Beside Condi, Who Else Had
Foreknowledge Of 911?

By Danny Goldberg
Tel Aviv, Israel

Dear Mr. Rense,
Thank you for posting our email to you regarding 'Did Condi Have Foreknowledge
Of 911 And Warn SF's Brown?'
I would like to 'confess' that 'my' email was not exclusively my idea, but the idea of our 'Rense Club Thinkers.'
We meet once a week in a restaurant on Dizengoff street in the center of Tel Aviv to digest events worldwide and compare them to your analysis on your radio show, and to the article selections on your website. So far, we did not find a better news website than yours.
Margalit, a member of our group, said that she was wondering why the Americans are so stupid, not to wonder who else outside of Condoleezza Rice had an advanced knowledge of 911?
Margalit wondered why the White House does not allow Americans to know who did the stock market manipulations just before 911, which profited the 911 perpetrators by hundreds of millions or billions of dollars?
We received a wide spectrum of email as a result of our email to you, all of them (except two) were in support of our views and just as frustrated as we are. ALL of the email we received was from Americans except a very small minority of only seventeen emails from Israel. Considering the wide popularity of your website around the world, we are puzzled why only Americans and Israelis reacted to our email?
Martial Law is just 'around the corner' in America, and our group have decided to request Americans to use their last chance to express their views freely by writing to us regarding the subject: OUTSIDE OF CONDI, WHO ELSE HAD FOREKNOWLEDGE OF 911?
Americans! do not hide under your beds! SOME OF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WAS INFORMED IN ADVANCE! Please write to us.
Outside of the reports about Condi, our group does not have any other REAL information. However, we heard many rumors regarding Jewish people who were working at the WTC and who received an early warning not to go to work on that day. We were told that Jewish organizations intend to debunk these rumors by printing all the names of the people who died at WTC to prove that the percentage of Jews who died was the same as the rest of the population. However, this backfired, when there was no action by any Jewish organization. Now, unfortunately, the rest of the world believe that most Jewish persons working at WTC received an advance warning not to go to work on that day. Actually, many of us in Israel believe it too, for the simple reason that our Zionists organizations are controlling every aspect of American life (just as in Israel), and if these rumors were not true, these Jewish organizations would have been more than happy to inform us about it.
Mr. Rense, since you allow our group to express ourselves freely, unlike our press in Israel, may we ask the simple question: Why no American ever asked Condi and Brown to take a polygraph test?
Millions or billions of dollars at the stock market profited the perpetrators of 911! and no American have the guts to stand up?
Open the window...and shout!
Americans! took the most wonderful country in the world, and turned it into something which is little different today than a Nazi camp. Did you try to fly lately? and the White House announced today that all tourists to the USA will be photographed AND fingerprinted starting in January! All that, to maintain the fictional 'war on terrorism'!
Your nation was the flame of freedom for the rest of the world, and now you are forcing us to slide into hell with you. You are too stupid to realise it, but, you WILL realise it soon, very soon. Just listen to CNN 'predicting' that the second 911 is coming! And your government EVEN said that it may be much worse than the first one.
Did you ever ask yourself if your leadership always is smart enough to tell you about endless warnings...HOW COME THEY NEVER CATCH THE PERPETRATORS? Could it be that all the websites enclosed below are correct in indicating that YOUR government is behind all this 'terrorism'?
And... are the stupid Americans still so gullible as to believe that all of America's troubles originated in just one person in a cave in Afghanistan?...a person whom just happened to be the creation of your CIA?
...and if we call you stupid, it is because we love you; it is because we want to stimulate you to wake up, get angry and act, save yourselves and save the world. Rense website readers are probably the most informed and intelligent group on the Internet, you should know that our anger is not directed at you, but it is an expression of our frustrations as Israelis..... when you 'go', we 'go', too. The Chinese are just waiting to wipe all of us from the map.
ALSO, look up in your newspaper records.
Salman Rushdie exclaimed that he had been told not to fly to
Canada or the U.S. during the month of September.
Both Rushdie and Brown have changed their minds about these
announcements. We wonder how many others were also told
to shut up about warnings?
We read many reports that Goldman Sachs warned their stockbrokers not to get on planes as far away as Tokyo. NOT only that, A vice president of Goldman Sachs chose the busy stocks day of 911 to go surfing; September is a very busy month for stockbrokers who wait until after Labour Day to get going on business after the summer holidays.
Hey-hey-hey, how about a Polygraph Test to each of these bastards?
Here is just one of the many comments we received since our email was posted on
"Dear Sir, I spoke with a retired US Marshall who told me 60% of the men in the US Intelligence services believe 9-11 was an inside job . What do you think the percentages are around the world ? just wondering? I saw your comments on ......"
AND....there is no reason to elaborate again on the many reports regarding the White House receiving a warning at noon the day before 911, regarding the Presidential plane (and blaming your president of hiding behind small school kids).
AND! Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle came very close to blaming the White House:>
Rense readers in America!
You are the VERY BEST of Americans, you have brains, YOU MUST ACT NOW.
Some of you may know much more, please write to us: WHO ELSE KNEW???
We promise to keep your identity anonymous.
Love, from Tel Aviv,
Danny Goldberg
Tel Aviv
Our group also analysed the websites below over the last few months. Most of these websites are dealing with foreknowledge of 911 and are pointing all fingers in a single one direction: THE WHITE HOUSE.
The unanimous conclusion of our group, as well as the conclusions of ALL these websites, is that the White House and the Pentagon are complicit and/or behind the 911 attack. In our opinion, the White House and the Pentagon are not the REAL culprits, they are just 'fronts' for the REAL government which is popularly called the NWO (mostly oil companies and Zionists), and which no one knows exactly who they are, unless we will put Bush & Blair on a Polygraph machine.
The British media confirmed last month that all decisions by Blair regarding 'Iraq War' have been done without him consulting his government, by orders to Blair from mysterious 'friends'.
In the USA, the 'news' media is under a total Zionist/NWO control, and there is practically NO real news reported there. Bin Laden, had nothing to do with 911. Al Qaeda (as well as other Moslem 'terrorists' organizations) in our opinion, is mostly a fictional organization created by western intelligence agencies for the purpose of creating 'War On Terrorism', leading to a one world government.
You may have noticed that practically all accusations against people of being parts of an 'al Qaeda' groups...have been dropped? In the opinions of many, ALL 'terrorism' around the world today, is done by Moslem patsies, created and controlled by western intelligence agencies. Leaders of countries such as Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and more, are forced/bribed to participate in this 'War On Terrorism' scam. We predict that the NWO will loose their 'game' when China will understand that they are next after we finish to massacre the Moslems. In the ensuing WW3, China will win, while Israel, most of the Middle East and most of the United States will be erased from the map.
We invite all of readers to read the websites below and send us their opinions:
http://w >
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