Some Dare Call It Treason
Average Illegal Costs US $55,000 A Year

By Liz Michael

President George W. Bush along with Senator John McCain, want to give some eight to ten million illegal aliens, most of them from Mexico, legal status. Theoretically, the plan would legalize these aliens as "temporary workers," which would allow them to work freely in the United States without fear of deportation.
I hear some hard-line conservatives call this proposal treason. I hear very little from the mainstream Democrats, but some people in Labor and on the Left have pegged this correctly for what it is. My opinion: this is a proposal which has something bad for everyone. And in the end, it will cause a violent revolution in two countries.
Something for everyone
First of all, the plan alleges it is designed to thwart illegal immigration. But in truth, by assessing no penalties, the eight to fourteen million illegal immigrants already here will be joined by tens of millions more. So forget that nonsense about this bill stopping illegal immigration. That's a lie. This bill would give would-be immigrants no reason to follow the law at all. Already, more than ten percent of Mexico's population is living illegally in the United States. If Bush's plan is actually implemented, that percentage would skyrocket. Bush's amnesty program would only be seen as a green light for millions more to invade our nation from all over the world.
What the Bush-McCain plan offers conservatives
Conservatives seem most concerned about the plan "rewarding lawbreakers". Indeed, the effect of the plan is actually to encourage and reward the breaking of the law. And if this law is broken, will this not inspire the whole of the nation to break other laws with impunity? And what manner of country will this become when that happens, if it hasn't already? Where are we on this now? Well, 33 percent of our prison population is now comprised of non-citizens. This doesn't mean everyone trying to sneak in is a criminal. But it does mean our current policy tends to enable alien criminals and not penalize them or exclude them.
Also, 36 to 42 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. This shouldn't sit well with anyone, but conservatives are the most alarmed by it. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the average Mexican illegal alien costs U.S. taxpayers a whopping $55,000 each. This puts the lie to the concept that such immigration is actually "beneficial". Yes, some people who are coming ARE a net benefit. But those people are dwarfed by those who actually cost us money.
Conservatives are also concerned that this is another step in undermining the sovereignty of the United States. Part of this is the Aztlan movement, by which some Mexican-American radicals are essentially preparing to craft a new nation out of the Southwest, and though they won't openly acknowledge it, "ethnically cleanse" the region of whites, blacks and Indians. Part of this is the burgeoning movement toward regionalization, essentially making one North American country out of Canada, Mexico and the United States.
And every child born of a guest worker would, under our 14th Amendment, becomes an American citizen, automatically entitled to all the benefits of citizenship. This also concerns some conservatives.
What the Bush-McCain plan offers liberals
If you love social programs like Social Security, Medicare, education funding, environmental preservation, etc, and if you are a proponent of universal health care, what does the Bush-McCain plan do for your programs? Well, if the Bush-McCain amnesty plan happens, kiss it all goodbye.
The financial drain on American taxpayers which will occur if more aliens are allowed unfettered access to the United States is incalculable. Taxpayers will be paying for their food, health care, Social Security benefits, and education, plus all of the above for their dependents, from now on. Not to mention, the cost of law enforcement and loss of property due to the criminal conduct of a portion of the alien population. What will this do to your social programs? It will collapse them. The benefits of Americans in these programs, and their access to them, will all be cut.
Oh, and when I say taxpayers, I mean, those who will still have jobs. Corporations will look to hire the former illegal aliens wherever they can. As a result, American unemployment costs will skyrocket and so will welfare costs. The truth is, this plan is designed to specifically ELIMINATE as taxpayers the very people who are needed to fund all these social programs.
I know, I know. You'll respond: well, we can always raise taxes on the rich. Get real. First of all, even if all the income of the rich were confiscated, it wouldn't fund the government for any longer than three weeks. But even if it could: how are you going to do it when Bush and the Republicans control all three houses by wide margins? Which is exactly what all this is designed to do by appeasing the Latino vote.
