Mars - Now Has Life
And A Blue Sky

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #3 2004

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Moon and Mars - Exploration to Continue, Mars - The Veil Over the Martian Sky May Be Lifting, Mars Sky Is Really Blue and Rocks Have Green Algae, Mars - Is the Speck in the Mars Sky a UFO? Connecticut - Flying Triangle With Four Hundred Lights, Virginia - Huge Shiny Ball, Georgia - Large Dark Triangular Craft, Florida - Moon Size Silver Disk, Indiana - Three Police Officers Chase UFO, Missouri - High Speed Balls of Light, New Mexico - UFO Expands 500 Times its Size, Arizona - Two Cigars Then Six, California - Three Egg Shaped Craft, Washington - Two UFOs Leap Frog, Canada - Shuttle Shaped UFO Triangle and Lights, Netherlands - Massive Flying Triangle, and Australia - Four Dull Glowing Orange Lights.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper stated, "Yes, several days in a row we sighted groups of metallic, saucer-shaped vehicles at great altitudes over the base, and we tried to get close to them, but they were able to change direction faster than our fighters. I do believe UFOs exists and that the truly unexplained ones are from some other technologically advanced civilization. From my association with aircraft and spacecraft, I think I have a pretty good idea of what everyone on this planet has and their performance capabilities, and I'm sure some of the UFOs at least are not from anywhere on Earth."

Moon and Mars - Exploration to Continue

Reportedly President Bush will announce plans soon to send Americans to Mars and establish a permanent space station on the moon. A manned mission to Mars will be a decade from now. This will be the first trip to the moon since December 1972. Bush wants to aggressively reinvigorate the space program, which was demoralized by the space shuttle disaster last February that killed seven astronauts.

The Veil Over the Martian Sky May Be Lifting

On January 10, 2004, the Mars Rover science team unveiled some of the first true images of Mars showing a Blue Sky at a news conference at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. NASA's official fact sheet claims there is no evidence of alien life or UFOs and in the past has only released images of orange or red skies. In photo below JPL Mechanical systems engineer Chris Voorhees, left, project scientist, Joy Crispm and Matt Golombek, right, talks about mineral and chemical testing that will be done by NASA's Spirit.
(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Editor's Note: This is an historic panoramic image of the Martian surface by Spirit's cameras showing the true unaltered color of the sky ever released with a BLUE SKY, its normal true color when dust storms are not present . Could this be due to President Bush's expected announcement that the US will return to the Moon and Mars?

Mars - Sky Is Blue, Water and Green Algae

We spent millions of dollars sending the Viking Lander I to Mars in 1976. The world waited in great anticipation to see the first color images of Mars. At about 2:00 PM PDT on July 21, 1976, the first color image from the surface of another planet arrived at JPL in wonderful color. Mars showed its beautiful BLUE SKY, brown and reddish soil and rocks with patches of green. We never saw the true images because they were colored orange according to the men who worked at the Viking Image Formatting and Processing section of JPL.

Mr. Van der Woude says, "Both Ron Wichelman and I were responsible for the color quality control of the Viking Lander photographs, and Dr. Tomas Mutch, the Viking Imaging Team Leader told us he got a call from the NASA Administrator asking that we destroy the Mars blue sky negative created from the digital data." The images were then falsely reddened to make it appear there was no life, no green algae or lichen on the planet. See "Mars the Living Planet" by Barry Digregorio, Dr. Gilbert Levin and Dr. Pat Straat. Page 142.

The book explains how the tests for existence of life on Mars were rigged to deny life. Dr. Gilbert V. Levin who was in charge of the Viking Lander experiments revealed that when the Mars soil was examined by on board instruments in a miniature laboratory there was a startling positive response indicating life. The tests showed the evidence for life everyone had agreed on prior to the mission. Dr. Levin strongly believes they found life on Mars in 1976, but NASA insisted the instrumentation must be faulty. The official NASA answer was to deny the existence of alien life despite strong scientific evidence because of the claimed absence of water. Yet many scientists knew the images also showed evidence of water. Until recently the discovery of water on Mars, which includes waterspouts and geysers was hidden. When I worked at Langley AFB, NASA personnel claimed space structures, and UFOs were regularly air brushed out of space photos. Many images of Mars still appear to be doctored. See BUFO Paranormal Radio at

