Are 'Chem-Busters' Actually
Or Cleaners-Uppers After A Deed Most Foul?
By George Paxinos

Wouldn't it be nice, if you were committing a crime of giant proportion against humanity and the world and its environment, if someone were to clean up the evidence behind you?
Take, for instance, chemtrailing: intellectual arguments hither-or-thither, when one reads detailed reports such as this recent one:
one must surely ask: can all these people be mistaken?
Can all the chemicals found in the trails be there for the good of humanity?
If so, why is this good not advertised as widely as possible?
Recently, there has apparently been a spate of ads, even in some in expensive newspapers, lauding the apparent "conquest" of chemtrails by a variation on Wilhelm REICH's celebrated "Cloudbuster" technology -- an array of water-grounded, open-ended hollow metal tubes sucking up Orgone energy out of clouds and so dissipating them.
The chemtrails disappear -- but -- do the chemicals contained within them disappear? -- or are we just cleaning up the evidence behind the perpetrators of a crime of massive proportion against humanity and our environment?
Friend Michael Irving, of recently sent me the following comment:
I never thought ChemBoosters (I thought I'd spell that word anew)
might be used to zoot out those doing the boosting / busting.
One of the first things I thought against ChemBoosters after they
first appeared, was that they'd be getting rid of the only visible
evidence we have available to show that Chemtrails are happening
i.e. the criss-crossed, mucky and scruffy chemtrails themselves.
So...ChemBoosters create a whirl of energy which quickly
dissipates the chemtrails soon after they come out of the plane
...... and hey/presto, there's nothing we can point to.
But we get the same amount of chemicals and biologicals. Nice.
Let us therefore examine the technology and the rationale behind the entire phenomenon of Cloudbusters:
Orthodox science laughs at the very idea -- but anyone who has read Wilhelm Reich, his two major works under the title:
Wilhelm REICH:
The Discovery of the Orgone:
Book 1: The Function of the Orgasm;
Book 2: The Cancer Biopathy,
can actually replicate his experiments themselves, given a bit of time and curiosity.
Trevor James Constable's excellent synopsis and expansion on Reich's work, see the underground classic by:
Trevor James CONSTABLE:
"The Cosmic Pulse of Life"
which explains Reich's work very clearly. He also speaks about the anti-life neuroses affecting orthodox science and why they are there, in denying a basic organic, perhaps intelligent, anabolism in universal process.
Up to you to dig into this stuff, to find the differences between so-called "expert" opinions, and the results which you can anchieve for yourselves, in the simplest of experiments.
Cloudbusters dissipate clouds, but you yourself can do it, and without any technical help, to any discreet cloud, just with your own eyes on a day with such discreet clouds as may be selected for dissipating, and the process proven to your satisfaction by taking a Polaroid picture, marking a specific cloud, and, before witnesses, making it disappear.
Again, read up about it, THEN TRY IT OUT -- but alllow some time as it is happening, for these organic processes may take a few minutes to become apparent.
Let all the "educated" armchair-theorists who tell you this is not possible argue themselves to death -- JUST DO IT.
I am preachng to the intelligent: in Greek, the EXHYPNOI --
EX = Out Of,
HYPNOS = Sleep,
-- in other words, the AWOKEN --
So I am not preaching to the brainwashed: either you are willing to find out for yourself, or you are not.
Anyone not interested in finding out for themselves, can stop right here.
And so, if you are asleep, kindly forgive the intrusion, and please sleep on.
Many experts debate the pros and cons of Chemtrailing.
I did not believe in chemtrails myself, until I really started observing them.
Then I started thinking, what are the combustion products of a hydrocarbon these days, in efficient, hot-burning jet engines with high compression ratios, leaving but miniscule amounts of unburnt carbon behind in their exhausts?
Well, CO2, CO and H2O -- carbon dixide, carbon monoxide, and water, mainly, with some additives for combustion efficiency.
These gases are colourless, except for remanent unburned carbon in negligile quantities, and they are also lighter than air.
Water vapour is also lighter than air, except when the atmosphere is cold enough for it to form ice-crystals, which are the contrails we see, the condensation-trails left by jet exhausts, which generally dissipate as the ice-crystals sublimate into water-vapour again within a half-minute to a minute, or at least within several minutes.
Good start.
I'd observe further.
Then one day I noticed something strange: airliners at what seemed quite similar altitudes were leaving very different trails:
One was the normally-dissipating contrail, the other was leaving a trail that was not the usual sooty, smudgy black of the very old jet engines with their low combustion efficiency, but of reddish-brownish aspect, much like nitric oxide, NO2, (not to be confused with N2O or nitrous oxide or laughing-gas, which is colourless).
As I watched, the brownish trails spread out, sinking lower and lower as they drifted sideways on the ambient winds, forming quasi-cirrus looking clouds, spreading in width all the time.
There was obviously not only water-vapour in those clouds, but also particulate matter which was heavier than air -- WHAT was going ON??
CHEMTRAILS -- I suddenly realised that Chemtrails WERE what was going on.
I am not entering that lunatic asylum of genteel discussion-forums where some disinformation specialist acting on behalf of the powers-that-be who see fit to poison our world and precipitating these markedly strange runs of influenzas and continual hacking coughs we hear around us these days, some carefully-trained Nurse Ratched in this Designer Cuckoo's Nest acts as chairperson in defusing forum arguments based on common-sense observation and deals out mental sedatives and placebos or else simply nitpicks the subject to death, breaking it up into so very many tiny subtopics, each of which "must be scientifically discussed", that nobody can see the forest for the trees anymore, and claiming that only "study over many years" might get to the bottom of the matter -- when the matter is pressing and urgent in that we might all be poisoned within that time, and what the Trailers so desperately need IS time -- time to fulfil their agenda -- against the possibility that people might wake up -- IN TIME!
