The Big Z and the Little z
From "George"

Looks to me like zionism has taken over the planet, maybe even this counterfeit universe, created by a zionist godling.
Zionism: an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support (and boy is the US gov. supporting them) of modern Israel. (Webster's collegiate dickchenery) Okay, that's the Big Z. Look how this venus flytrap has flourished and come to maturity and fruition. Why today it shot down a 12 year old boy, yesterday a woman, going about her business in the refugee camp she is forced to exist in, by Zionism. Zionism is really the forced enslavement of indigenous populations of lands coveted by Jews and other zionists (little zionists, like the US gov. who coveted Amerindian lands) to dispell, despoil and degenerate the land and the people on it, so it is unlivable, for goyim and non-zionist indigens. These unlucky people are herded onto camps and reservations to await further thievery, rape, murder and dispossesion, when Big Zionists feel it's time for genocide and total dispossesion of the land.
Little zionism is the one all governments and individuals practice everyday, to evict and unseat any undesirable person from our/their home, parkbench, cardboard box, campus, premises, National park, federal building, private property, ad nausseum. I mean, where don't we chase 'others' from? People are forclosed from housing they paid for, years ago, but must be dispossessed and repossesed because they couldn't pay a tax. So out they go, the bankers (real zionists) forclose and sell to the highest bidder (usually a 'buddy' in realestate). One can be evicted from a home, paid for, maintained, all taxes paid, if the government wants the property, for it's own purpose. Look at Palestine, where Big Zionists stole the land, life and liberty of indigenous Palestinians. America is doing the same to it's modern indigens (us) right now and planning new ways daily, to take it away and give it to foreign amnestied, guest workers. Over the river and through the woods to Uncle Sam's house, we go, the trucks away to carry the slaves, from south of the border (what borders, we ain't got no stinkin' borders, anymore), to stay. For a song, kids, for a song, they will get your job, your home, your female relatives and they'll steal your life, on top of that, Mr. Rodgers, your neighborhood, ain't yours, anymore. Just like the Palestinians, you care nothing about, are losing their neighborhoods, bulldozed, house by house. But hey, it's the Zzionist way! All clap and be joyous (except you non-Zionist Jews, goyim, Gypsies and indigens of all stripes.)
Ya, those internationals are sure shoving it up our kazoos and down our throats. Lot's of internationals trying to Nationalize other people's countries, territories and homes, for themselves. These internationals are movin' on up! Even the Israeli's are 'movin' on up to Lebanon, bombers first, of course, then Syria, then Turkey. Ya, you Turkies ain't safe from Zionist hegemony, either. You were once Little zionists, weren't you? Ataturky was a great Little zionist, wasn't he? He wrote the book, or at least a chapter in the book of genocide. Remember all those Armenians, Assyrians, Iraqi's, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, Kurds and many others, you tried to destroy, kill, rape, gut and terrorize from their lands? You Turkies owe a big debt to humanity and you will pay it, just like any other Big or Little Zzionist will. Israel will pay it's debt, very soon, I mean that huge unpayable bill for all the evil they have generated, their butt boys, minions, brown nose slavering lackeys and others too cowardly to say a word in defense of the genocided, dispossesed, unliberated, unrescued masses of victims. Your days are numbered in single digits, maybe, but soon, non the less, you're going back down to the hell you came from.




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