Time To Get Serious, Mr. Bush

The USDA pledged to the American public on multiple occasions that it had increased the testing of slaughtered cows for BSE from 1% to 3% per year. 35 million cattle are slaughtered annually. 3% is 1,050,000 animals. The USDA/FDA now admits it tested only '20,500' cattle last year. This constitutes a flagrant criminal felony and gross felony public endangerment. I call upon the President to immediately act by terminating the entire top level administration of both the USDA and the FDA. I further call upon the Congress to hold immediate hearings into the policies of lies, betrayal and deceit of these agencies in terms of its mad cow/BSE policies and programs which have endangered the lives of countless American citizens.
Felony criminal indictments must immediately be sought by the Congress and grand juries throughout the nation against all key current - and former - federal appointees and employees in these agencies who have had anything to do with the setting and implementing of government policy regarding the testing of beef and dairy cattle for mad cow/BSE; for their failure to adequately enforce of the ban on feeding ruminants to other ruminates; and for approving the insane policy of the continued feeding of cattle blood to beef and dairy calves, and pigs and poultry in the US.
The British government lied to its citizens about Mad Cow for years and scores of its people died hideous deaths. And more will die in the months and years to come. Yet no one...not a single government official... has been held accountable. If America is to survive, it must rediscover the term 'accountability', it must put a stop to Federal employee and government agency lying, and it must begin to hold all government officials, elected and otherwise, fully responsible for their lies, deceit, incompetence and misdeeds. Too many Americans have died from CJD already... many more are dying now. A reasonable estimate of 10% of Alzheimer's deaths are the result of Mad Cow/CJD. With up to 400,000 new 'Alzheimer's cases' annually, the sacrificing of Americans on the alter of blood money, - beef blood money - must
If America is to somehow survive as a viable Republic with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, it must act NOW to put an end to anti-human and inhuman dishonesty and corruption by what now passes for our national government and its agencies.
- Jeff Rense
From Joseph E Fasciani
BRAVO, JEFF! Please run for office ASAP so I can vote for you!
I'll forward your editorial regarding the mad cow cover-up to all my contacts, world-wide, and do as much as I can for letter-writing, etc.
Many, many thanks
From Joseph, in solidarity
From Kiersten
Thanks so much for all of your effort and hard work. My Mother was diagnosed
with Alzheimer's at age 50. She is now 52 and unable to hold a basic
conversation. I have always questioned the cause of this disease. Your
efforts may help me find the answers.
From David Brandt
Jeff - My mom passed away last year from Alzheimer's and some other problems. I have no idea whether it was really CJD. I am now a vegan, thanks to you. You scared me, but didn't lie, and I am grateful. I hope I don't have this time bomb sitting in me; even our kids could have it - not a future I want, for me or my children. You hit the nail squarely as to where the blame rests. Here's something I still don't understand. Wealthy corporations seem not to care if they destroy the planet and everything on it as long as they profit. What will they do when they have achieved their goal?



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