Mass Slaughter Of 7-8 Million
More Germans, 1945-1950


In 1997 James Bacque published his Crimes and Mercies, which showed that more than nine million Germans (mostly civilians) died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after World War II. These deaths were not accidental, but were the result of deliberately genocidal policies instituted by Dwight Eisenhower and Henry Morgenthau. They began planning for this in 1944, before the extent of the atrocities of the death camps became known. (That more Germans did not starve to death or die of illness in the post-war years was due to the humanity of Herbert Hoover and others.) Awareness of this act of genocide has been suppressed for fifty years not only by the Allied governments but also by the German government.
James Bacque: Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans?
Here is a review of James Bacque's Crimes and Mercies
By Eric Blair -
Crimes and Mercies: A Hidden Holocaust--Revealed
Chapter VIII of the book: History and Forgetting.
The book is available from Amazon US and also from Amazon UK, where a reviewer writes:
"Bacque's book is an amazing revelation of some of the worst crimes ever committed in this century - the fact that they were covered up for so long only makes it worse. After reading this book you will ask yourself who the 'good guys' really were. The truth is that there were no good guys - only amoral manipulators and criminals - on both sides. [Well, actually, as Bacque makes clear, there were some good guys: Herbert Hoover, Mackenzie King, Norman Robertson and Victor Gollancz among others.] This is the book the establishment does not want you to read - and with good reason! It tells of deliberate allied policy to 'reduce' the German population after the war by mass starvation. Well, they succeeded, by 5.7 million to be precise - this in addition to the 1.1 million starved prisoners of war, 2.5 - 3 million murdered ethnic German refugees from Eastern Europe and tens of thousands of civilian forced labourers killed from maltreatement in France. Bacque's other excellent book - Other Losses - gives more information about this hidden Holocaust. Order this book now and forget the lies your history teacher told you - remember that history is only the version as told by the winners."
The book been translated into German as Der geplante Tod and is available from


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