Stan Romanek's
Mystery Equations

From Stan Romanek

From Stan Romanek
You and your webmaster have done a fine job presenting my material, looks good! I've noticed that it is getting a lot of attention. I think it might be a good idea to let everyone know I am Very Dyslexic and, unfortunately, I have been so stricken all of my life. Like it or not, I have only a 5th grade math competency level and have no idea what any of these equations or drawings mean. None. The equations everyone is viewing really did come from whoever or whatever is involved with my encounters/abductions, as crazy as that sounds. It is very frustrating for me, because I don't understand any of this stuff. I just am repeating the images they have burned into my memory. For whatever reason, I am led to believe - either by coincidence or design - that these equations are incomplete and someone out there has been given the other parts. Thanks, again, for your help.
Here are the equations. There are six altogether and they are numbered.
Stan Romanek
#1 This is the equation I was given during my first experience. It came out during the regression on July. 2002
#2 This is the real date I was given during my first experience It also came out during the regression on July 2002 something important is suppose to happen?! It still looks unfinished to me.
#3 This is the date that was decided on after talking with Dana. Not right, either, but someone pointed out that that Saddam was captured around that date?
#4 We found this equation on September 3, 2002. Upon waking, my wife noticed alarm clock was upside down. Then we both noticed there were pens, pencils and paper in and around are bed. Lying next to me was this equation in my hand writing. I have no idea how I did it in total darkness and asleep...
#5 This something we found when we woke up January 5, 2003. It was drawn on the window, again in my handwriting.
#6 I drew this down after a vivid dream I had in October 10, 2003. No idea what it means. When I did this, I did it freehand and I have no idea how I drew it so straight. I tried to duplicate it again freehand and in no way can I get it this good...Strange.
Important Response To Romanek's Equation
From The Library
IPN Communications
Upper left corner is a "Matrix" with 2 external (Seed Key)inputs.
It is used to derive the next solution set. The equation for the solution set is "Mathematically Meaningless" but ... it reflects a geometric progression "Code" for selecting a desired condition from a random "Scatter Plot" indicated by the dots with one dot circled. This
is a "Similar" code set found in the Viterbi Algorithms used in modern cryptography. On each side of the vertical dashed line we see a "Mirrored Convergence" of two sets
of parabola indicating an "Asymptopic" condition (In phase by the direction of the arrows)the left condition being a frequency base of 2 while the right is a multiple of 2 (Frequency of 4 - which indicates "Harmonic" Coupling.
Using the code set to select the desired item from the scatter plot - possibly an astral time demarcation (planet, star positions etc...), a coupling (Lenz effect) can occur a***** the date sensitive barrier represented by the vertical dashed line. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line = the circle with 2 points. This "Equivalency" reflects the curvature of Time and Space "Relative" to the distance between 2 known points (locations). The variance in baseline frequency on each side of the vertical dashed line indicates the "Asymptopic" concept of the barrier between 2 universes...Asymptopic being that "2 universes can approach but never "Converge".
Passage from one to the other is through the "Lentz like" Coupling (similar to that found in an ordinary transformer).
This could be indicating a point of "Natural" convergence between our universe and another "Similar" universe. I believe the date and location are embedded in the "Code". It may be possible for a "Knowledgeable" intelligence to "Couple through" to our Time sphere at the specified location and date ... (in this concept, "Coupling Effect" is the heart and soul of "Worm Hole" theory).
Courtesy "The Library" in care of
From William Alek
To Richard Hoagland
I love mysteries, and this one appears to be a REAL gem.
What do you make of this:
Now, what I see here is something rather intriguing. #1 seems to be referring to element 115, made popular by Bob Lazar. Perhaps this is some sort of transmutation of that element resulting in a current flow, or energy transduction process. The element is perhaps disassociating into electrons.
#4 seems quite interesting because you see the number 137 which can be found here:
137 is closely linked to Poliakov's Gravitonics, or Gravitational Electronics.
Going back to #4, I see a spacetime metric calculation which can be found in Hal Puthoff's paper:
On page 140 under Space-Time Metrics. Going back to #4, the metric equation appears to be coupling gravitons and vorticular motion, perhaps describing a motion through instellar media. #4 then correlates back into #1.
#5 is, of course, the classic gravitational inverse square law.
It is my speculation THEY, or THEM, are using Poliakov imaginary gravitational electron mass, and using it as some sort of Space Drive. Perhaps producing a spacetime curvature within the craft.
The whole KEY to this method is changing the flow of time - interesting...
From: Richard Hoagland
To: William Alek
Subject: Stan Romanek's Mystery Equations
I think "the Library's" interpretation is closer ....
These "equations" (who's 'Stan Romanek?!') clearly seem to be referring to an impending "hyperdimensional" Event!
Look at the last figure: that's a hypercube!!!
And the inset figures in it and around it, seem to refer to a particular configuration of the solar system ... when this "Event" will occur ....
Above, in his "equation 2," this is clearly another solar system configuration. Redundancy. But, it appears backwards to the one by the hypercube, below.
If this is the "date" when this "Event" is supposed to occur (which seems to involve an "interdimensional linkage" of some kind, as "the Library" suggests), then using some of the astronomical programs I have here, I MAY be able to arrive at the actual "date."
It actually looks familiar (from some of the work I was doing before I fell ill in November), like the solar system config in ... 2012!
I'll let you know what I come up with ....
From William Alek
To Richard Hoagland
Subject: Stan Romanek's Mystery Equations
A friend of mine also picked that up in regards to #6. He gave this link:
If I'm not kidding, I think that star pattern looks like one of the stars in Orion's belt (#1 & #6), perhaps related to the Giza Complex Analog in Egypt. And perhaps related to the Great Pyramid?
The key here is manipulating time to make the journey. Which appears to be the technical subject matter.
An interesting pattern in the Mystery Equations is the straight line and semi-circle as being equal. This suggests the curving of space between two points. Or, again, manipulating time. The idea here is that you don't directly manipulate space between two points, but the time it take to traverse space. You "simply" shorten the time.
#2 seems to be showing the position of the 7 planets?
#3 shows a fish in the sky, perhaps relating to constellation Pisces?
The solar system configuration in 2012? This is starting to get spooky??? I love spooky stuff...
I have no idea who Stan Romanek is? But, his scribblings are rather intriguing. I wonder who he's "connected" to?


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