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Canada Has Banned

From SF
These are just some of the animal products from the US that Canada has banned. I assume they have no problem letting Canadians consume 'home-grown' versions of these products. Note that included in the ban are 'rendered animal protein products... from any species including porcine or avian' and for 'all end uses including for aquaculture' (eg fish farms)... and fertilizers! My comments are in square brackets:
Ruminant Derived:
* ruminant edible meat and meat products including by-products, fat, tallow [burgers, sausages, processed meats, etc]
* animal vaccines containing ruminant-derived products [but not human vaccines?]
* ruminant derived gelatin and collagen (except if derived exclusively from ruminant hides and skins) [would this include nutritional supplements made with animal gelcaps, and other gelatin-containing products such as Jello?]
All Species Derived:
Importation of rendered animal protein products including blood meal, meat and bone meal, spray dried blood and feather meal, from any species including porcine or avian from the U.S.A. is also temporarily suspended. This applies to all end uses including for aquaculture. Any products containing such as the above are also affected by these measures, includes for instance:
* pet foods
* tallow
* fertilizers
* livestock, animal feeds containing rendered animal
* boneless beef from cattle less than thirty (30) months of age (subject to the development of appropriate administrative and legal procedures).
[Let me get this straight... boneless beef from a cow aged 30 months less one day is safe, but boneless beef from a cow aged 30 months is NOT safe??]
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Helllo, Jeff -
I don't think that we can be sure that cattle under age 30 months are safe. The government would like us to believe that prion disease is problematic when a cow reachs day 1 after 30 months of age and before that time the cow is safe and prion free.
This is simply not true. There is a good chance that a calf might have been exposed to misfolded prions when given blood meal/plasma serums to supplement protein. Another risk is animal vaccines given to young calfs.
There is also a verticle risk that most "prionologists" refuse to admit. We KNOW that mutated prions have been found in placenta and it is (in my opinion) more then theorectical risk that prion disease can transmit vertically from parent to calf.
To be accurate, one can state that prion disease might be asymptomatic prior to 30 months. This does not mean that prion disease is not incubating.
We also need to know more about the calfs, re: birthing and insemination. We know that deer have contracted prion disease, i.e. Chronic Wasting Disease which is mad cow disease of deer, by mothers eating the afterbirth. Make no mistake, prions are in the placenta and, therefore, there is a risk of transmission to calfs.
....and what about one day over 30 months, as the article points out?
Patricia Doyle
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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