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Blue River Canyons on Mars

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #5 2004

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. European Space Agency Shows Blue River Like Valleys, Claims There is Water on Mars, Opportunity Lander Shows Blue Skies on Mars, Connecticut -- The Round, White Object Move In A Zigzag Fashion, New Jersey - Several UFO Sightings Reported, Florida - Bright White, Shaped Like A Boomerang, Alabama - Four Bright Lights in Tree Tops, Tennessee - Half Hour Light, Indiana - It Was Very Fast Bright, and a Circular Object, Michigan - UFO Was Circular With Multiple Colors, Illinois - Early Morning Green Glowing Ball Of Light, Texas - Four Silver And One White Ships Hovering, New Mexico- Bush Jokes About UFOs, California - Police Officer Takes UFO Photos, Oregon - Two Close Lights Flying Fast Parallel To The Ground, Washington - A Round Golf Ball With Multiple Twinkling Colors, Canada - Beam Of Light & Objects Splitting In Two. Mexican Aviation Technicians Claim Having Videotaped UFOs, Guatemala - UFO on the News, UK/England - UFO Appearing and Then Being Pursued, Netherlands - Craft With Two Bright Lights Moving Very Fast, and Conversation With Mom.
Who Are You Going to Believe - Me or Your Own Eyes
Why Are European Space Agency Images Better?
EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA) photos are showing blue river like canyons and valleys on Mars. These blue areas appear to be caused by possibly flowing rivers or colors retained from water that once flowed or perhaps growing algae or bacteria. Blue is also shown inside some craters. On Earth Lapis Lazuli, Blue Viteral, and the dark blue azurite is a hydrated copper carbonate indicating water. Photosynthesis pigments, and copper bearing minerals often show blue or green colors. Photosynthesis is the formation of carbohydrates in living plants from water and carbon dioxide by the action of sunlight on the chlorophyll. The blue color now being shown by ESA is a major step forward in revealing the true nature of Mars and that at least some water is present. In Western Australia stromatolites are layered rocks that form in the presence of colonies of blue-green bacteria. As sediments accumulate, they include the remnants of the bacterial corpses, which give the rock the distinctive appearance. It is doubtful that blue mineral deposits would follow the apparent riverbed so living organisms such as bacteria; algae, lichen might be responsible for the blue color. Satellite data of Earth seldom shows blue colors unless water is involved.
ESA is showing pronounced blue colors that have not been shown in NASA/JPL/MSSS photos further indicating that some kind of false coloring methods are being used. Blue color images become extremely important in proving that life exists or once existed on Mars. Many of the rocks if shown in their real colors show green patches of color indicating lichen or fungi. It appears the carbon dioxide content of the Martian atmosphere is replenished by an active microbial ecosystem. Mars organisms may be very efficient rock eaters, as evidenced by the numerous holes or pits in the rocks at the Mars landing sites.
Spirit Lander Image of Rectangular Hole
Martian microbes may secrete concentrated organic acids to bore into the rock. There appear to be chasms as they boreholes as they eat into the rock. Rock boring organisms on Earth are common, and this or other mechanisms are occurring on Mars. The new Mars Landers are already picking up large square holes in the rocks. Additionally, the newly revealed blue coloring of the sky indicates much greater biosphere than has been admitted by NASA. Coral or lichen like objects are being imaged by the Opportunity Lander. Photo sent to me by Norman Bryden.
The book, "Mars the Living Planet" by Barry Digregorio, Dr. Gilbert Levin and Dr. Pat Straat provides disturbing information on coler on Mars. . Mr. Van der Woude says, "Both Ron Wichelman and I were responsible for the color quality control of the Viking Lander photographs, and Dr. Tomas Mutch, the Viking Imaging Team Leader told us he got a call from the NASA Administrator asking that we destroy the Mars blue sky negative created from the digital data." The images were then falsely reddened to make it appear there was no life, no green algae or lichen on the planet. Page 142. The question, "Why is NASA withholding blue colored photos from the public? Keep watching the blues.
"Two hours after the first color image (of Mars from the Viking Lander) appeared on the monitors a technician abruptly changed the image from the light-blue sky and Arizona like landscape to a uniform orange-red sky and landscape." What Gil Levin, Ro and Patricia Straat did not know is that the order to change the colors came directly from NASA Administrator himself, Dr. James Fletcher. Page 140
"Why was the NASA scientific community blatantly ignoring crucial scientific data that could support the notion of life on Mars?" page186
ESA photos are showing blue splotches inside craters and in valleys. In ESA photos we are seeing green and blue colors-- where in NASA/JPL/MSSS images thay are showing reddish brown. Why the discrepancy? Whose color scheme is more accurate? Billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to send apparently false data to the public. Congress should investigate why the photos from US equipment is so poor, why it is apparently wrongly colored. In 1962, I was examining satellite photos of Earth far superior to ours in 2004. Why are not higher quality images being presented to the public?
