The Mothman Cometh...
Ericca Cordier

On June 2, 2003, about 6 a.m. a postal worker traveling east on County Road 3673 in Wise County, Texas, slammed on the brakes of her white Mustang when a frightened group of deer suddenly bolted across the road in front of her. Incidents with wild deer are nothing new in this mostly rural county but this time there was a bizarre twist-- the deer were being chased by two red fireballs about the size of basketballs.
Co-workers described her as visibly shaken when she arrived for work at a local post office. She breathlessly described the strange encounter to coworkers. I had just arrived for some routine mailing matter when she gave me an account of the incident. Intrigued, I visited the site and upon investigation, I have found and photographed several damaged small trees that appear to have been subjected to a high heat source traveling on a straight trajectory as if something had passed by. Leaves on the affected trees appeared to be wilted and dried in appearance. Leaves outside the trajectory appeared normal.
Mothmen cometh...
The following day, June 3, 2003, at approximately 9 a.m. two major accidents occur on Hwy 114 in Wise County. One multi-vehicle accident near Rhome and another at the Hwy 114 and Hwy 51 intersection involving a concrete truck, a rock hauler, and three sections of a triple-wide mobile home. The same postal worker had taken the day off and was traveling into the Dallas area for some recreation. She was in a vehicle stranded in between the two accidents. One minute ahead of schedule she would have been involved in the first accident and a few minutes behind schedule she would have been involved in the second accident. This author was stuck in traffic just a few cars back behind the second accident. I am still mentally thanking the girl at the coffee shop for being a little slow that morning or I would have been involved in the wrecks.
A few days later, I showed the cover illustration on Loren Coleman's book Mothman and Other Curious Encounters to the postal worker. It depicted a shadowy figure with two luminescent red eyes. The woman immediately claimed that those glowing red orbs were the same as what she had seen chasing the deer. While there are no current reports of winged "weirdies" in Wise County, this is by no means the first report of flying fire balls, often associated with Mothman type events.
Even more curious is the "name game" that seems to extend from prior Mothman events to this one. A man named 'Turner' was involved in the second accident; a man named 'Turner' was also killed when the Silver Bridge collapsed in 1967. The "name game" is a definition applied to the fact that certain families with the same last name pop-up repeatedly in relation to Mothman or UFO sightings. 'Turner' is one of those names. No one has any explanation for this phenomenon.
Does Wise County host some mysterious phantom similar to the infamous Mothman? Is the county on an alien flight path? Or could it have something to do with the dead alien in the Aurora Cemetery? UFO researchers for years have documented the site of "balls of light" or "balls of fire" near UFO sightings. These balls have also been reported to herd animals through fields,forests, and sometimes to waiting craft.
Foo-Fighters returneth...
In Jim Marrs' book Alien Agenda, he documents that in late 1944, Lt. Donald Meiers of Chicago was flying in a British-made twin-engine night fighter called a Beaufighter over Germany's Rhine Valley when what appeared to be flaming globes suddenly appeared and moved toward and took up chase of his plane. This was just one of many such reports during WWII of circular objects chasing Allied craft. They became known as "foo-fighters".
In Nick Cook's book The Hunt For Zero Point, he also discusses the Nazi Secret Weapon "Ball Lightning Fighter" or "Foo-Fighter." It was Renato Vesco's account in his book Intercept But Don't Shoot, first published in 1960, that Cook first covers this Nazi wonder weapon. "It was built and flight tested - once in the vicinity of Kahla, site of a huge underground weapons development complex in Thuringia," wrote Vesco. "During the day it looked like a shining disc spinning on its axis and during the night it looked like a burning globe."
One can't help but notice the proximity of Wise County to Lockheed Martin Fort Worth, Texas and the former Carswell Air Force Base home of Strategic Air Command.
Should Wise County residents hide in their homes, lock up the livestock and repent next Sunday? Not likely. But if you live in the area and have recently seen something unusual call our office at 940-433-8094
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The staff at has been working on this investigation since
June, 2003.
We have uncovered some very unusual happenings right here in our hometown of Wise County. Two investigators with two very different points of view on this investigation.
