The Role Of UAVs/MAVs
In Domestic Surveillance
And Control

By Brenda Livingston

Imagine the following scenario...
A large crowd has gathered legally and peacefully to protest the current administration's policies. Within a short time, high 5-10K above the crowd UAVs swarm providing remote sensing, imaging and a platform for monitoring the people on the ground...sending this information to government and military personnel and their supercomputing centers...databases ready to receive as much information on the participants as can be provided.
Soon after aerial robots are released in the hundreds -- small hardly noticeable (or micro/camouflaged) devices programmed to autonomously swarm and gather as much data about individuals in the crowd as possible.
Real-time digital images are shot back to the large platform UAVs and ground bases for instant analysis, entry into and comparison of this information to personal information gathered on huge databases. These supercomputers contain biometric identification, personal history, medical records, financial information not only on individual potential criminals and terrorists... but known political 'enemies' of the administration...and ordinary citizens.
This is followed by the release of millions of tiny computer chips called smart dust...or traceable polymer...or a variant of the RHID chip....landing on the heads and shoulders of individual participants. This release is an instant identification and tracking system as long as these devices or polymers remain embedded in the skin, hair and clothing of those attending this particular function.
Individual persons can be tracked to their cars, homes, jobs, friend's homes...adding a bushel full of information to their data files. At some point sensors that detect specific persons will be triggered by this 'smart material' buildings, train stations, airports and automatic searches at future 'security points'.
If this gathering of citizenry is deemed 'unruly' or is composed of enough 'anti-elements' -- in addition to or in place of local law enforcement non-lethal weaponry employed at the scene -- MAVs and small UAVs can be mustered to release incapacitants or dispersal agents (ranging from crowd dispersal tear gas to opiates and other drugs designed to confuse, disorient or temporarily incapacitate)or a variety of non-lethal 'crowd control' weaponry.
And with the human tracking system in effect, further individualized harassment and physical monitoring can be employed upon those deemed a 'burden' to the regime....
With a growing number of less expensive unmanned vehicles filling our skies in addition to the larger varieties such as the Predator and unmanned helicopters and aircraft, surveillance and crowd 'influence' and control via these devices is now a fact not a futuristic fantasy.
Tactical UAV systems, (eg., "Kentron,s Seeker"), are currently being deployed by law enforcement in South Africa for crowd monitoring and urban surveillance. The Pakistan Army's Bravo tactical UAV is currently used by for border patrol and law enforcement. KFOR uses UAVs for persistent surveillance of borders. The CL-289, Phoenix and Predator have been utilized some loaded with combat weaponry had been used in war situation on a daily basis in Afganistan and Iraq.
UK law enforcement have studied the use of small VTOL UAVs with a stills camera, daylight TV sensor and a live video downlink, for urban surveillance and crowds...
Are UAVs and aerial robotry being used in the US in domestic surveillance missions without public knowledge or complete Congressional oversight?
The office of Homeland Security in conjunction with the Department of Defense and law enforcement are utilizing UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and MAVs (micro air vehicles) to track and surveil U.S. citizens... and the super databases and new internet structure is nearing readiness to process the information provided by these devices... in addition to all other information gathering systems that are invading the private lives of U.S. citizens.
While smartdust (see article at, MAVs, flying robots and UAVs play a central role in information/intelligence gathering for war and domestic tracking/spying applications -- there lies the vast infrastructure to this undertaking awaiting our examination.
This Ultimate Matrix infrastructure consists of a massive globally integrated and directed internet and communications network formerly unknown to this planet -- linking not only the military world-wide -- but a vast array of research institutions and corporations...instant real-time processing of data for scientific research and instant government usage of this data.
A good example of the use of integrated supercomputer databasing is the photographing and fingerprinting of international travelers to the U.S. Millions of foreign visitors' profiles and personal information (including biometric information) is now being fed into this huge system -- not only for comparison to what small data gathered on potential terrorists -- but for long-term tracking. This is the first step in the process of feeding information about ALL persons -- including U.S. citizens.