Norman Bryden here is a new image that seems to be an operation that looks like a mining camp. There is a tower structure shaped sort of like a giant stairway to the lower right. Just above this tower to the right is a cylinder. The tower and cylinder are surrounded with marks that are similar to what you would see in a strip mining operation. Further up on the photograph on the hill sides are other curious marks. These marks remind me of the giant petroglyphs of Nazca or other ancient people of Earth. They are etched into the side of the hill and you can almost make out symbols or figures. Thanks to Norman Bryden
Results Of Detailed Analysis Of Mars Images
Christopher Montgomery, writes, "There is now solid evidence of a highly advanced civilization existing just below the surface of Mars...please review this information carefully before making any snap judgments or a hasty conclusion." We have recently completed analysis on a number of unidentified flying objects found in recent photographs taken of the Martian sky by the "Spirit" rover. The initial discovery came as no surprise, as we have known for years that there was evidence of life on Mars and that this was a distinct possibility. These Mars UFOs are a fact of life on Mars. The Mars UFO team at has published a series of reports to apprise you of the Martian threat. This presentation of Martian anomalies requires your immediate attention. Signs of life seem to be an omnipresent reality on Mars. The recent announcements concerning Mars made by President George Bush gives us all the more reason to give this information a careful look. We have done all of the research and exploration for you. God bless. Sincerely, Christopher Montgomery, Executive Director, UFORC International Global Network Please go to <>
Anniversary of Columbia Disaster Ignores UFO Sightings
Angelic writes, "Many witnesses and even cameramen captured possible UFO activity at the time of the Shuttle disaster." As usual this was ignored in the official investigation. I saw video at the time that certainly indicated a UFO, but it was quickly withdrawn and I was unable to get a copy. On all the major live television reports that I witnessed that day, I was intrigued by the in candescent light that surrounded the anomaly green, purple, red, and blues.
There was an aura surrounding the largest anomaly that caught my eye. The numerous points of light also seemed to have their each and own source of energy and form of flight as well. One thing I remember is that the two major points of light were exchanging rates of energy and picking up and losing speed inconsistently with a falling or burning object. The best that I can describe it was a crown shaped object with two "arms" extending out shortly then downward as if to give a landing gear affect. there was a stunning pure green burst of light surrounding it at the moment too. I was tongue tied and looked to my three friends who were also glued to the TV we all looked into each others eye's and simultaneously said, "Did you see that!?" Something that appeared extra-terrestrial. Dually noted, after that day I have only once seen the recording of that moment. Most of the pictures and recordings that are shown now (though still amazing) are the more down played moments. Thanks to Angelic.
Connecticut -- The Round, White Object Moves In A Zigzag Fashion
GUILFORD - The brother and sister were going for a hike on January 19, 2004, at 12 noon when they saw an airplane flying west to east. To the east of the airplane there was a circular, white shape that was at first flying east, but then seemed to zigzag side to side, then move vertical as well. We had to keep moving to keep it in our sight, as when we moved, trees would hamper our sight. We observed this object for about 1 minute, and both remarked how we wished we had brought our cameras today, since the snow that had fallen yesterday had made everything look so pretty. The object was much larger, because it was higher in elevation. We kept moving to keep it in view, but it either disappeared from our sight or vanished in an instant. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
New Jersey - Several UFO Sightings Reported
JACKSON -- An oval UFO aircraft was observed flying at a fast speed in a circular motion with blinking red, blue, green, and white lights on January 13, 2004, at 6:30 PM. Other aircraft were following the UFO that flew left and right for an hour, until I lost sight of it behind the trees. There must have been eight other smaller aircraft, perhaps Air Force fighters flying towards the UFO. Every time they got close to the UFO, it moved faster away from them. It was scary.
