Israel Sells Mexico Nuclear
Capable Missile Launchers

La Voz de Aztlan

The Mexican Navy announced yesterday that it has bought from Israel two fully operational Aliya class speed boats capable of launching 5 Gabriel missile each. Naval Captain Arturo Flores Gil told the Mexico City "La Jornada" newspaper that Mexico had paid Israel 60 million dollars for the two naval missile launchers and 10 missiles.
Each missile is capable of being outfitted with nuclear warheads.
Why would Mexico spend such large sums of money for weapons at a time when countless of Mexicans have no tortillas nor frijoles to eat and are being force to migrate to the USA? Captain Arturo Flores Gil said that the highly sophisticated weapons are needed to protect the 360 PEMEX oil rigs in the waters off Campeche. The Campeche oil fields are the richest in Mexico that produces 83% of the nation's oil.
When La Jornada asked Captain Arturo Flores Gil whether the weapons purchase meant that Mexico is collaborating with the Israeli Defense Forces, he answered, "It was a purchase based strictly on commercial considerations." President Vicente Fox Quesada of the Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) has been increasingly criticized for the disproportionate number of Jews in his administration and for taking large sums of money from Jewish groups in the USA during his campaign.;article=49265;title=APFN



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