Scientists are speculating that the Spirit rover has already found evidence that water once flowed at its landing site in the Gusev Crater. One of its cameras may have detected small amounts of a mineral in the soil that suggests water was once present. Mars scientist Phil Christensen says the presence of the mineral - carbonate - suggests some rock formed in water. If the soil that contains carbonate is coarse, like water sediments, he adds, then it could be proof that the crater is an ancient lake bed. As we zoom down to the foot of the Lander we see one of the freshest rocks on the site; it's only a few tens of centimeters across, a relatively small rock, but it has some pits in it.

Thanks to Goro Adachi.

Mars - Is the Speck in Mars Sky a UFO?

Dan Bright writes, "I've enlarged the relevant portions of the image in the Martian sky shown on the Lander photo by 1000% using bi-cubic, 'genuine fractals' algorithm') The object that appears to be flying looks very strange but, it may be something explainable.
Thanks to Dan Bright

Martians Deny UFOs In Their Sky

As posted to the Austin Astronomical Society email list ... Gusev Crater (MPI) - A spokesman for Mars Air Force denounced as false rumors that an alien space craft crashed in the desert, outside of Ares Vallis on Saturday. Appearing at a press conference today, General Rgrmrmy The Lesser stated that "The object was, in fact, a harmless high-altitude weather balloon, not an alien spacecraft". The story broke late Saturday night when a major stationed at nearby Ares Vallis Air Force Base contacted the Gusev Crater Daily Record with a story about a strange, balloon-shaped object which allegedly came down in the nearby desert, "bouncing" several times before coming to a stop." snip--

Connecticut - Flying Triangle With Four Hundred Lights

GUILFORD - On January 6, 2004, at about 8:40 PM, the eye- witness was told to look outside by his little sister who was observing something in the air. She went to the door and saw something rising straight up in the shape of a flying triangle with 400 lights. The witness states, "After a few minutes, it stopped and the blinking lights were not visible and it flew right over my house." The lights were on the bottom of the UFO, so I believe the UFO was rising with the nose in the air. We watched it until it headed northwest and out of sight. My dogs were freaking out the whole time the UFO was near. The UFO rose straight up in the air, nose up, then stopped, straightened so the nose was pointing at us and then flew away. Peter Davenport the Director of NUFORC spoke with this witness, and she sounded quite sincere and credible.

Virginia - Huge Shiny Ball

CHESAPEAKE -- Huge shiny ball in the skies from December 28, 2003, to present. It appears around 5:45 p.m. and usually disappears around 7:45 PM. Before it appears there are at least four military jets way up in the sky. They look like small dots with long streams of smoke streaks. The object expands, gets smaller and changes colors from star bright to red to blue. It slowly moves from east to west, then appears to set low within the earth's atmosphere. On camcorder tape it appears to bounce and have four black spots on it. star or planet? I don't think so. <>

Editor's Note: Venus with a magnitude of -4.0 is low in the SW during twilight and sets in the WSW about 7 PM on January 1 and after 8 PM by the end of the month. It is a dazzling sight.

Georgia - Large Dark Triangular Craft.
DULUTH - The witness is a 57 year-old female employed by an internationally famous Atlanta area university. On January 4, 2004, at about 7:30 PM, the witness was driving home as she noticed a set of bright lights overhead beginning to glide past and noticed that the lights were attached to the bottom of a large dark triangular craft. She felt the actual size was 101 to 300 feet. Her first impression was a large "stealth type" craft flying very low at treetop level, with no sound noticed.