LAKE HOPATCONG - The witness states, "My fiancé and I observed a triangular shaped object traveling west making a loud helicopter noise, then hovering at about 2000 feet above the lake, on January 16, 2004, at 4 AM. The triangular shape was more specifically like a science model of a molecule, 25 feet high and 25 feet wide. It had a star of many points at the center (nucleus region), which was blinking white and red light. It had an extremely bright and flashing light above this center, and two bright lights below at a 90-degree separation. The craft was moving slowly, almost hovering for a moment, and then it ascended and seemed to retract the outer lights and continue in a slow westerly direction. Further north, we observed another craft, shaped more like a plane, but the sharply pointed bulk head was all white light and there were too many flashing red and white lights for it to be a plane. The exact shape of the body of both objects, which presumably connected these lights, was too dark to ascertain. Both objects flew too low to the ground to be regulated aircraft and flew at a very slow rate. The rumbling of the triangular shaped object was intense. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Another Mullica Hill Case
MULLICA HILL -- Investigator: Evelyn Galson writes, "I spoke to the woman in Mullica Hill and she gave me an overview of what has been going on in her and her children's lives." She told me that she has been visited by grays ever since she was little. She remembers seeing a small gray alien leaning over her cradle and reaching for her and lifting her out. (She learned later in life they were called grays. She has been finding marks on her body for a long time and has been seeing her physician, who told her he didn't know what could be causing them. She also has had many miscarriages, which she believes has to do with her abductions. Her little boy, who is 4 years old, has told her that they take him through the floor. She told him he was dreaming and he said, "No mommy its real, they take me through the floor" So she told him, "She believed him." When she was little she would tell her parents about the things she was experiencing, but they wouldn't believe her. So she stopped telling them what was happening to her. In addition, every night her son wakes up at 4:00 A.M. and runs to her bedroom and wants to sleep with her. He is having trouble sleeping. Now that she has been finding marks on her children who are very young, she has decided to get some help or support. Therefore, she contacted us and we will be meeting with her. Thanks to Investigator: Evelyn Galson
Florida - Bright White, Shaped Like A Boomerang
DELTONA -- It was 12:35 PM, on January 18, 2004, when a strange craft was whiter than white was observed. As the craft came closer, it was apparent the bright white object was shaped like a boomerang. It flew straight for a while then turned and poof, it was gone. It just disappeared. This was really unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Alabama - Four Bright Lights in Tree Tops
ROCK CREEK -- Coming home from the store at 7:30 PM, on January 10, 2004, a family noticed two bright lights in the sky. The couple with their two daughters got their binoculars and went out onto the back porch to see and saw an object hovering over the treetops with four bright white lights. As we continued to watch, it moved slowly to treetop level. At this time the white lights appeared to turn off and a red and blue light flickered on and off as it descended downward toward the ground and out of sight. We could hear dogs in the distance begin to bark. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Tennessee - Half Hour Light
PIGEON FORGE -- Living in North Indiana, I enjoy a web page that has a live web cam of the Smoky Mountains. I have it on my desktop at work and it is always cool to see the current weather and the view. But, last night at 11 PM, on January 11, 2004, the web cam captured a very bright light that took hour or more to move across the picture. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Indiana - It Was Very Fast Bright, and a Circular Object
CHARESTOWN -- This object has been seen four times by a family in the last two weeks since January 15, 2004, hanging over an old ammunitions plant that is located near Jeffersonville. The family has caught it on camera twice as it hovers like a star. The witness states, "We know it's not a star, because it will fade and dim and move a little bit as well as it disappears and it's too bright among the rest of the stars. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Michigan - UFO Was Circular With Multiple Colors
LAMBERTVILLE -- On January 20, 2004, at 6:55 PM, the witness saw two circular UFOs and one had many colors. The witness and his Mother were pulling in their driveway and saw a big buck near the woods and then off in the night sky they saw a UFO. He went inside and grabbed binoculars and looked at an object positioned to the southeast, high in the night sky. At this time the witness and his stepbrother determined a circular shape with a rainbow of multiple colors that were pulsating at a rapid speed. The object stayed to the east and cycled up and down constantly, at a slow rate. Another UFO was witnessed on January 7, 2004. The stepbrother observed another bright white object to the north that was pulsating that appeared to move.