But wait: there's more! I haven't forgotten about you environmentalists. Guess what the extra population coming in is going to do for the environment? Totally destroy it. More resources will be used. More of everything you hate will have to happen to accommodate these tens of millions of people. They will have to locate somewhere. If they locate in cities, they will displace Americans who will then have to move to the open spaces. Or they will move to the open spaces themselves. Do you know what kind of havoc illegal aliens can wreak on the environment? Well, check out the southern border wilderness areas in California and Arizona. Ask the Tohono O'odham Nation.
In any event, these new people will use more oil, requiring the tapping of ANWR, more paper and more homes, requiring the felling of more trees, more water, requiring more diversion of the natural courses of rivers. They will deposit more waste in your bays, more sewage in your rivers, and more trash in more landfills. The companies that hire them will expand the level of their pollution: why? Because they can, having Republican majorities everywhere. The savings in labor costs means that such companies, instead of being forced out of business, will flourish at the expense of the environment.
What the Bush-McCain plan offers organized labor
First of all, let's acknowledge the 18 million Americans who cannot find a job. The truth is, there are not very many jobs around that Americans will not do. So illegal aliens who are coming here to work do so at the peril of American workers.
What the plan offers labor is very simple: the opportunity for major corporations to bust every single one of your unions. It'll go something like this. A company will advertise a job, and in three months declare that no American "wanted it". Thus, an immigrant will be offered it. Now does that really sound so bad?
Well, if it doesn't, you forgot something. What if the reason that job went unfilled with no American willing to do it was that it didn't offer a living wage? Is that really legal under the Bush-McCain plan? You betcha.
And this will hit all the minority communities the hardest. The first jobs to be hatcheted under these plans are jobs mostly held now by black, Indian, and Hispanic Americans. This is not an unintended consequence, folks. This is by design.
And it will happen to jobs ALL OVER AMERICA. The Bush-McCain plan is the ultimate union-busting, racial oppression tactic. Which brings me to the next subject...
What the Bush-McCain plan offers immigrant workers
In a word, slavery. Yes, slavery. Every illegal immigrant worker currently has a Sword of Damocles over their head: accept our slave wages and slave conditions, don't complain, or you'll be deported, maybe even arrested and sent to detention for two years. The new guest worker plan not only allows such things to continue, it LEGALIZES the practice. Abusive practices which often include sexual harassment and forced prostitution. The plan doesn't offer these immigrant workers a path to citizenship, which is exactly the condition Negro slaves found themselves in in many states in the 1800's, perpetual non-citizen workers.
Are you listening, MEChA? MALDEF? Are you going to allow a practice which abuses Mexican nationals, your brothers and sisters, in this way?
What the Bush-McCain plan offers legal immigrants
Bush's amnesty plan is also a serious slap in the face to those would-be immigrants who are trying to migrate to America legally. And to the many many legal immigrants now here. And to every single naturalized citizen of the U.S. who did it all according to the rules.
There are thousands of decent, hard working people from around the world who are seeking entrance into the United States. Some of these are seeking political asylum. Some are fleeing persecution. Whatever their reasons, they are following the rules and obeying the laws. Now, they must wait and watch as President Bush pushes lawbreakers to the front of the line. Bush and McCain have flipped the middle finger at you, Mr. and Ms. Legal Immigrant.
Something for Osama bin Laden, too?
As if everything else the Bush-McCain immigration plan would do does not constitute an act of war against the American people, here is the kicker. As of now, it is made to seem that every precaution in the world has been taken to prevent another 9-11. We have gone on military excursions into Iraq and Afghanistan allegedly to root out "terrorists". Yet at the height of all of this "Orange Alert" and security mania, oppressing damned near every single American in the name of keeping them safe, absolutely no concern has been shown to the southern border of the United States.
