The Health Benefits Of Coconuts
& Coconut Oil


Coconuts and coconut oil contain health-promoting saturated fatty acids and derivative compounds which have powerful antimicrobial properties.
Part 1
Part 2
By Alfred Lehmberg
Our ignorance with regard to dietary fat is more dangerous and insidious than we know or are even willing to admit, Jeff. I offer "FAT FACTS" at the AlienViewGroup web site, a true (and accurate!) "Everything-you-could-EVER-need-to-know-about-Fat-in-one-place"! It's not cracked up the way you might think it was ... it's an understatement!
As it turns out? Coconut Oil (Non-hydrogenated, of course!) is a healthful *miracle food*, and we are deliberately (and unhealthily... some would say evilly!) -mislead-... with regard to its use!



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