Stifling The Truth
By Jerry L. Gardner

Hi Jeff,
Here is an excerpt from an article on your site today, with an accompanying question below:
Saddam Should Die, Says Bush
By Rory McCarthy
The Guardian - UK
SAMARRA -- President George Bush called last night for Saddam Hussein to face the death penalty, as fresh violence across Iraq signalled that his capture has by no means stifled the anti-US insurgency. Mr Bush told ABC news: "I think he ought to receive the ultimate penalty ... for what he has done to his people." He added: "He is a torturer, a murderer, and they had rape rooms, and this is a disgusting tyrant who deserves justice, the ultimate justice."
I don't give Saddam Hussein two shakes of a cow's tail of ever reaching a trial, at least no international trial where any news of his connections with Washington might emerge. The thing I am having a very difficult time understanding is why Bush is determined to hide any and all information connected to 911 and Iraq, what does Bush have to hide? The government always creates the goat in any given foreign political affairs and when they are finished with the goat they have a Bar-B-Q with the goat as the main course. Oswald didn't even make it from one jail to the next, I have yet to figure out why the urgency to transfer Oswald from a secured jail to another "more secured" jail in the same city, him being such a high profile prisoner, this was a goat that was never meant to talk, this was an Oswald Bar-B-Q. Bush has condemned Saddam without benefit of a trial, when did we become cave men again to deny even a tyrant a trial before sentencing him to death? Also, who elected our president to be judge, jury and executioner of the world? That sounds like Texas law, or Judge Beam and the law west of the Pecos. America doesn't need Bush's style of "law." Let a world court try Saddam, then maybe we might stand a chance of getting some measure of truth out of all this, it is a certainty that we won't get anything if Washington takes charge, except possibly Hussein's corpse.
As we expected, all kinds of 'proof' and 'evidence' is beginning to come out of the woodwork months after the slaughter began in Iraq. Although thousands of men, military and civilian have combed every sand hill in Iraq trying in vain to produce even a threatening canister of WMD, they have produced absolutely nothing. Now it seems they are going back to planted written material alleging wrong doing by the Iraqis.
They've now seemed to 'connect' Osama bin laden with Hussein after all this time, when clearly NO evidence could be found linking them together from any source. Is there no depth to the gullibility of the American people? In my opinion, Mohamed Atta was too stupid to fly a plane. Anyone so stupid to leave a paper trail as broad as Atta supposedly left saying "Hey, I am the man, look no further," probably didn't have brains enough to open a cockpit door, much less control a state of the art commercial airliner like an F-16 fighter Jock. Maybe we should just cut Washington a break and go ahead and accept their contrived justifications for the Iraq invasion and occupation, else their proof of WMDs and crack suicide pilots is apt to get even sillier.
Jerry L. Gardner



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