The technology employed is astounding...brain-computer interfacing, virtual immersive technologies, robotic control and vision (multi-sensory devices), supercomputers intaking terrabytes of data mined to produce simulations and modelling in addition to processing information from distributed sensors...and information on every aspect of the planet...from the environment to military operations to individuals living their daily lives.
Sensors and robotry are needed for industry, space travel, environmental monitoring, bio-chem-nuke tracing, etc. The problem arises as they become more pervasive in both private and government/military monitoring, tracking and non-lethal (potentially lethal) control of individuals and groups.
A vast system now being organized to data mine information from research scientists and provide simulations and modelling over the net (the first 'publicly acceptable rung in the usage of these systems). What is of great concern is the vast global communications systems that now assist the military and homeland security in intelligence gathering and integrated communications. It is of great concern that this system can be used to unconstitutionally collect and distribute information about law-abiding citizens. Where are the Constitutional protections?
Within the rubric of "potential terroristic threat" like its "national security" predecessor, this administration has been creating and beginning installation of the Ultimate Matrix. This growing anathema threatens to ensnare the entire population of the planet in a net of surveillance, human tracking and super data gathering for an entirely different of total control.
Connected with this web of interlinking technologies, lines are being systematically blurred between what is foreign intelligence gathering and domestic... between military/defense operations and law enforcement. The aim of the military (as stated in 'vision' statements) is to utilize an army of aerial swarming robotry/MAVS/smartdust to not only perform intelligent/reconnaisance but to weaponize many with chemicals, drugs and other conventional and exotic be used not only in combat situations -- but to 'assist' law enforcement which include a whole host of applications.
Non-lethal weaponry including chemical releases from UAVs has already been tested and is likely already in use. This is in addition to the low-flying 'private' aircraft releasing toxic pesticides and other chemicals into our already severely polluted air.
Fort Huachuca Arizona is interested in hosting the Department of Homeland Security,s (DHS) planned UAV mission to improve surveillance on the Southwest Border. (see
Law enforcement is being 'encouraged' to use UAVs in all manner of activities including domestic surveillance...and deployment of non-lethal weaponry is on the front burner...
In a paper entitled "Applications for mini VTOL UAV for law enforcement" Douglas Murphy and James Cycon {Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego amd Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation} bring it clearly into view that the goal of the DOD and law enforcement is the utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles and robotry for domestic surveillance and control:
"...A new capability has been demonstrated for the U.S. military that shows great promise for aiding police agencies. This concept uses a shrouded rotor, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), unmanned air vehicles to provide mobility to sensors and other payloads. This system can either perform surveillance ... or deliver and deploy non-lethal agents...This paper...presents data on proof of concept trials that have been conducted by the Department of Defense (DOD) on a larger version of the system."
See the following for more information on the use of incapacitants and non-lethal weaponry (which can be deployed via UAVs/MAVs) for individual or crowd control
Peter Kupfer, SF Chronicle Staff Writer writes that Christopher Pister at University of California at Berkeley has developed "clouds of smart dust could one day be used in an astonishing array of applications..."
"Smart Dust" is composed of .."sophisticated sensors, tiny computers and wireless communicators...As the motes drift on the wind, they can monitor the environment for light, sound, temperature, chemical composition and a wide range of other information, and beam that data back to a base station miles away..."
Aerial robotry has reached such a degree of sophistication not only can it sense all this...but has 'eyes' and 'ears' of its own. Computer or robot vision (not only video cameras) -- provides the robot with the ability to see on its own. Developed over the last few years resulting from research of human visual systems and the visual cortex... robots are well on the way to tracking humans through a variety of environments and terrains, recognizing facial characteristics, head and hand gestures and individual gait while walking about...which can locate and identify anyone in a vast integrated government database....
Anyone who has been fingerprinted, photographed, bought or sold with credit cards, traveled (or has participated in groups seen as a political 'threat' to this regime) ....can be the subject of 'target recognition'.
