'The US Food Supply Is Safe' -
One Of The Biggest Lies Of All

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Note - This lie is on a par with the outrageous contention that the blood supply
is 'safe'. The blood supply is a mega-billion dollar profit mill which uses human
beings...coming and going. The blood supply is NOT safe. - ed
I am sick and tired of being told that the US food supply is 'safe.' It is NOT.
Apparently, our 'government' cannot even trace the origin of the BSE-infected cow.
I am sure they are desperately trying to place the origin of the infected cow as OUTSIDE the US.
Well, if that is true and the cow originated outside the US in BSE endemic country, then laws were violated regarding the importation of beef from BSE infected country. More then likely, they seek to blame Canada. The cow was born before Canada had discovered infected BSE cattle.
Next, I am appalled that cows that cannot stand or walk are sent to slaughterhouse for beef. This is unacceptable, not even for animal consumption. UNACCEPTABLE!
I am sure they are also deparately trying to trace the infected beef products. Another appalling factor in this case is the fact that the USDA keeps telling us how 'safe' our food supply is. This is NOT true. We don't test every cow and we use downer cows. How safe is the supply? NOT SAFE at all.
Note - keep in mind another quaint practice: putting blood and byproducts from cattle...downer and 'regular' common garden and vegetable FERTILIZERS. And, yes, prions can be uptaken by plants
and remain IN the plants with ease. - ed
Next, we have had mad cow disease in the US since and around the time that animal mutilations began in the 1960s (see Jeff's article 'Who's Watching...'). We have been lied to about Chronic Wasting Disease and about animal, even human mutilations. Do the mutilations pertain to the discovery or search for mad cow in the US? You bet they do.
I am not buying either premise, i.e. little green men are mutilating humans and livestock as experimentation, or that mutilations do not exist. They are happening...and I think that "someone," whether it is because a company like Monsanto searching for "irregularities" in livestock genetic makeup due to recombinent synthetic hormones or growth hormones, or because of governmental search for genetic changes, never the less, animal mutilations are occuring. Interestingly, the first mutilation occured in the same area as the first Chronic Wasting Disease deer. Coincidence? I don't buy coincidence either.
Something very wrong has been ongoing and "someone" knew about for over 40 years. Animal mutilations have increased dramatically in South America and my guess is that we shall hear of BSE infected animals there.
I think that it is a disgrace that the public is put at risk, and then lied to. Once and for all, "the food supply is NOT safe.
Patricia Doyle


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