Ericca Cordier - veteran paranormal researcher.
"I have seen many strange things in my life and have found that sometimes the TRUTH is stranger than fiction."
Dean Stermer - former Army Special Ops.
"I won't say I don't believe in the Mothman; I've just not seen it with my own eyes. I also do not believe that anything unusual happened to the cattle"
The staff at has compiled an enormous amount of data that cannot possibly be disseminated over the internet. Keep watching this site for the upcoming book.
December 15, 1967 Point Pleasant, Virginia the Silver Bridge collapses killing 46 people, two bodies were never recovered. For thirteen months prior to this catastrophic event the townspeople experienced numerous strange and paranormal events. Many people reported a tall bat-like creature now coined 'the Mothman', glowing orbs were seen, as well as a significant increase in dead animals, poltergeist activity, and unusual electrical and telephone problems plagued the town. This event was popularized by the movie 'The Mothman Prophecies' starring Richard Gere.
Fast Forward: 2003 Wise County, Texas
On June 2, 2003, about 6 a.m. a postal worker traveling east on County Road 3673 in Wise County, Texas, slammed on the brakes of her white Mustang when a frightened group of deer suddenly bolted across the road in front of her. Incidents with wild deer are nothing new in this mostly rural county but this time there was a bizarre twist-- the deer were being chased by two red fireballs about the size of basketballs.
Fast Forward: 2004 Wise County, Texas
On January 12, 2004 a young girl reports by cell phone the appearance of a large black bird outside of a school yard in Wise County, Texas. This is just one of many such reports since June of 2003.
Similar reports abounded during the Mothman flap in Point Pleasant, Virginia.
The Infections
This investigation has taken us down many roads and unfortunately all of us have required medical attention for bacterial infections since June of 2003.
Marty Murphy, a professional home builder required two visits to the emergency room in July of 2003 after seeing nine instances of mysterious lights near County Road 3673. Being diagnosed with an acute bacterial infection (cellulitis - precursor of streptococcal staph) he required several rounds of antibiotics and has been permanently scarred by this event. I was diagnosed with the same bacterial infection after viewing a similar event, though less serious in nature. Dean Stermer after being abroad for many years in the service our country was fighting a recurring bacterial infection (streptococcal staph) that suddenly became very serious and required medical attention and antibiotics after investigating cattle deaths in the area. He is also permanently scarred by this. The postal worker that viewed the fireballs; diagnosed with an acute infection (cellulitis) of the eye. Two different doctors initially thought that she had suddenly developed a tumor in her eye but after a month of antibiotics changed the diagnosis to just that of an infection caused by a burn of the eye (yes, just like the burned eyes). All of us had a pre-existing condition ie: cuts, lacerations, or boils prior to infection and exposure to the investigation.
Wise County Regional Hospital Infectious Disease Unit reports that instances of cellulitis and streptococcal staph that require hospitalization were up ten fold in 2003 compared to 2002. Non-admittable cases that would include boils and rashes were also significantly up in 2003.
Researchers on the Point Pleasant investigation reported similar problems.
The Name Game
By far the strangest and most intriguing part of this investigation has been the 'Name Game'. This is a term which refers to the names of people that died on the Silver Bridge in 1969. The last names of these people pop-up repeatedly during the initial investigation in Point Pleasant, Virginia. For example a person with the last name Turner was the first to report seeing the Mothman in Virginia, this person also died on the Silver Bridge and the body was never found. The postal worker who first reported the fireballs in Wise County also comes from the Turner family.
An unusual and gruesome trend was seen occurring here in Wise County, many people with the same last names as the Silver Bridge victims were dying. From June 2003 - November 2003 twenty-three people with the same last names have died. Since November there has been six more. Some of the people have died of natural causes while others seemingly young and vibrant have just stopped breathing and some have met with violent ends.
The staff here cannot possibly speculate as to what this means. All we can do is report that it is happening and is continuing to happen.
What will happen here in Wise County when the 'Death List' has been filled?
The Phones
Just mention the phones to Dean or I and we'll both roll our eyes and sigh. The phones, our cell phones to be exact do some strange things.