That's right. Not one troop. One soldier. One national guardsman. Not one has been stationed on our southern border to secure it. And mixed in with the millions and millions of Mexican immigrants looking for work, and occasionally for crime, are agents of Al Qaeda also being smuggled in in order to wreak the next havoc upon America. How do we know? For one, Al Qaeda themselves have said they are doing it and are going to do it. For two, instances of notepads with Arabic writings have been discovered in the Arizona desert.
Are ya "feelin'" me, people? Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? This is a far more serious matter than just replacing George Bush with Howard Dean, Dick Gephardt, Wes Clark, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, or whomever, and a far more serious matter than replacing John McCain with Liz Michael. This is not about matters for which members of Congress and the President should be defeated at the polls. This is about matters over which they should be hung, under the treason clause of the constitution.
Yes, treason. If Al Qaeda is an enemy of this nation, then the Bush administration is giving aid and comfort to that enemy by exposing our southern flank to attack on purpose, and dissuading law enforcement and private militias from patrolling that area and arresting violators. If the "War On Terror" is a real war, then those who perpetuate this open and unguarded flank willfully are real traitors, and they should suffer the penalty reserved for real traitors.
Who is funding illegal immigration?
Think about this. Coyotes, immigrant smugglers, can make anywhere from $500 to $2000 a head and more, for smuggling the poorest of Mexican immigrants, who barely have a peso to their family's name, across the southern border.
How do you square that?
I mean, seriously, these people, who are absolutely economically devastated in their home country, are supposedly paying coyotes thousands of dollars to get into the United States.
Bull puckey.
Coyotes are being financed. By outside sources. And these people, many unfamiliar with how to traverse the Sonoran Desert, are being directly encouraged to come, by SOMEBODY. We may never know for sure, but here are my list of prime candidates:
1. Drug trafficking. Many illegal immigrants are directly used in the trafficking of illegal drugs into the country.
2. Corporate sponsorship. Proving this may be difficult. But it is the logical conclusion. Who benefits from having these people come into the country? Who would therefore be motivated to pay these people? The corporations who are going to exploit them when they get here.
3. The Mexican government. This is not a stretch at all. Vicente "The Sly Fox" is at wit's end trying to figure out a way to unload his very vast domestic problem of too many citizens and too few economic opportunities on the United States.
4. Terrorists. Think about it. What better way to provide safe passage into the United States for your agents than to make sure the path across the desert is overflowing with aliens. What better cover, and what better diversion? What better way to test the routes, than to test them with innocent and desperate Mexican citizens first, before sending your guys in under their cover.
Who benefits?
Well, gee, if so many people are going to be devastated by the Bush-McCain immigration plan, who is it going to benefit? I mean, it HAS to benefit SOMEBODY? Right?
Big Business. Corporations. This is who it benefits. And it is the only people it really DOES benefit, outside of Osama bin Laden. But only in the short term.
Yes, this is a lever for union-busting and cost-saving. And yes, corporations will make profits and maybe even the stock markets will rise through it. However, long term, this is going to destroy the American middle class. It is going to evaporate the ability of common people to buy American products. And history teaches us that when violent revolutions happen, it is when the middle class is unhappy.
And we're not just talking about America here. It's been these very same alleged "free trade policies" like NAFTA that have devastated family businesses in Mexico and forced people to consider these dangerous trips to the United States for survival. When the people of America revolt, the people of Mexico will be right behind.
The Republicans may indeed pass this, through flattering the very communities they intend to devastate when the plan is fully exercised in full force. And they may indeed win an unbreakable stranglehold on the American government, secured by black box voting and McCain's campaign reform that silences incumbent's opposition. However, as John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." In the end, all Congress may find they have gained is a nice hemp necktie, and the common saying of the land about politicians may become "GOT ROPE?".
And I'm sure the good honest decent people of Mexico will follow by also putting their ruling class in their proper place, namely, the gallows. __________
Liz Michael has formed a committee to run for the U. S. Senate from Arizona in 2004, and encourages donations and offers of assistance.
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