NASA Hides, Destroys Possible
Evidence Of Life On Mars
By Dave Nelms

My day is now complete, for before my very eyes, NASA appears to have hidden, then intentionally destroyed what could well be evidence of life on Mars. I never would have believed it.
Saturday morning I noticed a small, organic looking object close to the rover Opportunity. I sent an email to NASA about it, and their' response was to pull the picture off the website.
"Odd", I thought to myself.
Then, on a whim, I decided to see which way the rover travels (relative to the object). The answer?
Right across the object. See for yourself in the picture.
1) At top is the full panoramic view. A yellow rectangle shows the slice of crater that contains the object, and one end of the outcropping of rocks on the crater wall.
2) At left, the object and its position are examined in greater detail in blue.
3) At right, in red, we zoom in on the outcrop directly past the object.
4) Below that, the front wheels of the rover are butted up against the very rocks that lie past the object.
5) Below that, a look to the rear at the rover's tracks. They make a beeline for the outcropping, except for a short diversion over to one side.
The object appears to have been swallowed up by rover tracks.
Somebody tell me it ain't so.
From Paul Karpf
Does NASA hide and control evidence of life on other planets...?
This question need not be argued ever again.
Your website has posted an article that PROVES A COVER- UP. The photographic evidence cannot be questioned. I have shown it to some doubters at work and they cannot say anything except question the validaty of the pictures. Well, if the pictures are real (It would be nice to have an attached article verifying their validity), then this story should take top billing on your site. It is the smoking gun that proves a cover-up. My kids will see this one day.
Thanks for doing the world a great service,
San Diego, CA
From Chris Burt
The whole purpose of the Mars mission is to find evidence of life on Mars. If they wanted to hide or destroy that evidence they'd do it simply by not sending rovers or satellites. Secondly, the rover headed toward the outcropping of rocks in these pictures, not to driver over the object on the ground in front of the rover, but to get to analyze the rock to see if it is in fact Hematite, a mineral which only forms in the presence of liquid water. Liquid water means life. I don't see how that's trying to destroy evidence of life.



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