Janet's Not Sorry, And
Here's Why...


The following images tell an interesting tale. Especially in light of the denials by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and other parties that the "revealed breast" at the Super Bowl Halftime was an unplanned accident of wardrobe malfunction.

Since most people haven't seen the breast itself, they are probably assuming it was just a breast. On the contrary. This was no case of slippery busom and improper fitting, much less distressed special-effect costuming. Ms. Jackson (if you're nasty) is sporting a monstrance sized nipple clamp, resembling the SOL (sun) symbol of ancient Roman religion. The sheer size of this metal monster tells us that Ms. Jackson clearly anticipated revealing the awesome stud. It's not like a quaint piercing which would fit comfortably under a bra or costume, this sucker is a centerpiece pastie from medieval times!
The following photos show the enormous nipple-clamp as well as the rubber cup of the black bustier which Justin tore away, which has a very distinct faux red-bra fringe attached to it. This was no accident. This was well planned.
From Jess
Dear Jeff,
I imagine since the writer's children were breast fed they were also born....but I don't want that feminine part shoved in my face either during the Super Bowl.
Just because there are shams of investigations...shams of the Roman games to keep the public from rioting....does not mean that this one more degrading thrill is irrelavent.
Since the government won't protect our homes, our borders and our jobs maybe it is time citizens took Eustis Mullins sage life advice and start filing lawsuits against the powers that be for our protection as the Judiciary is the third branch protection from the Legistlative and Executive.
It certainly has been bastardized enough by the left....maybe it is time Americans started fighting back for what is their's.
Just imagine Walmart being sued for job losses. IBM for outsourcing. Ford for shipping jobs to Mexico...all companies benefitting from American taxpayer military protection....and all not providing for the common defense of America.
The reason people scoff at the courts is because the courts have been used against Americans.
That lady in Tennessee might be gold digger, but I don't know the woman so I can not be an expert on her....but what she is doing is rocking the filth of corporate socialist globalist America.



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