At this point, I realized that without looking through the binoculars the object was in almost the identical spot to the north with the same bright whiteness as the one I saw in the beginning of January. I looked through the binoculars and I instantly noticed that it was a circular shape and that it was pulsating bright white light. Though the only differences with the object were the shape it changed to and its movement. It moved slowly up and down but still stayed to the northern night sky. The bright white UFO changed shape but not into a triangle but into a shape without any distinct qualities. The bright white UFO started up in the sky and then ended up looking as if it was in my woods. We both watched each UFO equally and we stayed outside for about an hour and twenty minutes. The bright, white, circular UFO was much brighter than the circular colorful one in the southeastern sky. Though both moved very similar and at the same speed. They both, also, made absolutely no sound. All I know is that I've now witnessed three UFOs in the same month. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Illinois - Early Morning Green Glowing Ball Of Light
ELMHURST -- A glowing blue green sphere was observed floating south to east at about a 45° angle slowly going across the dark morning sky at 5:45 PM, on January 18, 2004, towards O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Texas - Four Silver and One White Ship Hovering
HOUSTON -- I was returning from class at 8:25 PM, on January 13, 2004, and saw 5 bright lights (4 light blue, one brilliant white) hovering near my home. I live near the airport, so assumed planes, but it caught my attention because they never fly 5 that close together.. Never. I grew up here, and have witnessed planes my entire life. Then, I noticed that they were hovering, not moving. Therefore, I stopped my car, on the street in front of my home, and watched. Four were silver, one was bright white. They did not move, at all, and they were very close to one another. Then, I said, "Ok, I'm home you guys can leave now" and the white one gave 4 quick flashes of light, and then began to move between the other 4, which were outlying in a rough circle pattern, though not quite a circle. They were beautiful, what I could see, and seemed powerful. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
New Mexico- President Bush Jokes About UFOs
ROSWELL -- President Bush visited New Mexico for the first time and: jokes about UFOs. "I understand you have reports this morning of an unfamiliar aircraft," he said to laughter from residents who have freely adorned their town with images of green aliens. "Don't worry -- it was just me." President Bush spoke to a jubilant<even rowdy--crowd at the Roswell Convention and Civic Center this morning about the continuing need to defend the country against terrorism, including the renewal of the USA Patriot Act. The crowd, including a large group from the New Mexico Military Institute, yelled out supportive cheers regularly and distracted the president way from his prepared speech a few times. Bush did not leave without jokingly acknowledging what the small southeastern New Mexico city is best known for -- as the site of an alleged 1947 UFO crash and as a draw for conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials.
California - Retired Police Office Takes UFO Photos
SAN MATEO -- Dan Baker writes, I was just looking at your site and the UFO pictures from Ohio. I, too, am a retired cop and for a few months now I have discovered that I can get images of anomalous objects by use of my digital camera. I'm sending a long a couple. I saw the pics on your site and thought they were very similar to what I have been getting. First pic is of an object taken near my neighbors TV antenna...notice it appears to be reflecting sunlight in the front of the object and omitting a vapor trail. Second pic I took of a small plane flying overhead...upon download to the computer I discovered two objects to the left of the plane and one to the right of the plane. I have about a hundred more like these. Thanks to Daniel Baker
LA CRESCENTA - The witness was driving down Montrose Avenue when he saw a strange craft above him at 12:30 AM, on January 18, 2004. He states, "The craft was very long, like a pencil, with steady green lights on each end, and a flashing red light in the middle flying far too close to rooftops to be a plane." It didn't look like a plane anyway, so I started following it down Montrose Avenue, but it was going about 55 mph, which was faster than I dared go on a Saturday night with all the police around. The craft turned and was going steadily up Pennsylvania Avenue, so I followed. The craft turned again at Foothill Boulevard and there were many civilians watching it, and one car followed it along foothill with a video camera. The craft moved quickly and I heard no sound from it even though it was close to rooftops. After following it for a while, I headed for home. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Oregon - Two Close Lights Flying Fast and Parallel to the Ground
MEDFORD -- Two separate lights were seen flying very close to each other above the darkness of city lights streaking very fast across the sky on January 20, 2004, at 8 PM. They were perhaps 20 degrees above the horizon flying parallel to the ground from NNE to SW with a possible short tail. There was absolutely nothing audible with the event. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Washington - A Round Golf Ball With Multiple Twinkling Colors
MAPLE VALLEY -- It was a clear starry night on January 20, 2004, at 9:05 PM when the witness saw something sparkly out the corner of his eye outside the window. It was multi-colored and twinkled. He got his binoculars and saw a round golf ball-shaped thing with many colors moving around on it. I woke my husband up to come and look at it; but, when he came out on our deck to see the object, it had moved backwards so the detail was no longer visible. It is still there right now; but too far away to see the shape and detail now but we still see the colors twinkling. It was very beautiful; but, I cannot imagine what it was. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Canada - Beam Of Light & Objects Splitting In Two
NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA. On January 11, 2004, a family was heading for home 8 kilometers south of town when they saw a strange craft. Their teenagers in the back got rather excited when they saw it but, the husband said, it must be a helicopter. Due to the man's wife insisting he slow the vehicle down,so they could have a much better look, they all saw a narrow beam of light coming from the sky and lighting up the side of a mountain a half-mile away. Due to the slope of the mountainside they could easily see the beam of light hitting the forest for about half a minute. They could not see where the light originated and then it was gone.
