Mars Colors - Blue Or Brown?
Discrepancies To Ponder

From Dr. Richard Sauder, PhD

Hi Jeff,
Here is an ESA photo that shows a pronounced blue color in a crater (lower right-hand corner). Enlarge the photo for a closer look. Lots, though not all Martian craters, have these sorts of dark "splotches" in them. We **never** have seen the color of these splotches in the NASA/JPL/MSSS photos.
But here you can see one of these splotches in an ESA photo and it is BLUE. Blue photosynthetic pigments are known here on Earth. Perhaps also on Mars? Does Mars have a biosphere and are we looking at part of it here?
Now in the ESA photos we are seeing green and blue -- where NASA/JPL/MSSS are just showing reddish brown, or black and white.
Why the discrepancy? Whose color scheme is more accurate?
Best regards,
Richard Sauder



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