Bucking The Dollar - Canada
Being Bought Out, Sold Out

By David L Gordon

So, who is Paul Martin and why is he Prime Minister? He was not elected as such. It is disturbing to note that during Martin's tenure as Finance Minister Canada experienced the highest rate of foreign takeovers in our history. We are now one of the most foreign owned industrialized nations in the world. What will be the future of Canada now that Paul Martin has been anointed Prime Minister? Don't you think it's interesting that the only national government in North America headed by an elected leader is that of Mexico?
Mel Hurtig worries that it is already too late to take our country back, and that 36% of Canadians said in a poll two years ago that they thought union with the United States was inevitable. I've always been a big fan of Hurtig. He is like Maude Barlow, and David Orchard. Heck, I think I might include Rene Levesque in this group. All are very Canadian, in as much as they were and are not American North Americans
I think many Canadians feel the same way about their country, but the greater media has them baffled, brainwashed and befuddled. What about our ongoing and accelerating integration with the United States? I wonder if there will be even further increases in foreign ownership and control for Canada in 2004. Since the inception of "Free Trade", there have been huge increases in offshore buyouts of Canadian business, mostly by American interests.
I'm concerned about the ever-increasing pressure from big business and international banks toward even greater harmonization with U.S. policies, and standards. From coast to coast we see Americanization in the form of privatization, and deregulation. We can see examples in this province with the changes at BC Hydro and BC Rail.
So, having said all this, here is my humble prediction for 2004. I believe that the USA will soon split its currency into two types: one domestic and one international. Mr. Martin will be one of the first leaders to try to convince the rest of the world to adopt the new international Yankee buck. America would be pleased because it would undermine the present switchover to the Euro. It would also give the big-time bankers what they want, a stable universal currency. It could be a fatal mistake for Canada though.
How will this new greenback be sold? We will be told that a common currency will undermine drug laundering and "terrorism". When asked Canadians seem to be in favor of a common currency, but how would we know otherwise? No politician and few in the media will tell the truth, that Canada will not be Canada without a Canadian dollar. As one economist put it, ÎIf we are talking about adopting the American dollar, I do not see how that can be called a common currency. It is the currency of another country."
Further Americanization might make our healthcare system impossible to maintain, especially if our drugs end up costing as much as they do in the States. Could it mean the end of socialized medicine within ten years? Great timing for the baby boomers! Funny enough, many of the very same people who were earlier urging us to adopt the US dollar because of the Loonie's depressed value are now saying that the strengthened Canadian dollar is a big threat to our economy.... Hunh?
Ask the Argentines about Yankee dollarization. 60% of this once prosperous nation lives in poverty because they did not control their monetary policy. It is simple really, the United States sees our natural resources and covets them, but we would be fools to give them up easily. I can hear Walter Gordon's plaintiff cries in the air above, and hope that somebody can indeed help us to keep the Queen's face on our dollar before we are assimilated by the big Borg to the south.




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