Chaos As Social Policy -
Divide And Conquer

By Paula Devlin

The President's proposed illegal immigrant program is a blatant insult to American citizens and the rule of law. It demands unequivocal, direct reaction until the bill is defeated and illegals, their families, their cars and their dogs are deported. All should be injected with microchips and never allowed back into the United States.
Let us be clear about one thing: the United States is a sovereign nation, beholden to no other. Mexico is a sovereign nation. Mexican poverty is a tragedy of its own making. Its problems are not our problems and they have no right to expect us to "solve" them. The same goes for all other nations.
For all the criticism of the Spanish, they did more good in Mexico than has happened to it since they were overthrown in 1821 by the great Masonic Revolution. As recently as the 1920's, the Masonic government had a bloody pogrom against Catholics in an effort to finish off any influence of the Church. The United States ignored it. One can only hazard a guess as to why.
Every area in the United States is being impacted by illegals of all sorts. This is obvious to those who have had to relocate in the past 5 years: they are everywhere. The situation is out of control and promises to get worse. There won't be a middle class. That's what this fight is all about. We are in the last stages of a struggle to maintain a homeland that retains the unique characteristics of the nation our parents knew: one nation, under God, land of the free, home of the brave, limited government and taxation.
The driver is fear. On one hand we have the fear of terrorism coming at us from the skies, in dirty bombs, or in bio-warfare in subways. A cynical person would say this is a distraction from what the government doesn't want anyone to see it is doing behind the scenes: destroying Constitutional rights, destroying the currency, destroying jobs, destroying the rights of private property. As long as the media keeps focused on the twin towers in flames and elevated alerts, the government gets a pass.
If the government had done and would do its job, defend out borders and screen immigrants, there wouldn't be this mess. But this consistent pattern of distraction, problem-creation, emergency solution, generates an image of the state as the enemy.
The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing an array of high-tech devices to screen air and sea travelers. It is even developing ways to monitor ocean cargo, which it claims to be a big hole in our security. The clay feet of this Colossus is the land border, both north and south. Russian soldiers have been apprehended near a military base in northern Maine. Uniformed military have been seen crossing the southern border. Illegals stream across our borders day and night. The President has made a joke of our over-worked and under-paid Border Patrol.
Why waste money on TSA high-tech when the biggest hole is not what the TSA is protecting, but our land borders? Are they going to have retinal scans and finger scans in Tijuana and Buffalo?
Why was the PLO allowed to keynote a La Raza conference in New Mexico? Why was there no outcry when El Presidente Fox talked about eliminating the Mexican and Canadian borders and seeking to "reduce the gap in salaries and income" in order to facilitate this? Is this why our jobs are disappearing and our currency being devalued? To homogenize this hemisphere?
The globalist potentates (Agenda 21 and Border Region XXI) must have said that it is OK to prevent dramatic violence, but their plan for their One World Government will go forward, particularly the extermination of the highly individualistic WASP/Christian society in the United States.
Neither Mr. Ridge nor our elected leaders have to "come to grips with the presence of 8-12 million illegals". They ride around in chauffer-driven limousines, fly in private jets, have extensive security services and multi-million dollar portfolios to insulate themselves from the consequences of their treason. They will continue their lifestyles regardless of what happens.
In addition to the eradication of American economic superiority, the game plan appears to be to add enough "diversity" to dilute the unique American culture. The educational bureaucracy has been so corrupted that they teach little other than garden-variety Marxism and our young are clueless. Most of the judiciary wouldn't know moral imperative if they fell over it (hence the necessity for the removal of the Ten Commandments as it impedes their self-deification). The judiciary gives more rights to illegals than to citizens; more legal protection to criminals than to victims.
With the illegal invasion protected by the federal bureaucracy and judiciary, what conclusion must be made? What is happening to the ordinary American citizen is not nice and indications are that it is going to get a lot uglier.
The social and legal chaos that President Bush's immigration plan is inviting is terrifying. There is enough chaos and expense by illegal scoff-laws without adding to the problem by granting them amnesty. Were these criminals all deported, we would keep at least $14 billion here and many expensive problems (drugs, diseases, crime) would be reduced.
Either the President is completely out of touch with illegal immigration reality or he harbors malice towards the Constitution he swore to uphold. Whatever the case, the problem and its proposed solution are intolerable.
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Paula Devlin is a former New Englander who bolted to the Rocky Mountain West, where the air is clean, the stars are brilliant and men still put their pants on one leg at a time. Paula is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.
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Published in the January 16, 2004 issue of Ether Zone.
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