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By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

Some remember the movie, "The Mark of Zorro". In mask and cape, he plundered the rich to benefit the poor. In Spanish, Zorro means the Fox.
But some savvy sorts have some misgivings of the current head of Mexico, Vicente Zorro. They assert that THIS Zorro was in nefarious dealings as head of Coca-Cola for Mexico and did their bidding as well in Central America and elsewhere South of the U.S. border.
Some whisper when referring to the Mexico boss, "Coke is Coke", meaning he is close to the dope cartel. After all, for many years, perhaps even now, Coca-Cola's secret base was from processing of large amounts of imported coca leaves, a by-product being cocaine.
Some beverage and chemist experts debate whether Coca-Cola still has, as in the past, a trace of cocaine, to give drinkers that "kick". The processor of the secret Coca-Cola base has been Stepan Chemical Company, headquartered in Northfield, suburb of Chicago, labeled by some as "The CIA/Mafia Capital of the World".
Part of Stepan's business in the past and now, has been quietly supplying cocaine to pharmaceutical firms, including Eli Lilly Co., of Indianapolis, of which Daddy Bush was a director.
Drug Law enforcement, to no avail, grumble that some of this cocaine has apparently leaked into the "underground". Meaning, that not all the cocaine sniffed by well-heeled types,such as in the monopoly press outlets, is smuggled in from South America, but rather, is made in the bad old U.S.A.
[Overseas law enforcement affirm that both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola use their facilities for secretly processing dope. See Skolnick's Coca-Cola series, part 9, as well as earlier parts.]
Severe critics of the current Zorro aver he reverses the legend, and in Mexico and elsewhere, he steals from the poor to benefit the rich. Some even go further, and declare that this Zorro is apparently close to known druglords.
A business accomplice of this Zorro, George W. Bush, was installed as the occupant and resident of the White House, by a Five-Judge majority, sitting as a military-style Junta, masquerading as the high and mighty Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. And, that some of the Unholy Five, were corrupted by Coca-Cola loot, in the litigation Bush versus Gore. So, some call Dubya, simply BUSHFRAUD.
[See Skolnick's website stories "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts", Parts 9 and 10, with attached court records.]
In and out of drug enforcement, are knowledgeable types who have the score on the Bush Crime family. Namely, that the Bushies have been in business with Colombia drug cartel kingpin Carlos Lehder.
Anxious since childhood to be in the American CIA, Chandra Levy was a woman of mystery. She somehow wiggled her way into a key position in the nerve center, the Press Office, of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. There she uncovered details about Carlos Lehder. That in Colombia when their high court considered extradicting him on U.S. charges to Florida, he arranged to shoot up the court, killing many of the high court justices.
But Carlos Lehder was a key witness when Daddy Bush, shortly after becoming President, grabbed Bush's dope business partner, Manuel Noriega, and put him on trial in Florida. Later, by having a convenient loss of memory as to Daddy Bush's role in the dope trade, Lehder had his own prison sentence reduced to 55 years, a lifetime in jail however you figure it.
Quietly working among real data, Chandra Levy latched on to a big, big secret. That somehow, Carlos Lehder DISAPPEARED from the U.S. Prison system and thus could not be a witness against his business partners, the Bushies. [Naive sorts claim that such disappearances happen ONLY by court/jail corruption in Mexico, NOT in the U.S. Ha! Ha!]
And who else disappeared? Why, also Chandra Levy herself. Was she snuffed out? [See Skolnick's website three-part series on "Chandra Levy Affair".]
Sarcastic sorts avow that Zorro and Bushfraud meet to sell-out both the commonfolk of Mexico as well as those of the United States. In simple terms, it is just two bigtime druglords doing their thing. One South of the border, the other, North.
[Historical note. The American Gestapo, the FBI, was out to destroy the rise of a "Black Messiah", Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. So they planned and helped carry out his political assassination. In their secret files, they referred to him by the Code Name, "Zorro". Unlike faker Vicente Fox, Dr. King was the real champion of the rights of the disenfranchised, of the aspirations of people of poverty and of color. Some of the murderous doings of the FBI against Dr. King were in the book "Code Name Zorro", co-authored by civil rights activist Dick Gregory.]
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