She had no trouble observing a "suction cup" like configuration around the steady white lights, one in the middle and also one on each corner, totaling four in the clear sky. At that point, it was traveling parallel to her and a little bit ahead. She sped up, but it appeared to be going a bit faster than her vehicle. The craft then began to ascend, it banked slightly to the left, and departed the scene. She attempted to get out her cell phone in order to call her friend to run outside and look skyward, but the phone was dropped onto the floorboard. She noticed two neighbors outside at the end of the street and intends on speaking with them ASAP. Witness is from a "scientific" family, her father being involved in atomic research during the WW II era. Within a few minutes, the witness arrived home and called the local police, Atlanta's Channel 11 (NBC) and Atlanta's Fernbank Science Center..all to no avail. This witness has agreed to a sit-down with SSD/FI David Brown of Norcross. Thanks to Tom Sheets Director MUFONGA
MUFONGA's Mark Kravitz of Marietta received confirmation that he successfully completed his examination for certified Field Investigator status. Congratulations Mark!

Florida - Silver Disk the Size of the Moon

FT. MYERS - The object appeared almost the size of the full moon as it flew over on January 4, 2004, at 2:30 PM. The witnesses had a very clear and razor sharp view of a very thin disk. The "bottom" surface appeared shaded, and upper surface was highly reflective and showed a wide low bulge nearly filling the diameter. It was definitely a disk, and definitely nearly flat on it's "upper" and "lower" surfaces. It behaved like a balloon, drifting and turning, climbing and dipping, bobbing weightlessly, in a more or less easterly direction. It did not appear to be under "control" or "doing" anything. It was big and definitely "hardware," and not a cloud. Nearby airfields are: Paige Field, and SW Florida International Airport. This occurred in or near the landing path for some of the air traffic. The disk had a bulge on one face, and was 30 feet across, that reflected sunlight and bobbed around at 3-5000 feet. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter

Indiana - Three Police Officers Chase UFO

HUNTINGTON -- Three police officers who say a strange object drifted through the skies over this northeastern Indiana city are trying to find someone else who saw it - whatever it was. Officer Chip Olinger was warming up his car December 26, 2003, when he reported seeing a circular object in the sky and radioed officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who also saw it. All three say they watched as the object moved out of the northwest, drifted toward a church steeple, then shot straight north without a sound in an encounter that lasted less than a minute about 2:30 PM. The trio describes the object as about the size of a hot air balloon or a backyard trampoline. They said it was low enough in the sky that Olinger thought it might crash into the steeple. It stopped a few times and spinned slowly, changing shapes and at one point turned orange, possibly from reflected sunlight. "It wasn't any kind of flying machine that I can think of," Olinger told The Herald-Press. "And it's not like a `50s flying saucer. It was that big, but it didn't have a hump in the middle. No one called city, county of Indiana State Police to report it, and for a few days, they didn't say anything about it." Thanks to Huntington News

Missouri - High Speed Balls of Light

KANSAS CITY - Two witnesses saw a ball of light come over the western horizon moving at constant speed on November 15, 1960. There were no other lights and no sound, and no contrails. The object followed the curvature of the earth and once it reached the point directly overhead, it accelerated at warp speed and streaked across the sky like a meteor and disappeared. There was still no sound. One week later, driving at the same time of night at Wyandotte County Lake, I saw what appeared to be the same light passing in front of me from left to right at roughly 45 degrees above the horizon. Once again, when directly opposite me, it suddenly accelerated and disappeared at warp speed with no sound. About one week later, I was standing on the front porch of my house with my Dad, when we saw again what appeared to be the same light. It was passing fairly high traveling from the southwest to northeast at high speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter

New Mexico - UFO Expands 500 Times its Size

The January 1 sighting of the flat disc in Flowery Branch, GA, reminded me of a UFO I saw near Los Alamos, NM, Monday evening of Memorial Weekend, 1983. A friend and I were camping when we saw a round white light moving slowly on the ground in a zigzag pattern on the side of a hill, several miles to the east. We assumed it was an army tank on maneuvers, as it would go over the hill, disappear, and return to our side of the hill. After about fifteen minutes of zigzagging, it suddenly rose into the sky and hovered over the hill for about five minutes. Not really believing in UFOs at that time, I thought it was a Harrier jet as I groped for a "logical explanation."

As the white light hovered over the hill, it suddenly expanded so fast, (like a controlled explosion) to about 500 times its original size. It floated obliquely to the south and much nearer to us. My friend and I felt like targets and were terrified. We jumped into our rental car but the car wouldn't start, it was completely dead. Strangely reasoning that "they" wanted the car, we got back out.

