That Was Then - This Is Now

Like millions of others I've been waiting for someone to stand up and call for an end to the idiocy that Homeland Security has become. Not only are we about to spend $400 billion to play bad-guy at every airport and at every border checkpoint in the country, but now we want the world to start playing our little game as well. And we're doing all of this to "stop" something that we never even investigated in the first place?

911 was a major crime. We have not chosen to demand an investigation of that crime or to hold a complete investigation into all the circumstances and actions that led to the crime. Nor have we chosen to demand a closer look at those who might have had something to gain by the commission of the crime that occurred on September 11th. The United States government has to date not held such inquiries into any of the massive irregularities that have happened on the Bushwhackers watch.

Instead, we have allowed this government to attempt to blacklist one third of the world, (Islam) without just or probable cause. As a nation, we have chosen to do this and have thereby denied the victims, both here and abroad the explanation they so richly deserve. This unconventional behavior is irrational and probably illegal. But since there was no public outcry - nothing further has been done.

To compound this major gaff we have now attacked two countries, consisting of 45 million people, without apparent reason or indeed any legal basis in fact. This too is probably a crime, and it certainly goes against all the international conventions that were established for the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, that we crafted for Nazi Germany, at the conclusion of World War II.

There are many ways to keep this nation and its citizens safe. (See our behavior and history prior to the Bushwhackers). We know from experience that the only way any nation can enjoy a relatively free and open existence is measured by the way we chose to treat others in the world. Our national and international policies have invited this disaster, yet instead of changing those policies we have chosen to declare war on the planet at large. We have shown the world through our itinerant-cowboy-dictator, that we care nothing at all for any other people or any other nations - not to mention any and all previously agreed to international laws. The USA has thus become an outlaw, a rogue nation among the community of nations. America has become the most dangerous political and military power loose in the world today. And that needs to change.

The garbage that we call "HOMELAND security" needs to be scraped and we need to stand up, not as partisan individuals, but as citizens of the world and demand a full investigation into all the events surrounding 911. Not one more cent should be spent on government paranoia, on fear, or on government generated terror. The FBI and the CIA have a miserable track record when it comes to actually doing anything about protecting this country. Their inability to prevent or detect anything is far below incompetence and should be investigated thoroughly. If these creeps had been a "security service" they would have been terminated immediately. The same is true for the top leadership in government that tolerated the events of 911, and did absolutely nothing to interrupt the multiple attacks. At the very least the entire leadership, in government, who was in charge on 911should be retired to federal prison to await an investigation into the criminal neglect of their duties. The security-code and the shadow game of "get the bad guys" both need to be deleted from the law.

There is a cancerous culture being grown at the top of this government that is anti-human, and it needs to be excised with prejudice. We need to reintroduce fiscal responsibility along with personal accountability in government. We need to reinstate these checks and balances at all levels of the US government. Until we do this it will remain clear to all who care, that the government of the US is not serious about anything except private profits made from illegal invasions and from the confiscation of the civil liberties of people everywhere.

When we strip away the farce of national security and come to see the crimes of 911 for the vile and vicious mass-murder that it was, then we must also ask why the media has still failed to demand a full investigation into the whole affair? Complicity in these cover-ups goes further than 911. The Îmedia' continues to cover-up most related crimes as well. Crimes that concern the government's abuse of ordinary people - such as the three days of siege that became a crime, when it was shrouded by a news blackout that happened during the Miami police department's attack upon the FIAA protestors.

This Îaction' was committed on the same day that Michael Jackson was "arrested," and so was never aired by major media. This appalling event made Rodney King's beating in LA look like a walk in the park. It is instances such as this one, that should put public scrutiny back on the media; and where there is proven bias; then those derelict organizations need to be charged accordingly. Answers have to be found to these questions and the results must carry consequences for all those responsible, but especially those at all the highest levels.

The Cabal under the Bushwhackers and Sharon have committed many crimes - not least among them is the looting of the US Treasury. Bush & Company banter around figures in the hundreds of billions, daily, that have absolutely no bearing on reality. In total this has taken us into the Trillions. For instance Congress authorized $387 million to begin the overhaul of security in the USA. This trickle in the millions opens the door to $400 billion plus - that will take perhaps a decade to finish. The government has 24 data bases at present that don't talk to each other, but now we're committed to gathering all the personal information we can, on every person who comes into this country - with no guarantee that this will prevent anything. At $400 billion - this is insane! One instance recently involved the cancellation of an Air France flight that supposedly had terrorists on board. The "terrorists" turned out to be a 5-year old child, a grandmother and a salesman from Wales - none of whom had anything to do with terror. By any measure this is bogus. The people who designed this farce, all the way down to regional field offices need to be fired. And the whole program needs to go to congress for a thorough re-evaluation.

