911 An Inside Job, America
Now Under Zionist Control
By Danny Goldberg
Tel Aviv, Israel

Dear Mr. Rense,
Since you posted our two earlier articles : and
we received awesome information from around the world, also from Intel sources. Our group consists of Israelis in Israel and Israelis who already succeeded to escape to other countries.
The total consensus of all of us, as well as almost all the email we received, is that 911 was an inside job. We spent already over a year analyzing all other possibilities, NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE DONE IT. The White House 'confirmed' our posted conclusions (in your articles) by not allowing any free investigation of 911. The Fact that all of your Zionist controlled congress and senate (pathetic) are cooperating with Bush in the 911 cover-up, proved our point. We have NEVER seen such level of high treason against the American people, or in world history.
Further, we would like to alert gullible Americans to wake up and realize that you are already under what we call essentially 'Zionist Martial Law.' Your military is already patrolling your streets under the fictional excuse of 'protecting you from terrorists' while in reality the NWO is getting you used to the chains around your neck. Your civil rights have been taken away from you, your freedom to travel has been curtailed seriously. You do not trust your military anymore after 911. Politicians (Sen. Wellstone), whistle blowers, Generals, scientists, journalists and more, are assassinated when disagreeing with the NWO. Unless you agree with the White House, you can not open your mouth in today's fascist America, you will be either labeled 'unpatriotic' or and 'antisemite'.
Your government is encouraging you to spy on your neighbours in a growing 'snitch' culture. You can be arrested without a court order and no one will even know that you were arrested. Your bank MUST disclose all your financial information to your government without court order. Chemtrails are poisoning your skies. Peculiar 'new' NWO created diseases are sprouting around America almost monthly. Your money is becoming worthless and an economic collapse is just around the corner, another possible perfect reason for the NWO to declare true Martial Law.
The Mexican hordes are swarming across your non-existent border and each one of them will get an American passport from Bush. We are very lucky in Israel, we do not have to learn to speak Spanish. DO NOT be surprised if Bush will order American passports to be printed in Spanish, too. And do not be surprised if Bush will send these 'fresh' American/Mexican 'citizens' to massacre Iraqis, after all, they have to prove that they are a 'good' Americans, right? Pretty soon, you may be told that 'bin Laden' is responsible for a dirty nuke lit off in an American city, and therefore total Martial Law is needed. The Zionists control virtually ALL your politicians and media, just like in Israel. Bribes, vicsious blackmail, backroom deals, drug use, corruption, murder, constant lying...WELCOME TO HELL.
We would like to 'throw in' this time an anecdote which may shake some of you. A few Jewish net discussion groups and some emails that come to us claim that bin Laden has immediate Jewish
ancestry. While we knew that Bin Laden is, was and will always be a CIA operative, to accept that he is Jewish, too, was a real stretch of the imagination. According to email we received and some of the chatter on discussion boards, his mother is Jewish and therefore, according to our Jewish religion, he is by definition, Jewish. (like it or not).
Not only that, his mother's family is living in Israel and therefore we concluded that bin Laden might actually be hiding in Israel, as we are the only country in the world who could protect him from the Moslems, once they found out the real truth about him. If all this is not enough, these Jewish discussion groups mentioned Barry Chamish as the source of this information. Barry, a journalist, is a true Israeli national journalist hero. He is a great patriot of our country. He exposed the cover-up of the assassination of our Prime Minister Rabin by the NWO (Barry was interviewed on numerous times by Jeff Rense and he has his own article section on the Rense website).
Finally, One of the most remarkable emails we received is from a former US Intel agent Kenyon Gibson, now living in the UK. Gibson, an American, wrote a book: "Nest of Evil: A Study of the Bushes, the CIA, and the Suspicions regarding 911". Gibson (as with most independent Israeli Jewish thinkers), could not get his book published, finally (as sometimes happens with our Jewish thinkers), his book was actually published by an Arab publisher! We are enclosing below one interesting article by him: 'THE NOTSEE PARTY'.
Danny Goldberg
Tel Aviv, Israel
By Kenyon Gibson
Growing up in the Homeland, I was made aware not only of the history of the United States, but of my own family's involvement, from those who supported George Washington and those who supported George H.W. Bush. In fact, a photograph of the latter hung on the wall at my grandparent's house, signed by George himself, a detail which I noticed one day. As I queried the reason for the personal touch, I found out that my grandmother had in fact worked for Bush when he was a Congressman in Texas...not surprising, as my grandfather was in the oil business, and has spent many years not only in Texas but in the Middle East. However, the relationship with the Bushes was not something of which they were proud; they let me know in few words that the man was not someone with whom they wished to associate.
Later in life, I have had the opportunity to meet with members of this family, and I have come to the same conclusion; they are not people with whom I would wish to associate, and I am in fact appreciative of the decision of my grandparentís, though at the time it seemed a waste. One comes to respect the decisions of oneís elders as one grows older.
Even had I not been in such a position to observe this famous clan, there is an abundance of evidence, including US government record, that would give any me reason to steer clear of these figures. The confiscation of Prescott Bushí shares in Nazi companies on 20 October, 1942 might be a good start, but certainly not the end, of such research. Prescott in fact greatly aided the Nazi war effort and continued to aid them after October, 1942. Perhaps his son, George H.W. Bush also aided the Axis powers, when he bailed out of a plane over Chi Chi Jima, leaving his two fellow Americans to die in flames. Bush was the pilot, and by jumping out first, left them with no chance to parachute. This was observed quite clearly by Sgt Chester Mierzejewski, who recalled the facts when Bush tried to proclaim himself a hero.

