Illegal Aliens' Unstoppable
Third World Crime Wave In US

By Frosty Wooldridge

Last summer, in Boulder, Colorado, eight illegal aliens raped eight American women. The aliens fled back to Mexico. One was caught. In a nearby city of Longmont, a used car dealer was driven out of business because he suffered so much theft from his lot that he bankrupted. An illegal alien killed a California cop, John Marsh, last year. Robberies and break-ins have become the norm in California. They've become the pattern in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and dozens of other states. But the sobering realities concerning these crimes point to one fact--they are illegal aliens. They are importing themselves into this country with a vengeance. They are deadly, pernicious and organized. They represent the worst of what is common in the Third World.
In her recent scathing report, 'THE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIME WAVE' by brilliant investigative reporter, Heather MacDonald, our country is being assaulted by a crime wave that grows steadily and viciously.
A full 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide, which totaled 1,500 last year in Los Angeles, pointed to illegal aliens. Soberingly, two thirds of all fugitive felony warrants, totaling a horrifying 17,000, were for illegal aliens. To make matters worse, in 1995 a report showed that 60% of the 20,000-strong 18th Street gang in southern California was composed of illegal aliens. That gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia on drug distribution schemes, extortion and drive-by assassinations. They commit assault and robberies every day of the week. A night of crime to them is like a day of work for American citizens.
How did it come about and why is it spreading? In 1979, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Daryl Gates enacted Special Order 40. Astoundingly, as if insanity took the front row seat in their minds, leaders of dozens of cities from San Francisco to Miami and New York City adopted this special order. This law prohibits police officers from arresting illegal aliens. In reality, it?s a carte blanche invitation for crime to grow in our country, putting citizens at risk for their lives.
"If I see a deportee from the Mara Salvatrucha prison in El Salvador crossing the street in LA, I can't touch him," said a Los Angeles police officer. "I can't arrest him for an immigration felony."
Boulder, Colorado practices the same 'sanctuary' policy for illegal aliens. The mayor of the city openly encourages illegal aliens by making sure the police chief does not arrest illegals. Some of Boulder's immigration lawyers were so bold as to offer publicly announced classes for illegal aliens on how to avoid arrest, detention and deportation by immigration agents. The result in that town shows a tripling of the illegal alien population as well as jobs taken away from citizens and the eight violent rapes.
Not far away in Denver last week, an illegal alien, Javier Cruz-Caballero, purposely ran down police officer, Robert Bryant, while the officer operated a radar gun in a school walk zone. Witnesses saw the Mexican national rev up his engine while taking dead-aim at the officer. Bryant flew 30 feet through the air while suffering a broken leg and head lacerations. He could have easily been killed.
At a greater level, New York's Mayor Bloomberg supports illegal alien crime by maintaining a 'sanctuary policy' in that city. Last year, four illegals raped and killed a New York jogger. That crime was one of thousands of crimes committed by illegal aliens who are protected from the law. But more horrific in impact of this loss of the rule-of-law, former Mayor Guiliana practiced Special Order 40. Several illegal aliens protected by the Order participated in 9/11. The death toll reached 2,800, but the impact on our nation reverberates today. Yet, Special Order 40 continues full force in protecting the estimated 10 million illegal aliens in our country.
However, thousands of them are killing, raping, robbing and driving illegally in our country. Over 400,000 deportees continue walking around free in our country. The ones that commit crimes and are caught make up a full 29% of our prison populations. They cost American taxpayers nearly $1 billion annually to feed, house and care for them in our prisons. And, yet, Special Order 40, continues as if it was a fig leaf for welcoming hardened alien criminals.
These examples of illegal immigrant crime depict a growing menace to our functioning society. While a sleepy American public watches idly and a Congress refuses to enforce our borders while mayors adopt the 'sanctuary policy', we citizens receive an average of 2,200 illegals every 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days per year. Since the Amnesty policy was announced, the invasion intensifies with greater numbers.
Where does that leave you? If you're in California, you're planning on moving to Idaho or Montana because it's already too late. With over 3.5 million illegals, the crime wave is beyond stopping. If you're in Georgia, you're probably stewing under your breath, but you don't have a clue that it's going to get worse. In Chicago, they either take jobs or rob banks or set up drug, prostitution and theft rings. If you're in Florida, it is no longer an American city. Houston is just as bad. It grows worse in every city in America.
The key is to understand that in the Third World--corruption, crime, child prostitution, bashing in peoples' heads, torture and worse is the NORM. Why? Because the rule-of-law no longer applies. Today, in America, concerning illegal immigration, our public officials who were sworn to uphold the Constitution have abstained from their oaths of office. We're forced NOT to talk about it via being politically correct, yet we are the victims of our own silence. Because the American public still hasn't figured this crisis out or keeps thinking it will go away on its own.IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE and you or your loved ones will become victims given enough time. With Special Order 40 in your city, another 9/11 can't be far off!
Source: Heather MacDonald, City Journal, published by the Manhattan Institute, January 15, 2004, THE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIME WAVE.
Frosty Wooldridge (, ( is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly. Next book: 'INCURSION INTO AMERICA: IMMIGRATION'S UNARMED INVASION - DEADLY CONSEQUENCES' If you have been affected by illegal immigration, write as much of your story as you like and submit it to the author for inclusion into the book. All names and places will remain private.



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