The Evil Mercury
Molecule = Slow Death

Reprinted from Acres USA
November 2003 Vol. 33, No. 11

It takes over the four oxygen sites on the red blood cell. If all are taken over, death follows promptly. That, in a nutshell, is the story of mercury. All else is merely elaboration. It is possible for 37/8 of the sites to be taken over and still have life.
Mercury, whatever its source, kills the oxygen off its normally occupied sites. This is a way of saying the oxygen cannot compete with this non- radioactive toxin. There is a big connection between mercury and renal disease, which may explain why dialysis clinics are springing up like shacks in a gold field. Mercury has a stubborn cling capacity. It defies testing and gives up the sites it occupies with pig-headed reluctance. Cellulase, a plant enzyme, will pull mercury out of the body and reduce the burden greatly, but without kidney function, only redistribution takes place.
Students of the subject not affiliated with government-approved clinics claim that renal failure is caused by a mercury overload and parasites. Mercury has to be chelated out, albeit not with EDTA or IV DNPS, according to this line of thinking; or the IV push. Perhaps one capsule of DNPS orally with a challenge test describes this cautious conventional wisdom.
Whatever so-called settled science turns out to be, finding the source of mercury poisoning rates first attention. Its transport to the brain demands a reading of history " the careless growth of technology and the needless expansion of its use in plastics, building materials and medicines stand as a monument to the stupidity of man. Its use to cure syphilis is legend, and so is the danger of the cure. It has been and remains the base poison on the planet. Once mercury becomes involved, a dementia takes over. Poison becomes medicine, and medicine becomes poison.
DuPont rode to fame as a munitions maker. Modern war without mercury is not possible. Nor is Gresham,s money good without gold, and gold invites mercury in its historical extraction process. The rule of thumb among the sourdoughs was that to get one ounce of gold, it took four ounces of mercury. The curse of gold " Robert Service style " the debilitation of the miner has to do with metabolic corruption, mercury vapor being implicated.
Like the dental folly, gold is an amalgam product. Mercury releases the gold trapped in ore. Early on, alchemists tried to turn base metals into gold, the universal currency. Alexander Pope best described the high-and-mighty leaders who could afford mercury as medicine:
a.. See the blind beggar dance, the cripple sing,
b.. The sot a hero, lunatic a King.
Then as now, doctors killed their patients.
When DuPont decided everything could be made out of a test tube, it was the end of organic man. Hemp gas, hemp oil, hemp medicine were proscribed. Cannabis-based medicine became anathema. The wipeout enabled DuPont, Hearst, Getty and their lackeys to reorganize society. Marijuana became tied to parts of society deemed alien, and the lie called coal-tar derivative drugs became the Matrix slavery of modernity.
When DuPont patented biodegradable plastics in 1937 " stronger than carbon fiber " mercury was used in the process. Mercury became a constituent part of paper manufacturing, concrete products, automobile motors, and, not least, mercury came to medicines.
The symbol Hg conjures up the firm M.G. Merck " short for mercury. The new medicines do not work with nature. They short-circuit and destroy the components of the body while treating one specific thing. All are toxic packages.
The unfolding consequence has been the outlawing of holistic medicine. Cannabis, extracts, tinctures, all have been relegated to the underworld. Food, fuel, fiber, clothing, and crop pests were no longer a factor, reformulation became the new deity. But the throne of this new deity had to be made of mercury.
A new car is almost 90 percent plastic inside. Leave the windows rolled up for two or three days in hot weather, and a haze will coat the windows. That,s the chemistry of mercury escaping.
Mercury stops fungus. It stops it in well over 4,000 products. Preparation H, spermicides, vaginal lubricants, all survive in the market because they comply with the modern make-it-to-the-door test. If you make it to the door after using the product, then you haven,t been hurt.
Men who build medicines build labs. The weapons of mass destruction are afloat on the planet everywhere. One of the greatest weapons has been put in the mouths of people with the blessings of scientists and dentists who are not much more advanced in real knowledge than shamans in the Stone Age. Resultant neurological damage is evident, especially in those with too much ready access to fine hospitals, legislative chambers and imperial stations of government.
The lethal passenger rides along in the red blood cells. The body sees such cells as non-cells and destroys them.
The 1974 dumping law must have concluded that plastics were too toxic to be dumped. Therefore, the judgement was made to use the stuff as fertilizer, thereby feeding it back to people, much as fluoride is fed to people in the water supply.
Among 1.25 billion pounds of pesticides for crop rescue, all the industrial waste fertilizers, and all the heavy metal wastes lives the hapless human being. The only caveat seems to be that metaphor in Genesis about tasting the forbidden fruit. The interview on these pages, along with this codicil, should cause readers to think long and hard about their daily load.
So far the only remedy from the leaders has been to ship industry out to poverty pockets of the world.
For 160 years dentists were asked to sign a pledge never to use amalgam. When a majority vetoed the code, the new leaders formed the American Dental Association. The decision is understandable. The proponents of mercury fillings already had poisoning and were exhibiting a loss of mental acuity. Gold fever was ever triumphant.
It can be calculated that the people in power have a higher mercury load than the non-industrial worker, perhaps a high as a concrete finisher. The Pentagon drills and fills. Gulf War soldiers have an average of 12 fillings. The shots they receive often exceed two dozen.
There may be evil empires. Certainly we have weapons of mass destruction even if none are found lying around. Above all, we have mercury, some 20 million tons a year, according to best estimates.
The evil molecule = slow death.



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