What Do We Do?
By John Kaminski

These are impossible questions, ones which I cannot answer. Perhaps one of you can.
What do we do when the very people supposed to be protecting us are actually harming us? Robbing us, poisoning us, deliberately asphyxiating us, putting things in our water that make us docile, giving us foods and medicines that make us sick, and in general preventing us from living our lives in what we believe is a normal manner.
What do we do when the society in which we live prevents us from being moral? Or from telling the truth as we see it? What do we do when our society encourages us not question statements that we know in our hearts to be lies?
What do we do when our TV and newspapers tell us lies but insist we should regard this information as truth? What do we do when the vast majority of people in our society accepts these lies as truths and ridicules us when we call these statements lies?
What do we do when we have a legitimate grievance and can't get it redressed without bribing somone? What do we do when we can't trust our courts? How are we to respond when we learn that a private company controls all of our money? Or that the government has the right to poison your baby before you take her home from the hospital?
What do we do when the leader of our country, the occupant of the most prestigious office in the world, is a pill-popping psychopath with no discernible personality whose favorite hobby is killing large numbers of people, either by signing death warrants to execute mentally defective miscreants or ordering airstrikes against innocent women and children tens of thousands of miles away?
What do we do when all those around him, including the so-called political opposition, seem to agree with everything he says and does, and otherwise act as if this demented demagogue pathologically predisposed to obliterating the whole world is actually a normal human being?
It used to be the American way dictated if you didn't like the way the government worked, you could go to the polls and vote for an opposition candidate who promised to change things. What do we do when all the candidates who are running for every office are all basically saying the same thing and endorsing all the harmful things that are being done?
What do we do when the concept of one person, one vote has been completely destroyed by computerized voting machines that no one can verify, except the companies that own them, which are themselves owned by rich white men who support the man who got the votes that no independent agency is able to authenticate?
What do we do we when can't trust the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the medicines we take to make us well? How are we to regard these efforts to criminalize vitamins and other health foods when the doctors we go to prescribe medicines that are less effective than those beneficial substances they have worked so hard to ban?
What do we do when our nation decides to go into a state of permanent war, choosing hapless countries to attack and then obliterating them, then fleeces its own citizens with devious legislation that funnels billions of dollars to companies to reconstruct what we've just destroyed for reasons we later learn were transparent lies? How are we to regard such a country, such a group of men who would do such a thing to their fellow human beings?
And how are we to regard ourselves for believing and supporting such insane and inhuman policies?
What do we do when the vast majority of American citizens refuses to even recognize that anything is out of whack?
What do we do when government employees tinker with diseases in a laboratory, and then suddenly the whole country is stricken with a new kind of flu, one that kills children in Colorado and keeps everyone coughing indefinitely all across the nation? Why is it when you look up epidemics in history, you find that most of the recent ones occurred after vaccination campaigns? Why do you feel so uneasy when they tell you to get a flu shot? Or if you're in the military, when they tell you to get an anthrax shot?
Why does the American government seem so intent on destroying the lives of its own soldiers? Why do American soldiers seem so willing to shoot innocent women and children? Iraq or Afghanistan were never threats to America. Why do our children so eagerly shoot those people down like dogs? Is that what we really taught them to do in our humble homes? Is it? Are you absolutely sure we didn't? If we didn't, why do they?
What do we do when you can't get any public officials to comment on why there are all these strange cloud markings in the sky " some call them chemtrails " and so many people are sick with respiratory problems? Or perhaps it's the soot in the air, in increased amounts these days because air quality rules have been rolled back by the President who was elected on the basis of votes we were not allowed to recount.
What do we do when they tell us we have to rearrange our lives because of the threat of "terror"? These rearrangements, at least these days, are primarily based on the precedents set by the "terror" attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in which many thousands lost their lives in New York City and Washington, D.C. These "terrorists" have "terrorized" the world ever since, causing us to go to war in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.
Who are these "terrorists?" Why has no evidence ever been presented linking them to 9/11? Why was the Afghanistan war planned before 9/11 if it was blamed on 9/11? Why was the war in Iraq blamed on weapons of mass destruction and connection to 9/11 when it was planned long before 9/11? Why didn't the government ever catch those responsible for the anthrax attacks, especially after the trail of suspicion led right back to government employees? Why didn't anybody in Congress read the legislation before voting for the initial Patriot Act?
Why has nobody protested the nullification of our Constitutional rights? Especially when the so-called "terror" threatening our security is clearly a behind-the-scenes construction of our own intelligence agencies.
