Charges Placed In WTC
Towers When Built?
By Robert L. Parish Sr.
The downing of the Twin Towers and other buildings of the complex where done by (Planned Implosions).
I was working at Kirkwood Commutator in Cleveland, Ohio from 1974 to September 30th, 1998. We had an Industrial/Refill Department that large commutators from 1 foot in diameter to 20 feet in diameter were made. A commutator is the circular switching device on an armature shaft that (commutates), switches the electrical current that flows thru the windings of the armature coils of an electrical motor. It is the thing that the brushes ride on that the current flows into an electric motor that energizes the field coils that causes the motor to rotate. The commutator switches the current from coil winding to coil winding that causes the motor to rotate.
I was the metrologest, gage technician who set and calibrated all the measuring devices in the plant for over 18 years.
We had a team of consultants hired by Otis Elevator to supervise and inspect all aspects of those commutators we produced for those motors. That were being made for the largest ever Twin Towers going up in Asia. Otis Elevator had the elevator contract for providing the elevators. The lead consultant engineer would always come into my gage calibration lab to watch and inspect my setting up and calibration of gages for measuring the components we were producing for the assembly of those motors. Most people who worked in the tool room, screw machine and industrial/refill departments knew (because they were making the parts) that we were manufacturing 4 or more very large commutators. But, they did not who the customer was or who they were for. Or what application they would be used in. Most of the other people in the plant had no knowledge whatsoever about was being made. All they did was make this part of something they had prints and shop orders for.
On day, as the lead consultant engineer was in my lab talking just about "stuff", I asked him, "Sometime in future, in 50 years or so, how are these Twin Towers are going to be taken down as tall as they were going to be and as tight as land is in a crowded city, without causing fast destruction to other buildings?"
He was standing upright. He outstretched his right arm with his palm down. And said, "Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam" as he lowered his hand down one imaginary floor at a time. All the way down to the floor. I knew that we had to certify these commutators to be able to operate continuously for 50 years without service or repair as our part of the contract. He explained that as the buildings are being built, explosive charges are being incorporated into the structures at key floor joint locations. So, that when the first charges are set-off at the top floors, they will take that floor down to the next. And the charges at that floor will take it down to the next floor. This will continue all the way down. The Twin Towers will come straight down like a stack of pancakes. When the buildings get old and no longer useful or profitable to have and maintain, all it will take is a phone call to take them down.
So, you see, Jeff, no one had to sneak into the buildings of the WTC in New York and plant charges during a terror drill or a practice fire drill. They were already there...built into the buildings when they were constructed, just waiting for the call to detonate; waiting for the day when the buildings were no longer profitable to keep and maintain for whatever economic reasons of their owners and controllers.
The jet airliners crashed into each one on the Twin Towers and, thirty minutes later, the phone call was made and the first tower was taken down...and then the second tower was taken down. By the way, the other buildings of the complex were going to be a liability and no longer of use. So a phone call was made and they went down as well.
The controllers of the building complex of the Twin Towers made 500 million dollars profit. They did not lose any money. They do not care about people. They only care they have is their profit margin and bottom-line being as far in the black as they can get it.
This is what happened. The true story. Alex Jones is right about Building 7, but he should not forget the above in regards to all of buildings in the Twin Tower Complex.
Again, it is my contention and stipulation that when those buildings were being constructed, shaped charges were set into the joints at key places....waiting for they day when the buildings were to be declared obsolete and to be demolished by the powers that be. This way, they could be taken floor down onto the next...all the way to the ground. This is also the plan for those highest Twin Towers in the World that are standing in Asia.
What needs to done. Is for someone to get the "real" full constructions blue prints, building plans for those building in question. It may show, in detail, what I have said about them.
Robert L. Parish Sr.
From Muehlbauer
Jeff, the author means well, I am sure, intelligent - I think, but, he fails to understand the degradation that would take place over time (even, a short time) and to the explosives (chemicals) he thinks were placed in The Towers from the beginning. Degrading to a point of self detonating, possibly to a point of being literally useless as for the task demanded of it. This article just gives the violators of America ammunition, science, to rebuke the truth...calling the truth 'conspiracy theory.'