A second witness on January 12, 2004, also called to report a brilliant ball of white light traveling slowly and extremely low over the town of Nelson at 9:40 the following night. The object was traveling in an easterly direction and as it got to around the Cedar Street area it broke up into two pieces, one then flew off to the southeast and the other went almost directly to the north. The piece that went northward moved off at a very fast rate of speed as the other moved a long slowly at about the same rate of speed as the main ball of light. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 Website: <>
ST JOHN, Newfoundland -- There was an over flight of the City on January 17-18, 2004, near midnight of a very large flying triangle craft. The craft was observed with large lights on each of three corners and a dimmer light was in the center of the craft. Thanks to Bob Toutman
Mexican Aviation Technicians Claim Having Videotaped UFOs
MEXICO CITY -- Two Mexican aviation technicians claim to have reorded eight UFOs with a camcorder as the objects flew over Mexico City's International Airport on Saturday afternoon. Aviation and photography technicians Alfonso Salazar and Salvador Guerrero told the press that they managed to film the event from the hangar area of the terminal using their camcorder. The events occurred in three separate occasions, involving a difference of three hours and 15 minutes. The first event, recorded at 13:20 local time involved six flying objects that formed an inverted "J" shape. Later they saw a tubular shape and at 22H55 GMT they recorded a spherical UFO. The speed they used to disappear was immediate, and more or less all of them were at an altitude of 12,00 feet," added the techs. Air traffic controllers and other pilots stated that on certain occasions "unidentified flying objects are seen in the sky" and that these cannot be picked up by radar.
CURIOSIDADES&archivo=040201021717.icjrnsl2.txt Translation (C) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Guatemala - UFO on the News
GUATEMALA CITY -- the whole city saw it and lasted 3 hours at 11 PM, on January 10, 2004, the news broadcast got it on tape is a good tape it proofs it there were flying in the same area and at incredible speed. <>UFOcenter
UK/England - UFO Appearing and Then Being Pursued
MANCHESTER - A UFO appeared over the City Center, nearest building CIS Insurance Building at 4:02 PM, on January 14, 2004. The UFO flew down vertically from the sky, hovered then turned north towards Oldham. A second craft that appeared to be a British military aircraft with all kinds of sensors on it pursued the fireball UFO at very low altitude into clouds and couldn't see them anymore. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Netherlands - Craft With Two Bright Lights Moving Very Fast
ROTTERDAM -- On January 12, 2004, Monday evening at 8:10 PM, the witnesses saw two bright lights in the sky from some kind of flying object. He saw them disappear with an enormous-inhumane speed into the low hanging clouds. The event lasted less then five seconds. The lights had the image/shape of two stars. One stood lower than the other. It made no sound. At that time I was walking on the street with two family members. They were looking the other way and didn't see it. The sky was divided with some low hanging clouds and bright parts. Much higher I, also, saw and heard 5 or 6 planes. It looked as if they were searching. I wonder if they might have noticed it to.
Conversations With Mom
I read what you wrote about your Mother in this weeks files and how she saw a UFO in 1965. This reminded me of my own Mother who has passed away. My Mom who was a nurse met my Dad while he was in the military service in San Antonio, Texas. Later my family owned 35 acres of land in the backwoods of Ohio near Zanesville. We would stay there in the summers in a small cabin. One day, as the sun was setting over the pond area, we heard a high pitched humming sound, and my Mother began to scream, " No! No!" I looked over at her, and she sat on the ground and buried her face in her hands, and I became concerned for her. " What's wrong, Mom?" I said. " No! Not again!" she cried. I said, " What do you mean?" I looked at her again, seeing her tremble with her face in her hands, and then I looked over to where my Dad was standing, and he was "frozen" in his tracks, as though completely controlled by some other force. The noise became more intense, and all the surroundings became like a white sheen which was more than enough to convince me that something was about to happen. Just before I blacked out I remember a bright white crescent shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere. I do not have any other memories of this event at this time. I only remembered this much just recently. I have heard it said that UFO abductions run in families.
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