There seem to be many persons these days apparently defusing or willfully suppressing arguments over chemtrails, offering "logical" explanations against experiential observation, and it is up to you to decide who has an axe to grind, in telling you that this is simply all your own sick imagination, fantasy, paranoia, psychosis, or whatever nice derogatory names they hang on anyone and everyone who actually goes out into thhe field and observes, who draws conclusions from their own observations, and who thinks for themselves and doesn't swallow pre-digested foods first eaten by "experts" "for your protection" and then recycled on to you:
By that definition, what they are feeding you is a four-letter word:
if that is your speed, then stick around -- your troubles WILL soon be over -- and you DESERVE whatever comes down on you -- if you do not observe, and then act on your common-sense observations, then your line of genes has elected to do away with itself -- and the New World Order is doing us all a favour by eliminating you.
That said, let us now look past the obfuscators, at what the real issues have to tell us about attempts by apparently well-intentioned people who have noticed chemtrailing, and want to do something about it:
OK -- what does the cloudbuster DO?
What the cloudbuster does, is remove orgone energy from a cloud, causing the coherence of water-droplets to loosen, and they dissipate as water-vapour, while the orgone energy, if you use your eyes to do this, can sometimes be felt as an alteration of the texture of facial skin, as it enters your body through the eyes and seems to juice up your immune system, and makes you loaded with sexual energy as well.
Again, just try it.
Now the interesting fact is, chemtrails have particulate matter up there in their cloud-formations, because the water droplets capture that particulate matter, or the particles themselves act as nuclei, around which water droplets form.
The darn nuisance for the Trailers is, simply, that their particulate additives get bound up in the contrail clouds and are not efficiently distributed!:
It is much like trying to kill vermin with an aerosol poison that is electrostatically attracted to a surface against which it discharges and that binds it up, or, if moving, carries it far away from its intended dropping area, and may even precipitate it out so that it enters the water-table, but is not immediately available to gas those vermin they want to manipulate, genetically, emotionally, or to get their blood to resonate to the clever emotion-modifying HAARP frequencies they are experimenting with, and which are apparently on the right wavelength to react resonantly with the barium and aluminium compounds, micro-fibres and dead blood-plasma now reportedly found in some chemtrails.
Fortunately for the Trailers, there IS a solution to this problem:
Take away the water-droplet component from the clouds, and down come the additives.
But how to get this done? And how to make sure it hits mainly the people we want to hit?
There is a way:
Take away the water droplet component from the cloud, and that particulate additive in the trail comes straight down -- AT YOU!
THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT A CLOUDBUSTER DOES -- once the carrier water-droplets have dissipated, it is going to dump those chemical additives as near to your 'buster, as possible.
You are not getting rid of any additives, you are simply dissipating their visible suspension medium, and precipitating the invisible -- because finely-divided -- additives out of suspension.
You might also be grounding any electrostatic potential between earth and cloud, and actually vectoring the particulate matter down at you.
The people the Trailers are targetting are mainly people with more-open minds than the masses who never look up from their daily drudge, to see their skies, clear, cloudy or simply Chemtrailed:
Fortunately, for the Trailers, it is an "IN" thing for those open-minded folks to know about oddities like Reich's Cloudbusters.
You see, open minds might question the legitimacy or conspiracy of the so-called "War On Terror" by the "New World Order" -- so they must be got rid of -- by the New World Order, which, according to most accounts of their intent, fictional or no, intend reducing the world's population by at least 80%, to a level easily carried by our environment.
So why not let those open mids not entirely conversant with their subject-matter play around with their in-thing, and do themselves a disservice, and the Trailers a service, at the same time?
Are you perhaps the rat or the roach sprayed with poison gas or insecticide, and the fact there is so much space in that warehouse, is making it difficult for its owners to achieve a deadly saturation to kill you, vermin?
Wouldn't it be nice if you could be convinced to build a device that would target each particle of poison directly at yourself?
Many people mean well, in using emerging New Age technologies to help them with their health.
Too bad though, that most never research these things deeper, to ask whether clever people with a NWO agenda and -- oddly for average New Agers, who seem to be mainly broke -- with apparently enough money to support commercial-looking advertising campaigns, might just be using people's willingness to try alternative technologies into duping you, useless-eater vermin, into targetting their toxins onto yourself?
Neither the users, nor the suppliers of new technologies, can in any way be blamed for not researching the possibilities more deeply before using them for a specific purpose, but it is well to keep an open mind and researching deeper before jumping into action.
Personally, I do believe our only chance lies in action and protest -- now -- before it is too late -- like my good friend Michael Irving, of
has been pushing for on his site for so long already, in his fight against chemtrailing: either protest -- now -- or lose your chance, forever.
Let the discussers discuss themselves to death, and let those who believe in the healthy validity of their own perceptions now act upon them -- and spread the word -- and assist too those who, so valiantly, already are.
Any herd unable to decide as individuals, but being amenable to herding, are a bunch of useless eaters in this day and age where technology is supplanting the limited manual labour necessary for the elite to survive in comfort without you.
Either wake up or sleep well -- forever.




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