This is going on while the nation is going bankrupt; while the dollar is falling fast against the Euro; while the 50 states are approaching impoverishment; and while outright beggary is being forced on millions of Americans by the ongoing colossal job losses that this government has engineered and is quietly profiting from. This is not business as usual. This is criminal and it was created by the Bushwhackers to satisfy the arrogant greed of their supporters and for their own private gain, (a direct conflict of interest in itself). In this we have allowed a dictator to seize our nation and begin to kill our spirit. And then we allowed him to point to other nations and other people to justify his actions. There is no religious, legal or civil justification for any of the things that the Bandits have attempted to do to this nation and the world. If any other nation had attempted anything remotely close to this kind of outright piracy - we would be justifiably outraged. So ask yourself why is it all right for us to do what we would never allow anyone else to even consider?

Then there are the lies told to America's service personnel when we sent them into indefensibly hostile actions that were created by Cheney and Bush and their cohorts - as cover for their private goals in transnational deceptions that were never about Înational security.' Those uniformed individuals caught up in this un-natural hell are left with no alternatives, and no way out. And the damage done to them because of their "service to the nation" in many cases is immeasurably severe.

In the time before GWB we were formerly a "free" people, at lest in name. Now we have become a nation of fear driven isolated individuals, 300 million + people, who are suffering a type of paranoia that this nation has not known before. The purpose of this exaggerated exercise is to lay the groundwork for a fascist state that plans to enslave the population here and intimidate the rest of the world by their brazen attitude and caviler manner.

Our forefather's made a lot of errors, as they went forward. and yet it has been previous generations who are the ones who've paid for our freedoms. We've been living in a bubble, on a free pass from the past. Now it's our turn to defend ourselves. It's time for all of us to stand up and get creative.

So long as we refuse to connect the dots, we will be clearly selling ourselves, and all our descendants, into a madhouse made in the dungeons of what passes for the minds of our tormentors. And no sane person can survive there for any length of time.

These creatures are out to steal the dreams of all of us, not just here but everywhere. Have we no imagination? Can we not see what will become of us, if we allow this nightmare to continue? Our rights have been stolen, our nation, and our treasure, have been hijacked by criminals - and we will never be allowed to return to that life that went before. We must force these pirates out from their positions of power, if we are to have any chance at all to live normal lives.

This "war" has no end; they've said so in print, many times. This is an unthinkable situation, tantamount to the100-years war in Europe. Do you really want to live in a giant security holding cell, where you will be observed in every act you do, every day - for the rest of your natural life? Is that "being secure" or is that being a prisoner to those same people that will, by then, have taken every facet of your life and property, for themselves? And what about your freedoms and the dreams of your children - for this too is our responsibility to the next generation, as well as to our own.

Are we so "hooked" on imperial power that we cannot see the true costs off this deviant behavior in human terms, either here or anywhere else? Project this concept into your future, because this could get worse. Is that the kind of world you want to live in - ever? The world being designed for us now, according to the Bush Doctrine: And his is a world of prisons and slavery and not one of freedom, democracy, law, or any real security.

Just as in Iraq, where yesterday it was announced that we would spend another $3 billion to create a Secret Police force to kill our adversaries. So now what we're bringing to the people of Iraq is Freedom, Democracy and the Secret Police - just like Saddam!" Hypocrisy" seems to be their guiding mantra.

Then there is the expansion of Guantanimo, in Cuba, to create torture chambers and more space for even more prisoners - why?

When is enough - enough? We have steadfastly refused to see the truth, because nothing as overt as any of this was ever part of our past. Yet, we have an opportunity now. Does it matter that everything this "administration" does has been either a deception or a set of lies? We are no longer democrats, republicans, greens, libertarians, or independents; we are one people trying to live our lives in a troubled world. We must come together around that which binds us to one another, and stop our obsessions with what might divide us.

We need decent jobs, a universal medical plan for every man, woman and child, and a strong and vibrant educational system all the way through college. We need this for all our people, not just the wealthy. We've paid for all of this ten times over and all we have to show for it is the world's biggest military, and the world's most paranoid and insecure population. We need to stand for something decent, something real and something far larger than individual greed and arrogance. We must take back our future or accept the fact that if we refuse to change our minds, then we will no longer have a "future."

Our silence has given power to the nightmare. Our voices, when raised, could put these creatures back in the cages where they need to be. If we do not speak, and do not act on our own behalf - then their new "legacy" will soon be ours: just as surely as if we had designed it for ourselves. The constitution makes this our duty, as citizens, to challenge the government. No only is this not wrong, it is our birthright as Americans to do just that! The BUSH Doctrine is a continuing crime against everything sacred in the world, and if we fail to stop the madness now, then there will be no going back! Today our "chains" are made of threats and our walls are made of paper wrapped in patriotic flags. But if we linger - tomorrow the chains will be of steel and the walls will be made of stone. And soon we'll all begin to live this nightmare as reality.




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