Orlando, Florida
From Leslie Bell
Tossing Poppy a bone
This might be disninfo... what person who works for an elevator company doesn't know how to correctly spell "gauges" [not gages].
That said and done...
It is REMOTELY POSSIBLE that Bush & Co. never actually *planned* for the towers to come down, or even made any contingencies for that. It is REMOTELY POSSIBLE that the owners of the buildings made that decision and cut and run, which in hindsight, Bush & Co. should have forseen, because it is exactly what they would have done. Or maybe not, maybe they are convinced they are on a crusade to protect the US and only want to kill its enemies and future potential enemies (Africa) to the point of genocide. It is REMOTELY POSSIBLE that they watched in horror as the buildings came down... we know they knew the *crashes* were coming, the crashes alone might have been enough to consolidate power the way they did, in hindsight, they probably would have done the job just as well without the collapse.
Poppy, if this is indeed the case, here's the lesson you come away with: When you choose to do evil to advance your cause, no matter how just you might feel it to be, there is an entity that will take your first steps and go the rest of the way. ALL THE WAY. You cannot control this entity. He uses you when you chose evil, and he uses others' vices and greed to take your limited steps TO THE NEXT LEVEL. And then some.
It's just like that way with God too... you take the first steps, and He carries you the rest of the way, only the results are far, far different. But it's harder, because with *that* relationship come pain in the ass tests; with the relationship with the other, comes riches and corruption, and always, in the end, betrayal.
And here's your ultimate lesson... even just a couple of plane crashes was attacking the US... the entity who controls all evil will take your first steps and go all the way with this. This terrorist game you are playing not only cannot be won, you are making things much worse and soon there won't be any America. The end game is always betrayal; the other nations of the world will eventually gang up on us with everything they've got unless we change our approach. Are you willing to put all blacks in America in camps when the Nation of Islam starts Malvo'ing people out of the backs of cars? Tens of thousands of them? Are you willling to chance nuclear exchange with China?
There *is* a management style that works, but you have to take those people that know this instinctively and make them your allies, convince them to work for you, and not through coercion, but willingly Like Clinton. Like you did before. But you have to put ego aside.
And you have to begin to want to make the world a better place for everybody, not just your families and friends. Convince them of that, get them working for you, and you can still turn this thing around.
Continue on the same path, and those of us left here and left surviving will end up in Chinese camps and/or underground at Denver.
Your choice. Always has been. It's not too late. Yet.
Leslie Bell

From Nick Balaskas
Thanks Brad for forwarding this very interesting and enlightening article from
In order to prevent further loss of life and property damage, all U.S. manned and unmanned spacecraft (except the Apollo lunar module) had self-destruct systems built in. I would expect builders of skyscrapers in densely populated areas would have them built in too for similar reasons.
Sometimes these explosive devices can be triggered by accident. Although it was a faulty o-ring in one of the two attached solid fuel rockets that was responsible for the Challenger explosion, it was, in my opinion, the self-destruct system that accidentally triggered which destroyed the space shuttle so completely and the reason for the loss of the seven astronauts. The two seemingly intact solid fuel rockets continued to fly erratically on their own for nearly half a minute before they were destroyed too after their self-destruct system was triggered from the ground.
Just like with the solid fuel rockets, maybe the WTC controllers felt they were doing the responsible thing by bringing the towers down while they still could.
Nick Balaskas
'Gage' Is A Correct Spelling
From Name Withheld
Hi Jeff,
One of the above posters, Leslie Bell, is wrong in asserting that "gage" is an
incorrect spelling. "Gage" is an alternate spelling of "gauge". In fact,
several of my mechanical engineering professors use "gage" instead of "guage",
as did one of my thermodynamics textbooks. In my opinion, the author's use
of "gage" speaks TO his credibility.


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