And how will these programmable aerial robots, MAVs, electropolymers and smart dust now being deployed in our atmosphere being used in gathering information about individuals? With supercomputers ready to take on terabytes of data... this technology is poised to provide the information needed to control a plethora of individuals deemed 'anti-regime' thru misuse of information to harass or discredit...or to apply various drugs and chemicals at opportune times and locations thus neutralizing political challengers.
Is there any law at this time or that might be applied in the near future that would utterly prohibit the use of these aerial devices (and electronic weaponry, non-lethal incapacitants or mind control technology) by 'security forces', law enforcement, private or government intelligence agencies or private individuals or corporations for human tracking, surveillance and individual or crowd control? As the lines blur between foreign and domestic intelligence agency activities an military-combat operations and domestic law enforcement... using the 'war on terrorism' as a backdrop, Americans and people all over the world must begin asking the right questions and demanding answers for the survival of civil liberties on the planet.
How can the American public be secured in their privacy and feel free to exercise their democratic rights with this kind of technology edging into their daily lives without restraint or regulation? A Broad Line must be indelably drawn now between legitimate data gathering and military-war uses of these technologies and domestic spying and control
Information about individuals and their daily lives is already feeding into this vast new integrated super-database system -- financial,, chargecards (soon to be Smart Cards), digital location/info containing implants, smart tags on merchandise, security monitors (facial/voice/gait recognition) and now bio secured entrance devices at offices and universities.
These technologies are a burgeoning industry -- but must we allow all technology and scientific discovery to spin out of our -- the people's -- control? Are the clandestine objects (UAVs/Autonomous aerial robotry) being released over the free skies from contrails by governent/military agencies for the "public's good"?
If so, why aren't these projects and programs being openly discussed in the Congress, in the media? Are these monitoring/jamming/etc ONLY for true security or environmental concerns-- or might they be also monitoring 'we the people'?
Our civil liberties is not the only concern -- the health of the public and the environment is at stake. One can add to the potential 'fallout' from the chemicals -- the 'waste products' and various chemicals generated from the release of robotry and other 'smart' devices falling upon the citizenry and the earth.
Space, air and ground-based operations are being globally integration in a vast array of intercommunicative devices linking military communications, atmospheric and oceanic monitoring (weather, climate changes) and human tracking and monitoring. There is no longer a distinctions between what is occurring above and below 60 miles high . Satellites and other weapons platforms provide information, communication, etc. in an interaction with UAVs, ground systems and aerial swarming robotry -- these are total systems.
It is true that we need many of these sat/space systems for projects that are aimed at gaining new insights into the atmosphere, oceans, weather...and for limited military use. Satellites, radar, sensors, etc. are useful until they infringe of the right of citizens to be free in the privacy of their homes, associations and legal activities. Much of the latest technology is helpful in the study of the atmosphere and oceans, water cycles and monitoring argreements including the elimination of nuclear weapons and other dangerous and polluting technologies.
But if these devices are being used to assist or enhance robot-based weaponry that could be used against US citizens -- should there not be new legislation addressing this?
Our world is rapidly changing -- becoming increasingly totalitarian by virtue of the new technology and the avarice of a few. Yet all the global 'participants' appear to be caught up in the whirlwind of achieving technological superiority through cooperative projects. Of course, there are positive 'spin-offs' of this new technology particularly in the health and space industry...and if it is used for truly necessary security.
But the central goal of these interlocked projects is quickly becoming transparent -- as the Total Control philosophy of this administration gets played out in the control of space (military intelligence/weaponry), the manipulation weather/environment, the takeover of world resources and the ending of privacy and freedom in our individual lives.
We in America have known a freedom never realized before on this planet and cannot imagine this being taken from us. Yet the evidence is now apparent as the implementation of this Vast Matrix grips our world --the very heart of is democratic dream could be (without our awareness and opposition to the unconstitutional usage of this technology) evaporating in a cloud of supercomputer-connected sensors, robotry and smartdust...




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