Chemtrail Aerosols Obliterate
Yuma, Arizona Skies

From Jim

Dear Jeff,
I was in Yuma Arizona over the holidays. I've seen so many pics of Chemtrails on your site I wonder if you still want them, but in case you do here they are. From 7 am when the sky was
unblemished, to 9:30 am when it was completely overcast in chem-haze, I took about 60 pics as two tankers streaked lines across the sky in tandem. Its harder to notice the impact of these activities in a crowded rainy locale like the Northwest coast. But now that I have seen them across the big sky of Calgary, Yuma and Palm Springs over the last two years, I cannot believe folks aren't demanding to know why the sunlight is being blocked from us...
The original files are over 800kb, from a digital camera. If anyone
wants a full-sized copy let me know. The pics were taken on Dec 23, 2003
Notice the next two shots. The first shows two jets NOT spraying and then there is
an enlarged and cropped version so viewers can more easily see the two non-spayers.
Now, watch the sequence play out from here until we end up with a totally occluded, aerosol-sprayed,
completely covered sky. And most people still don't get it. We are being heavily sprayed, to the extent that our entire skies are being blocked. If these photos don't convince you, nothing will. -ed




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