The object stopped at 2,500 feet up and about 2000 feet from us. It was shaped like a huge disk with a flat side facing us. I heard a quiet, pulsating, high-pitched hum that almost made my ears hurt. I felt the hair on my head and arms rise, as if static electricity was strong. At arm's length the object would have been a yard in diameter. It began to slowly flip over, backwards. As it flipped over, the thin edge of the disk was completely transparent -- we could see stars through it. As it flipped over to its other side, it was opaque again and was bright red like a huge neon sign.

It paused for a second and seemed to "take a deep breath," then it suddenly zoomed off to the size of a little star and "got lost" among the other stars. Our car started fine after that. It forced me to realize that UFOs are real, and that our conventional science does not have the proper tools or paradigms to study this phenomenon. By Patricia Hoyt, Florida, <>

Arizona - Two Cigars Then Six
SELIGMAN - Three friends were driving back from Las Vegas, on January 5, 2004, when the driver of commented on "the really bright stars" that had appeared about 45 minutes before sunset. The objects seemed to be moving. Within minutes, we saw a bright light, change to a cigar shape that turned red very suddenly. It appeared to explode and I yelled and we watched intently as the first object began to fall, while the second white object, turned a bright red and hovered over the mountain range adjacent to interstate 40 southbound. The object started to do several other bizarre things, like break out into a lateral acceleration that must have covered 50 miles within seconds, stop, turn colors, lift into the sky and return to it's low altitude, go in reverse immediately with rapid speed, then rocket off again.

After reaching the near-end of the mountain range, the view improved and it joined five or six more just like it, but each one was a varying intensity of red light. All of these objects demonstrated their agility and handling just as the first. One by one, the objects were either disappearing behind trees or hills or literally vanishing into thin air. We saw several other objects that were clearly airplanes and helicopters during the rest of our drive that evening, but absolutely nothing like the red lights on the mountains. We attempted to take photographs of these objects Peter Davenport spoke with this witness, and he sounded sincere, and quite credible. <>UFOcenter
California - Three Egg Shaped Craft

HAYWARD - The witnesses were driving southbound on Mission Boulevard on January 4, 2004, at 10:40 PM, and saw an object in the sky about 100 feet above the street. The object was white and egg shaped and light reflected off it, but it was not a flashy or metallic type of reflection. It was about five feet in diameter at it's thinnest point and moved north just over us as we drove southbound. Then, I saw two more objects, about 3/4 that size. I decided to stop and pull over to look and grab my camera. They were, also, egg shaped but gray, non-metallic. The white egg shape then changed shape slightly into a smoothened diamond like shape about 200 feet above me. The two gray craft stopped in mid-air and the white craft joined them briefly in a delta formation over our heads. The white craft then again sped off towards the north and the two gray craft quickly went straight up and disappeared. The white craft followed us south as we drove off and then sped off. I took several pictures. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter

Washington - Two UFOs Leap Frog

OLYMPIA - A couple were out for a walk in the snow on January 3, 2004, at 11:05 PM, when she stopped to look at the moon, which had appeared from behind the clouds. She suddenly pointed out two brightly lit points of light in the sky, heading in a S-SW direction. She asked if they were birds, and my immediate reaction was "Hell No!" The two separate lights caught up to each other, in a leapfrog fashion, each crossing and catching up to the first. Both UFOs were evenly lit. I have extensive experience in video and in visually tracking satellites. There was no perceivable sound. Both points of light disappeared into a cloudbank and we saw nothing more after that.

My girlfriend was freaked out, as the two objects converged on each other and diverged at a fairly high rate of speed, and remained consistently lit. I have never seen conventional aircraft perform in the manner of these unidentified objects. We went out again tonight, and were able to easily identify any aircraft in the air, including a helicopter returning to Ft Lewis. Nothing looked or behaved like the objects seen the night before. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter

Canada - Shuttle Shaped UFO Triangle

WEST DUBLIN, N.S. -- The object was heading northwest, up the LaHave River toward Bridgewater, on December 17, 2003, at 11:30 AM. The object witnessed by two 40 year old males was described as shuttle shaped, but flying upside down with something, perhaps a rudder, pointing downward. The object was triangular shaped and reflecting sunlight. It was observed for ten minutes, moving quite slowly and across the wind [easterly] and estimated at 7,500 feet and crossed over the witnesses. It was the size of a dime at arms length. No sound. Thanks to Sheldon MacLeod-radio announcer CKBW, Bridgewater.

