Powell's sidekick, the infamous scoundrel Richard Armitage.
General Powell, by blackmailing others and corrupt means, escaped being prosecuted for his complicity in the My Lai scandal, where hundreds of Vietnamese women and children were murdered. Senator Kerry and Powell are in a position to know that Madame Ngu, widow of the assassinated head of the Saigon government, with Daddy Bush, Powell, and Armitage, jointly headed up "The Golden Triangle" dope cartel and financed thereby the murder of President Kennedy. [See the details in my website story "The Overthrow of the American Republic", Part 42, "The Public Execution of John F. Kennedy".]
Why do Senator "Cash & Carry" and his pal, George W. Bush, assume that some of us common Americans are asleep, and do not know what is really happening? When Daddy Bush ran against his CIA buddy Bill Clinton, in 1992, it was just shadow-boxing and a fraud upon the American common people. And now Dubya and Senator "Cash & Carry" are going to do a similar number on us?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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