What do we do when the Vice President brings all the top oilmen in the country to his office to create a new energy policy, then they all fleece the citizens of California of billions of dollars in energy overcharges, the principal energy broker presides over the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history and is not prosecuted, a well-connected actor is elected governor of California to stop efforts to recover this stolen energy money, and the Vice President continues to draw a salary from the same company that receives billions of dollars in lucrative reconstruction contracts for rebuilding Iraq, which is the country we bombed on the basis of lies that were based on the "terror" that caused 9/11, for which they refuse to provide the evidence?
When you wave your American flag today, do you realize it means you are endorsing mass murder and exploitation all over the world? Do you realize the reasons for this demonic behavior are all lies? Do you realize America creates wars to stimulate profits, and has done this consistently for more than a hundred years?
How come so many of our own military servicepeople are returning from Iraq to America with really strange diseases? How come we use radioactive ammunition when we know it has made thousands sick? How come we give soldiers shots to prevent diseases but we won't tell them what is in those shots? How come the military doesn't desert when they learn all these things, and how come parents can be proud when they bury their children who died in a war that fought for reasons we now know to have been lies? What's up with that?
What do we do when America moves all its best jobs overseas because of the cheaper labor? What are Americans supposed to do about that? Start their own businesses and keep their products here at home? Hmmm.
What do we do when we can't trust the cops? Whom do we call for help then? When we see our president committing obvious moral and legal crimes and then lying about them, whom do we call to have him arrested? What do we do when we mention this to opposition candidates and they don't answer us?
We can no longer afford to support a government that does not support its people! But what do we do?
We need to begin meeting with small groups of like-minded people who are as aghast as we are to find out how to begin processes of how to arrest and prosecute our criminal leaders. This will be very difficult.
It's not just a matter of canvassing social clubs and political parties. Both categories are largely brain dead and irrelevant, mindless flag wavers interested more in eating and drinking than in actual freedom. Nor is it productive to stage mass rallies with fractured focuses, where the main message of fading freedom is lost amid a confusing welter of conflicting passions.
No, this requires the creation of new groups, ones devoted to real education and not coopted. Pay particularly attention to the word "coopted," and maybe extend it to "infiltrated." This is a situation that applies to militias and politically oriented environmental groups. Both are now under extreme scrutiny by the feds, who are armed with draconian new laws that permit them to throw you in jail for the most trivial reasons.
But the need to be very careful should not stop you from trying to discern and organize people who are genuinely interested in the principles of freedom, in maintaining the attitudes that could make America what we always hoped it would be, and ending this criminal caricature that it has become.
At some point very soon, we all need to address our public officials, and determine if they are going to side with the people who are being oppressed or with the oppressors who are being bribed to fleece and shackle the people.
These are the questions we need to ask them:
Why are there two sets of laws in this country, one for the poor that guarantees they will continue to live in poverty, and one for the rich, which assures they can get away anything as long as they pay the right person? Why is it that our Attorney General approves of the indefinite incarceration of innocent foreigners without having to present any evidence, yet refuses to investigate charges of treason, obstruction of justice, mega grand theft and mass murder against the rich and powerful men who have seized control of what was once a free country? Who will investigate law enforcement when the law enforcers have turned criminal? Why was Dick Cheney allowed to keep secret the master plan for robbing Californians of $11 billion?
Why have all laws protecting the environment been repealed when we know the infusion of poisons into products is needlessly killing large numbers of people? Why are we deliberately fouling our air with poisonous chemtrails, and why is it no government official will say a thing about this?
Why is there a deliberate obstruction created by Ashcroft to prevent ordinary people from finding out what their government is doing to them? Why are ingredients like flouride and aspartame permitted in what we consume when everyone knows they are poisoning us?
Why are our schools turning out children who can't spell or think for themselves? And why does our government seek to take away money for those schools and give it to self-serving, thought-limiting religious schools, especially when the Constitution that used to be in force expressly prohibits such transparent favoritism?
The police state is here. Your rights have been taken away, one by one. It is now illegal to think for yourself. Just try to examine evidence showing the Germans never willingly gassed anyone during World War II. You can be thrown in jail just for trying. And knowing that, what does that tell you about the original question? Do you see anything wrong with outlawing certain thoughts? If you don't, then you probably don't have any questions about where you went to school, or what church you go to, and you also probably don't see any purpose in any of this I've just written.
Our reliance on mass media has dulled our minds, our reliance on prepackaged foods has anesthetized our senses and atrophied our bodies, and our reliance on establishment religion has shackled our spirits, and made us cogs in a mindless machine rather than the sensitive seeds in the soil we need to be to fulfill our human birthright.
We need to grow our own food, make our own clothes, live in our own houses. We need to break the backs of the bankers who control us with things we don't really need. What do we do with all this time our modern conveniences give us? We seek out more distractions to keep us separate from those we love. All these consumables we covet just make us hate ourselves more, because, deep down, we all know we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing.
