British Doctors Doubt
Dr Kelly's 'Suicide'

The Guardian - UK

As specialist medical professionals, we do not consider the evidence given at the Hutton inquiry has demonstrated that Dr David Kelly committed suicide.
Dr Nicholas Hunt, the forensic pathologist at the Hutton inquiry, concluded that Dr Kelly bled to death from a self-inflicted wound to his left wrist. We view this as highly improbable. Arteries in the wrist are of matchstick thickness and severing them does not lead to life-threatening blood loss. Dr Hunt stated that the only artery that had been cut - the ulnar artery - had been completely transected. Complete transection causes the artery to quickly retract and close down, and this promotes clotting of the blood.
The ambulance team reported that the quantity of blood at the scene was minimal and surprisingly small. It is extremely difficult to lose significant amounts of blood at a pressure below 50-60 systolic in a subject who is compensating by vasoconstricting. To have died from haemorrhage, Dr Kelly would have had to lose about five pints of blood - it is unlikely that he would have lost more than a pint.
Alexander Allan, the forensic toxicologist at the inquiry, considered the amount ingested of Co-Proxamol insufficient to have caused death. Allan could not show that Dr Kelly had ingested the 29 tablets said to be missing from the packets found. Only a fifth of one tablet was found in his stomach. Although levels of Co-Proxamol in the blood were higher than therapeutic levels, Allan conceded that the blood level of each of the drug's two components was less than a third of what would normally be found in a fatal overdose.
We dispute that Dr Kelly could have died from haemorrhage or from Co-Proxamol ingestion or from both. The coroner, Nicholas Gardiner, has spoken recently of resuming the inquest into his death. If it re-opens, as in our opinion it should, a clear need exists to scrutinise more closely Dr Hunt's conclusions as to the cause of death.
David Halpin
Specialist in trauma and orthopaedic surgery
C Stephen Frost
Specialist in diagnostic radiology
Searle Sennett
Specialist in anaesthesiology,3604,1131833,00.html
From Rowena Thursby
Dear Jeff,
I was delighted to note that you have put the letter from the 3 British doctors up on your site. We are, in fact, a group of 5 and growing. I do the writing and keep the group together but everyone makes an important contribution. Together we have managed at long last to put the notion of Dr David Kelly's death possibly NOT being suicide into the mainstream press. From the Guardian letter came a front page headline in the Evening Standard on the eve of publicaiton of the the Hutton Report, "Was Dr Kelly Murdered?"
Can I go down on bended knee and ask you if you would mind putting my e-mail address at the end of that letter as published on your site? The reason for this is that we would welcome comment from medical specialists all over the world. We are in the process of assembling a group of eminent medical specialists and I'm sure you'd wish to do all you can to help if it means we get closer to the truth of Dr Kelly's death.
Comments welcomed, particularly from medical specialists.
Kind regards,




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