HONEY MOON BAY (Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island) - On January 4, 2004, about 5:45 PM, the witness saw bright white lights flying low over the tree tops on the mountain behind his residence. There are no roads of any kind up on the mountain. There is a large canyon which cuts through the mountain side where some of these lights were being observed. A pilot would have been crazy to fly an aircraft so low in hazardous conditions. The lights were moving slowly and vanished when he went to grab his binoculars. The light traveled north down the mountain towards his direction. As it drew closer to the lower part of the mountain it turned to the west and quickly disappeared. Similar bright lights were seen on January 1, 2004. and two years earlier. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director<>
HBCC UFO Research <>

Netherlands - Massive Flying Triangle
ALMELO, Overijssel -- A 47-year old witness was walking a dog outside on Sunday, January 11, 2004, around 8:15 PM, when he saw a huge massive triangle-shaped object. At the moment of the sighting the sky was very clear and the stars were very clearly visible. The huge triangle with red lights on each of the three corners. The witness states, "In the middle of the object there were five lights in a small triangle, there were three indigo blue-colored lights in the middle, and two red lights on each side. The wind blew suddenly very hard from another direction possibly caused by the craft. There were no engine sounds.
The craft moved slowly from the east to the west with two bright white sphere lights on top." The object was very big, much bigger than a jet and was 250 meters distant and a height of also 250 meters. It was moving slowly at a constant speed of 30 km/h as it passed overhead the witness. When the object had passed the witness, he noticed that above the object it had a hilly shape and on top of that 2 sphere-shaped bright lights. The sighting caused some psychological side effects: "I came home nervously and stayed in that condition for a couple of hours. I had a strange, restless feeling. During the sighting I was for a moment frightened, a kind of panic almost," He also reported the sighting to the Air Force Base Twente, but they said they don't do anything with the report. However, even though it was Sunday, a half hour later he could hear fighter jets fly over! Thanks to:
Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza - UFOPortal Editor UFOPlaza Nieuwsbrief site: mail: :

Drawing made by witness.

Australia - Four Dull Glowing Orange Lights

ADELAIDE - Two witnesses observed on January 4, 2004, 12:30 AM, on the Main North Road near Parafield Airport four dull glowing orange lights hovering over the area. Mark age 23, and his wife Elizabeth stopped the car and got out for a better look. At first the objects were hovering in the shape of the Southern Cross. After maneuvering backwards and forwards for a while they formed a line, one after the other. During this time they flashed a little and moved off into the distance. One faded out and then they all faded. This is interesting because Adelaide does have a curfew on take-offs and landings (11.00pm at night). Conclusion: Garbage bags or balloons cannot go back and forth! Thanks to Debbie Payne AURA - AUFORN and Diane Harrison -Australian Skywatch Director

International UFO Congress Feb. 8-14, 2004

We are rapidly approaching our 13th Annual Winter Convention on Feb 8 to 14th. Our steady growth over the years prompted our move last year to a larger facility at the Flamingo Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The Flamingo has a new 20,000 square foot convention center, which will easily seat 1200+ attendees on the banks of the Colorado River! The event is one week long, and will host 25 speakers from around the world. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable conferences in the world!

Speakers include: George Filer, Jim Marrs, Matthew Hurley, Joe McMoneagle, Wynn Free, David Wilcock, Riley Martin, Adrian Dvir, Russell Callaghan (U.K.) Rich Dolan, Haktan Akdogan (Turkey), Ed & Kris Sherwood, James Mccanney, A.J. Gevaerd (Brazil), Claude Swanson, Stan Gordon, Budd Hopkins, Carol Rainey, Lisette Larkins, Daniel Sheehan, Leah Haley, Santiago Yturria Garza (Mexico), Michael Horn, Mary Rodwell (Australia), and Wendelle Stevens.

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