What we're supposed to be doing is making a better world, making sure people are not suffering, making sure that we're not destroying the very things that keep us alive. We are not supposed to be increasingly alienating ourselves with false styles and transitory titillations that prevent us from nourishing the very things that nourish us. We are not supposed to be taking pills to make us feel better, we are supposed to be living lives that make us feel better.
The existing political structure in America is rotten to the core, fatally polluted by a private money supply that enables perverted patricians to retain their aristocratic power across the generations. Until this injustice is eliminated, and the power over money is returned to the people, nothing will be fixed, and the unjust wars will proliferate.
Instead of leading a more humane world into a new era of enlightenment, understanding and technological diversity, America is dragging the world backwards into a new Dark Ages where force of plunder is annihilating legitimate efforts toward reciprocal respect and cooperation.
Under present circumstances, there is no alternative to the mass dismissal and prosecution of the entire American government " the administration, the congress, the judiciary all must be indicted for criminal corruption. To do this, a massive campaign of recalibration needs to be undertaken. Starting at the local level, delegates to form a new government need to be chosen, preferably without political campaigns (and certainly without funded campaigns). These local delegates need to congeal at the state level, and begin the arduous task of reconstituting the federal government without political campaigns.
Once a temporary U.S. Senate is chosen by the states, new elections can be held for the House of Representatives, which then would choose a new Senate as a precondition for being able to hold a nationwide election for higher leadership positions. In the interim, a temporary administrative transition team would coordinate the operations of the federal government, once all the Cabinet-level leaders had been jailed. Who would be named to this team, and how it would be named, remain to be seen. Certainly political parties, military and religious leaders, unions, newspapers, bankers, lawyers and doctors should not be involved in this selection process. Or perhaps they all should. The one thing to be avoided is the dominance of any one segment of society over the entire government, as it is now by lawyers masquerading as professional politicians.
The only way to get a truly representative and functional government is to severely regulate the use of mass media in campaigning, enforce strict term limits for all offices, and to radically revise all laws governing banks. Usury must be abolished, and upper limits on income established, now that we are all certain unregulated capitalism is the cause of most of the world's problems.
All the budgets of the world can be balanced by the simple confiscations of most of the fortunes of the world's wealthiest people, like the Rothschild, Bush and Windsor families. Relax, patricians, you'll still be able to buy your way out of trouble. We won't take it all, just most of it. Besides, many members of these families won't need their money if they're all living at Guantanamo, which should probably be renamed Camp Bush.
No more is it a question of trying to get ahead in this society. This society is broken. It is time to forge a new world, not based on domination, exploitation and war. We must stop regarding the idea of revolution as merely an abstract concept, and realize that a functioning, purposeful revolution is the only way most of us are going to survive. Otherwise, the certainty of slavery for 90 percent of the world's population is unavoidable, and that will only perpetuate the same problems that continue to afflict us.
How we can effect these necessary changes absolutely vital to our collective survival are questions that you, dear reader, must now answer. It is essential that your share your conclusions with others, and not just keep them to yourselves.
If you don't see the need for any of these questions I've just posed, let me ask you this:
What will you do when they come for you?
John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his Internet essays. For more information, or to make a contribution to a writer who otherwise derives no income from these essays, click For other samples of his essays, click
From Muehlbauer
John Kaminskiâs essay/article -What Do We Do, goes a long way toward explaining our plight here in America; having lost the Political Game (Democracy), over to the Internationalist Bankers, the Courts over to the sold-out Politicians, the National Zionist Monopoly Medias having been gone away from US, totally out of reach of us people or The Law, since before I was born.
Mr. Kaminski is a wonderful writer, a great man of courage, someone whose writings I look for and read. It must be told though, I do suspect every writer and everything written, and, I will always be this way; never will I ever let my guard down, again. Please notice, I did write 'every writer and every thing written.' John Kaminski is a writer I trust, if I trust any or and of them at all.
Mr. Kaminski, in his writing 'What Do We Do' goes a long way showing US how bad IT has become, but, I cannot find in his writing much about what we can do; so as, to change the situation for us in America, even Americans, and so that The Truth is not lost to the greed of men who wear suits to work.
For a long time now, we have known the tactics employed by the men and women who are and have before, before the ones in place today, their fathers and their fathers' father were 'THEM.' We have had a long time to study the enemies of humanity, how they instigate wars and rumors of war, how they have taken over the financial, the political, the legal, the medical, and the education aspects of life in America, using their bought-up and Monopolized Media to pull-it-off.
