More WTC 7 Footage
From Nico Haupt

Maybe you also want to add some mirrors of brandnew WTC 7 footage. INN world report and GFP released this footage at the end of last year.
This started the whole Silverstein discussion, which popped up now at Serendipity, RENSE and Alex Jones.
Lost in between: The new footage, which clearly shows, that WTC 7 did ONLY burn on 2 floors at 3 windows. There was NO chance, that this small fire was the reason for the collapse.
(Meanwhile, our server was attacked and is still down coz of these footage and our feature about Ellen Mariani/Phil Berg.)
Here are the links of the new WTC 7 footage, i'm talking about (courtesy of GlobalFreePress):
WTC7 -Video Mirrors: (incl. frame analysis) (down)
Also Highly Recommended :
New WTC 7 Footage included in Interview with Michael Elliott (911Review) now up at INN
check out also general research about WTC 7:,Building7.shtml
Best, Nico



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