January 3, 2004 a cranky server on the East Coast had caused me to cancel my Saturday night plans and found me sleeping on a couch at the office instead. At 5:00am my cell phone rings; it's Dean Stermer and he's in the parking lot of the office. He wanted to remind me to go home and that he would be by later to finish up what I was working on. I went ahead and drove the 15 miles to my ranch and was finally dosing off in my own bed when I heard something odd. "Hello", "Hello!"; In my groggy state I knew the voice was Dean's but for some reason I thought he was outside my house. This continued on for a few seconds and I turned to look a my night stand where my cell phone lay. The indicator light was on but it did not indicate that anyone was on the line. I turned to look out the window again and the phone rang, the indicator light once again was on but now it said that 'Dean' was calling. I answered and of course it was Dean wanting to know why I had just called him; which I had not.
September and October 2003 were the height of our phone strangeness. Initially we thought some prankster had cloned one of our phones, then we thought they had cloned both our phones and were playing tricks; we now believe something entirely different happened and it's something neither of us can explain.
It started with a trip that I took to Nevada on business. I was travelling by myself and Dean was heading up the office while I was on the road. I had driven into the wee hours of the morning and had stopped for some shuteye in Amarillo, Texas. At 6:00am Dean called to remind me to get back on the road and to also ask why I had called him four times since 4:00am. My cell phone was on the night stand the whole time I was sleeping so there was absolutely no way I could have accidentally hit the keys while I was sleeping. Several hours later and in Arizona, Dean again calls me. He wanted to know if I had just called. I had not since I was actually on the other line with clients conducting business. Someone sounding like me had called him and rather shortly made several requests; it was unusual so he wanted to call to make sure. His phone had indicated it was me calling.
This continued on for several more days. It got to the point where neither of us knew who was calling who nor who we were talking to. Then the phones refused to connect to each other at all and several attempts at text messaging were made. It too failed. The phones worked normally for all incoming calls or when calling any other numbers.
When I returned to Texas the same thing continued to happen for a few more weeks. Then it just stopped.
Both Dean Stermer and I are well rooted in reality. Neither of us wanted to jump to conclusions so we waited for the phone bill to arrive. We were curious to see if the calls that we had logged would show up as billable time on our bill. To our surprise they did appear on the bill. The calls were logged as coming from 000-000-0000. We have no explanation for this.
The Dead Cattle
At approximately 1:30pm, October 17, 2003 Ericca and I ( I being Dean Stermer) observed a dead hereford feeder calf by a stock tank in Cottondale, Texas. It was surrounded by buzzards and did not have any apparent unusual mutilations. The anal cavity, ear, eye and mouth were all being picked apart by the buzzards which is pretty common for a deceased calf. The calf had some rough fur it also had some off coloring in certain areas. The rough fur would indicate that it was wormy (infected with worm-like parasites), the off-coloring would indicate a respiratory or viral infection. I have seen many cattle deaths in my life and nothing was out of the ordinary or unusual about this one. This being the third dead cow I've seen this month and all deaths are not unusual in nature.
In Point Pleasant, Virginia during the Mothman flap there was an unusually high rate of death in animals of that area. Though the deaths themselves were not unusual the rates of death were. It was noted that during the thirteen months prior to the collapse of the Silver Bridge animal deaths in the area had spiked significantly compared to prior years.
The High Speed Tailgating
An unusual and frightening aspect of this investigation has been the instances of high-speed tailgating that have occurred with regularity since June of 2003. Generally occurring on the back roads of Wise County vehicles of varying description night or day will just appear out of nowhere and will be tailgating our vehicles at 70mph. They'll be so close that their headlights are not visible. While this initially happened to me while I was by myself it has now occurred several times with Dean Stermer riding with me while on business. At one point I was pulled over by a DPS Trooper who had caught me on radar speeding but did not see the full size white suburban tailgating me. He said it was following so close to me that the vehicle was not visible to him. When I had dutifully pulled over and the suburban had pulled around and sped off he did know where it had come from.
This investigation is ongoing.




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