The bottom line: Money makes the world go around, nothing else is quite like MONEY. Not even a desire to (earn) "Eternal Life in Heaven öwith Jesus," not even this 'hope' can compare with the chemical stimulation taking place in the brain of the person seeking for themselves and their loved ones, more money. So that the highest of placed personages within the Religious Organization's structure, the Rabbis, the Preachers, the Pope, none of these nor the Congregations can escape their love of money, their earnest desire to have more money...they - we - can never have too much money.
It was by the usurping of other peoples' money, the white majority peoples in Europe and Russians mainly, that the Powers that be, in the Western World, came to take control - and not just the not-so-friendly Banker, Politician, Judge, the FED, the IRS. Actually, THEY own just about everything, (everything) we have, even so much that they are become our Lords and Masters. So that our Laws have changed, so that our Religion has changed, so that people really are praying but for THE END,
Armageddon, to come.
Once again the joke, is on US. There will be no end, not until our Solar System is destroyed in the flaming out of the Sun. Not until nothing remains of the Earth. Between now and then our children and our children's children, will have to make do with what we leave them.
Christians, having a whole other idea about all of this 'what we leave them' kind of caring as do the Jews. Christians, are taught to endure but despise the life they are living, to seek first and always "The Kingdom Of God." Jews, they are taught they are the Gods, at least the Chosen of God. It is obvious the differences in the ways Jewish children and Gentile/Christian children are taught, taught to think; this, goes a long way toward planning a future for children. This is why US Gentiles, we are subservient to the Jews, specifically, the Zionist Bankers.
All of them and US, nearly the whole world of humanity, all of IT is obedient to the will of the one true God, the only God, The Lord God Rabbi Rothschild. We can know 'God' was not created out of NOTHING as the religious books describe. God was created by the hard work and inventiveness of human beings. The first Gods being not devils, but the inventions of men who sought not to appease the mean-side of the evil God, now understood to be The Devil, but, rather to earn the protection of the good God (for Christians, the titles of God the Father and God the Son) were chosen. Opening up an entirely differen, brand new ball-game.
Where the Gentiles are put in a vice by the Chosen of God, so much so, that white Christians will fight and die for the 'Rights' of people not Christian nor white. But for their OWN rights, for their own children, Christians are ashamed to say (even) a word, to prove their legal inheritance, to protect their own people, to ensure their children a rightful place on Earth. Nothing has ever changed, we still battle the storm, only today we are defenseless. We can no longer even, seek to appease evil and that it doesn't hurt us. Neither do we have a God that is our God - our Gods having been washed away in the tidal wave that was the establishment of the Three Organized Middle Eastern Religions.
For us, the end of the world began when The New Era we are just marking time. The invention that was the so-called 'Birth of Jesus' was the last straw, the 'idea' that broke our peoples' backs, the worthless hope that destroyed for us/US all hope.
Through it all, one thing has remained supreme in all the world of people: MONEY. Mayer Amschel Bauer took the middle eastern religions of Western men and made them his own, the birth of The House Of Rothschild seeded by the wealth of a Gentile, so that today there is but one God and one fulfillment of God's Word. The God is Rabbi Rothschild, the fulfillment is the acquiring of Wealth and Power. We seem unable to stop any of IT.
Often, I have suggested we, us gentiles, we should withdraw away from the Christian Religion. This I think is the starting point of our revival/survival. During this process we should tear up our credit cards and refuse to pay another penny toward the principle owed on them. We should stop paying The Government to destroy us. We should, level the playing field, again.
We should make sure to be at every meeting of the town and city councils. We should fly in the face of the Preachers who teach our little children lies and troublesome philosophies; lies, that put 'the mark of Cain' onto all of us who are not of the Jewish faith. We must learn, again, to trust our own people. We must reject philosophies that encourage our children to despise their life and their living; reject ideas that insist men die because of a first sin committed by one who was of our mother's gender, that the sons of men are responsible for the sins of their father. That Jews are The Chosen People of God for a just God choose no people above another.
Zionism is a modern invention created, for the most part, by a bunch of white guys who hate people of their own race/species so much that they wish for the destruction or corruption of all things 'white' in society: our history, our legacy, our hope for all the world's people, our love of the truth, etc. We must understand the workings of those who, from the footsteps of our nation's Capital, cry out for us to go to war and die for their own self-aggrandizement. The monopolized media hides from us the destruction of our children in the Public Schools, the destruction of our Culture and Laws, the murdering of our men and raping of our women all across this land we call America, and so much that it is like a scourge, an epidemic.
How can next year be any different?
There are things we can do. We can rattle the Court System and present it with our grievances, grievances that are hundreds, even thousands. We can call into the radio and television stations, make our voices heard. We can organize outside of the Federal Buildings, the Court buildings, the City Halls, all across America. We can make our voices heard and if by only another, just like us. For, if enough of us holler then they can't help but to hear...
Orlando, Florida



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