Chi Chi Jima is only a few miles from the famous Iwo Jima, and it was while the US Marines were fighting tooth and nail for that island that another family member was in some proximity to Bush; Gen Howard N. Kenyon, who won the Navy Cross for his valour. Where was Bush while over ten-thousand US Marines were getting killed and wounded? He was back in the Homeland, benefiting from the security of the many country clubs on the East Coast. Bush, unlike most of the soldiers in the war, had even gotten twenty days rest and relaxation when in the Pacific, he was able to savour the beaches of Hawaii before going home to get married and savour the beaches in Virginia. What a hero.

The stench of this did manage to blow over, and ultimately Prescott Bush became a Senator, being appointed after losing an election in Connecticut. Prescott stayed in politics for a decade, and ended up being Pres Eisenhowerís favourite golfing partner. It was this President who drew up the famous Operation Northwoods. What was Northwoods? It was a plan to have a US civilian plane hijacked and have the hijacking blamed on Cubans. Eisenhower was not just a petty schemer, he had the details amazingly well drawn up, including the use of real Cubans to perform acts of terror so that it would be seen by impartial witnesses as a genuine act of Cuban terrorists. It is inte-resting to note that some of this was to be done at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, which had been leased to the US after another act of ìterrorî had been falsely blamed on ìterroristsî in 1898; the sinking of the USS Maine, which was claimed by the notorious William Randolph Hearst as an act of Spanish terrorism.

These plans were approved unanimously by the five Joint Chiefs of Staff, including Gen Lyman L. Lemnitzer, but were disapproved by President John F. Kennedy. We perhaps will never know who exactly had Kennedy killed, but ABC, partly owned by Bush buddie Warren Buffet, assures us that there was no conspiracy, so I guess we donít need to look at what any of the Bushes were doing that day. Kennedyís lips were sealed, and so were the records of Operation Northwoods. Only a handful of people knew about them, among them Robert Strange MacNamara, who was to be US ambassador to the UK. It was he who asked the British to 'pay the blood price' when the US got involved in the Vietnam War.

Good job the British told him NO. That war dragged on for a decade, only to be stopped when LIFE featured the photograph of a ten-year-old child burning from napalm. This was not the only act of cowardly atrocity that the US committed, and it emerged that the US military was in there doing this quite often. But how could they have gotten away with it for so long?

To answer that we must look at the real psychology of war, which is that it matters not who wins or loses, but how long one can keep playing, and how much money can be made per day as Brown & Root, Du Pont, Lockheed Martin and others make a killing on killing. History tells us this fact, but there are those who do not see. Why? Because, like the Nazis in the 1930s, they find it their ìdutyî to not see. So when laws are broken, when Agent Orange is poured on a population, when civilians are tortured, when the church is used as a front for the CIA, when children are raped by priests and politicians, the Not See Party does its job. So efficient are they at their job that they make it look normal when a nation rapes other nations and government officials rape children. This party becomes the status quo, and anyone objecting is made to look out of place, which is taken to be a sign of insanity, lack of patriotism, or, when religion gets behind the party, as sin. That is right, and if one reads the Bible, that is what is predicted. The Not See Party persecuting those who speak out, its members fervently believing the lie that what they are doing is right.

