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By Sherman Skolnick

McDonald's Hamburgers, a worldwide chain as a purveyor of Coca-Cola, is caught up supposedly in an embezzlement racket. The Bush Justice Department has focussed on an employee of McDonald's long-time marketing adjunct, Simon Marketing, their Chief of Security. The FBI says it involves rigging and siphoning off a purported 13 million dollars from McDonald's prize contests.
Sources in narcotics law enforcement and the field of Federal criminal prosecution contend, however, the true nature of the scandal is being covered up by the George W. Bush Justice Department. Sneering at and hooting at the Bush Justice Department, they tell confidants that they call the U.S. Attorney General "John Ashcan", to signify a continuation, they say, of cover-up artist Janet "Butch" Reno.
Those ahead of the curve say that patriotic Americans must leave their cocoon of denial. Howsoever it has happened, the biggest business in the United States is the distribution of dope principally from Southwest China and Colombia. It exceeds any business you can mention. IBM and General Motors, by comparison, are childrens' lemonade stands.
A full understanding of the profound and complex details would convince any reasonable person that what appears to be only the crimes of misappropriation of game prize monies are really an epidemic of corruption that reaches up to America's highest tribunal, the U.S. Supreme Court.
Some background. The matter revolves, in part, around a Massachusetts-based games promotion firm, Cyrk, Inc., and through a complicated series of mergers and moves, to Simon Worldwide, Inc., and division, Simon Marketing. The founder of Cyrk, a Balkans-linked marine biology professor whose hobby was graphic design, picked a Slavic word for the name of the firm, meaning CIRCUS. Has it become a misleading if not evil three rings of criminality?
The business formed a partnership with Asian trading company, Li & Fung which acquired a one-third interest in the company. This deal gave Cyrk access to the trading company's manufacturing arrangements in Asia. The nature of the business had reputed links that were part of the British opium dynasty, that sought to subjugate China starting in the 19th Century. Among the reputed links to Simon Marketing are the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank which financed the opium trade starting more than 150 years ago. In recent years, in a taped interview, the manager of what was the bank's unit in Chicago clearly admitted the same to us. The bank's parent, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Corp., HSBC, was in the process of merging in 1999, with the reputed international criminal banking center, tied to the Russian mafiya and Colombia/U.S. dope cartel, Republic National Bank of New York, headed by international gold smuggling tycoon Edmond Safra. In the midst of the merger dealings, Safra was apparently murdered in his lavish villa in the smugglers' haven of Monaco. The crime against the ailing Safra was blamed, some claim falsely, on one of Safra's male nurses. [Visit our website story, "Murder In the Gold Market"].
The dope smuggling business from the Orient, starting at least in the 19th Century and continuing to this date, reportedly was and is overseen by the Inchcape Family, long-time operators in the Pacific basin and elsewhere of shiplines, banks, and other financial and transportation entities, from the Orient to America.
[For an extensive historical and current round-up of this Family's reputed criminality, with references to little-known publications and government reports, see the various editions of "Dope, Inc.", New Ben Franklin House, New York, N.Y.]
In 1997, Cyrk consummated a licensing agreement with Ty Inc., the maker of Beanie Babies. It was part of McDonald's Hamburgers marketing and advertising agenda directed at enticing young children into their fast food chain stores. Described in some press reports as secretive, Oak Brook, Illinois-based Ty Inc., is presumed to be run by its purported sole owner Ty Warner who as president and founder of Ty Inc. is an investor in Simon Worldwide, Inc. [Oak Brook is in Du Page County adjoining Cook County and Chicago. Law enforcement personnel confirm that Oak Brook is the new center for the Old West Side Chicago Mob. Frank Sinatra and a host of known criminal-types were the original stockholders reportedly of Oak Brook Development Company. Cynics crow it is a natural place, under the circumstances, for McDonald's and Ty Inc.]
With Cyrk, and Simon, and McDonald's and McDonald's advertising agency DDB Chicago, was set off a clever latter day version of the Dutch tulip craze. [See the book, "Extraordinary Popular Delusions & The Madness of Crowds" by Charles MacKay et al., paperback reprint of historical book, 1995.]
For reasons that defied intellectual logic, the Beanies Babies became an industry, with the buying and selling of them causing, for a while, astronomical prices. Particularly after Ty Inc. in a highly secretive move, shut down their website and then announced they were retiring every one of its Beanies Babies, the plush collectibles. That was December, 1999.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Customs were reportedly aware but took no enforcement action as to what some contend is the real nature of the pellet-contained bean bags, a major export item from Red China to the U.S. The Red Chinese had apparently developed a process to pelletize dope. And then later, how to undo the process as to result in the successful marketing of narcotics. Through bar-codes on the boxes the bean bags were shipped in, it was possible that agents of the drug cartel could sort out those that were harmless from those containing pelletized dope that could NOT be detected by dope-sniffing dogs.
[For more of a background on this, visit our extensive website series, "RED CHINESE SECRET POLICE IN THE UNITED STATES".]
Former DEA officials and others presently or formerly in dope law enforcement assert they would have liked to have the arrangements, through the U.S. Justice Department, to question before federal grand juries, all those involved with McDonald's in the importing of the bean bags. Of course, under the American Constitutional principles, Ty Inc., McDonald's Hamburgers, Cyrk, Inc., Simon Worldwide, Inc., and Simon Marketing are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. And it should be expected for them to vigorously deny knowledge of dope criminality.
The FBI, the Justice Department, and the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press did not bother to explain that in arresting the Chief of Security of Simon for misappropriating game prize monies, that this was not some lowly guard-shack employee. In a business like Simon, the Chief of Security is not a low-level person but a top-drawer official. That official was reportedly from Wackenhut, a huge adjunct to the American CIA. [See "Spy Magazine", 9/92, as to Wackenhut having far more people than CIA. This so-called private proprietary of the spy agency is to evade Freedom of Information requests.]
Another business caught up ostensibly in the bigger scandal of which the game prizes are a tiny part, is Yucaipa Companies. Yucaipa owns 70 per cent of Golden State foods, one of McDonald's Hamburgers largest food suppliers. Yucaipa also is an investor in Simon Worldwide, Inc.
An interesting sidelight is how Rev. Jesse Jackson apparently pressured Yucaipa to reward Jesse's mistress, Karin Stanford, by paying her as a purported "consultant", ten thousand dollars per month. {See, Chicago Sun-Times, 1/26/2001.]
Some of the illicit dealings of Simon Marketing have come out in a suit where they and Coca-Cola are named defendants. The suit, pending in Chicago's federal courts also involved a fraud upon the court by Judge Blanche Manning hearing the case. The attorneys for Simon Marketing's liability carrier, referring to themselves as "attorneys for Simon Marketing", had originally stated in Court in the lawsuit, that they did not know of Cyrk. Later, the same lawyers, exposing their false prior statements, said they DID know of Cyrk.
[To understand more about McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and DDB Chicago their advertising agency, visit the prior parts of this series.]
It should be obvious from the details of those that have overseen McDonald's Hamburgers and Coca-Cola's advertising and marketing agenda, that such entities and their top officials most likely were in a position to be aware of the criminal mess confronting McDonald's marketing adjunct, Simon Marketing.
In further parts of this series will be detailed how the McDonald's "embezzlement" scandal is really the dope rackets of the U.S./Colombia dope cartel. And visit our website story, "The Chandra Levy Affair, Part Two" as to dope king Carlos Lehder and his business partners the Bush Family. When the details are all laid out, it would be obvious the scandal reaches all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
More coming. Stay tuned.



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