Wellstone Crash 'Investigation'
Ignores EMP Weapons
Jackson Thoreau writes:
"At a meeting full of war veterans in Willmar, Minn., days before his death, Wellstone told attendees that Cheney told him, 'If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you. There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota.'"
Was Wellstone's plane brought down by Cheney operatives using portable electromagnetic weapons?
"Lawrence Judd, an Illinois attorney, wrote the NTSB to ask whether it has or will investigate the possibility that EMF weapons were used to bring down the planes of Senators Wellstone and Carnahan.
Robert Benzon wrote him back, thusly, 'The NTSB is unaware of any mobile EM force or EM pulse weapon system capable of disabling an aircraft at the ground-to-air ranges that existed in either of the accidents you mention in your email.'"
Some examples of EMP devices for sale on the net:
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