One lie that the Not See Party saw fit to believe was the infallibility of the Republican Party in the US. So great was their self-righteous blindness that they completely overlooked the genocidal writings of W.E.D. Stokes in 1917, the involvement of Du Pont and General Motors in arming Hitler in the 1930s, the assimilation of Nazis into the US government after WWII, the Nazi mind control experiments on US children since then, and even the disturbing relationship between the Bushes and Sun Myung Moon, who proclaimed himself to be the Messiah in The Washington Times, a pro-Bush paper that is owned by Moon.
Even when Republican officials, such as Phillip Giordano are convicted of child rape, the Not See Party turns a blind eye. When documented and graphic evidence was presented against Dick Cheney, George H.W. Bush, and his son, in a 19965 book, Trance-Formation of America, the Not See Party continued to live up to its name. Many members of this party have in fact infiltrated the church, making it easy for priests to commit crimes against children.

Physical crimes against children are not the only sins committed by this clique. A much greater objective is to manipulate opinion of masses of voters and keep themselves in power. That accomplished, they are able to keep up hysteria and start wars, taxing the people for these wars, and diverting those tax dollars into their pockets. A look at the financial history of WWII would open a few eyes; for instance, it gave Du Pont a 600% increase in profits. Those are only the profits that are recorded, there is much government corruption that diverts billions of dollars into offshore accounts owned by Republicans, and we do not have a record of these. Peace must have been a bummer! As profitable as this is, few in the Not See Party want to end the game, and so they go to elaborate ruses to lengthen strife. In WWII one such ploy was to limit the supply of oil to the troops. This was done by Walter Teagle and William Farish, then executives of Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon). Farish is, incidentally, grandfather to the present ambassador to the UK, William Farish III. So how long do we expect the war in Iraq to last? I will tell you straight out, as I have told my listeners for the past two years, that war will last as long as the Not See Party can make it last, and that may include using ridiculous strategies that put US troops in danger rather than using sensible strategies that work. The crimes of the Not See Party will hurt not only those they want us to think of as the enemy, but it will hurt US citizens as well.

Perhaps the greatest crime of the Not See Party was the execution of Operation Northwoods on September 11, 2001. Instead of having real Cubans to take part and take blame, they had Osama bin Laden, an old friend of the Bushes, to play scapegoat. Forty years of refinements to these plans made them a bit slicker and more high tech than the '60s version. However, a few things went wrong, and intelligent people all over the world, including many American citizens, were noticing that 9/11 must have been an inside job.

To completely enumerate their reasons for suspicion would require quite some space. One could write a book on this; in fact, that is exactly what I have done. Quite understandably, some US publishers have already had a fit and basically told me to go to hell. After all, who would publish the facts when they indict the White House? For instance, if one looks at the anthrax hoax, perpetrated soon after 9/11, it becomes clear that this was a fraud made to look like a Moslem act of terror. In fact, it was clearly US anthrax, most likely put in the mail by US scientist Dr. Steven Hatfill, who to this day remains free despite the evidence against him.

As to the body of evidence against the US government relative to the 9/11 attacks, there can be no doubt that this was an inside job. Molten steel from the beams, advance warnings given to US politicians not to fly, unprecedented levels of options trading on United and American Airlines, the lack of US Air Force response, Bush's remark about 'seeing' the plane hit before it was broadcast, the lack of black box data, the precision with which one plane hit the Pentagon, the way the towers jumped and caused small earthquakes before falling, these and a plethora or other facts point to 9/11 simply being Operation Northwoods.

One angle of suspicion in any crime is the financial gain involved. In 9/11, there was immense financial gain to many members of the Republican Party. Hardly anyone on the entire planet gained but for these people, and so happy was one of them that in fact he joyfully exclaimed he had hit the trifecta. Guess who this was? A US government employee by the name of George.

Recently, a new piece of evidence emerged; a photo of a plane about to hit the WTC. Just before it hits, there is a hole in the building, and there is something in the shape of a missile mounted on the plane. Now, how does the Not See Party account for that? Easily. It is like the time a man was murdered in a Long Island nightclub with hundreds of people inside. At first, it looked like an easy crime to solve. Detectives questioned everyone there, and waited for the witnesses to reveal what happened. As detainee after detainee was questioned, the officers were left in shock. It appeared that at the moment of the murder, every single one of the partygoers was in the bathroom and saw nothing at all.

Welcome to the Not See Party. It helps if you sing along to the tune of Bushland Uber Alles.

Kenyon Gibson
Gibson is a former US intel operative, having worked in Cuba and the Caribbean and on under cover drug operations in New York City.
He is the author of Common Sense: A Study of the Bushes, the CIA, and the Suspicions regarding 9/11(currently available in Arabic as Aw-Karr al-Shur, published by Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut). At present he is working on another book, titled Hemp for Victory: A History of the Worldís Most Useful Plant.




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