Invasive 'Sterilized'
Re-Usable Medical/Dental
Instruments As Modes
Of CJD Transmission

By Jeff Rense
c.2005 All Rights Reserved
I receive email from people who are concerned - and well they should be - about the potential risk of infection from Mad Cow BSE and CJD prions and variants thereof. In humans, Mad Cow disease is called vCJD or nvCJD...'new variant'. How prevalent is it? We don't know. Perhaps an indicator is to be found in the autopsies of a group of 67 Alzheimer's patients, 14 of which demonstrated they had actually died of vCJD...Mad Cow disease.
The following email raises several important aspects about which I have talked and written for the last several years.
"Hi Jeff -
I have read the four recent (BSE/mad cow/CJD) news articles on your site, which is my favorite. I have put the information together and have deduced the following: I read your letter from a man in Texas whose Mother died of BSE/CJD from her pills, i.e. bovine-derived vitamins. You also published an article about a study that says medications are passed into our water supply through the bodies of sick people and those meds *stay* in the water supply. That Mad Cow BSE/CJD prions are virtually indestructible is a given. Today, your site has an article about the water in a city in the UK contaminated with a bio spill containing BSE. I deduce that if the above information is correct, then we may be in for a natural biological disaster in the years to come. There is a story there, I think. Do you?"
Yes, indeed.
I first went on record 5 years ago in being the first to call for the end of ALL reusable 'sterilized' medical and dental instruments because sterility from prions cannot be guaranteed. I have also made it clear that - until proven otherwise - CJD must be considered potentially orally-transmissible via blood.
Not only do these proteins apparently range the full spectrum of body tissue and are now know to be in blood. They are likely to be in all body fluids as well.
It is wise to keep in mind that 50% of people have blood in their saliva at ALL times. Over 90% of people show blood in their saliva after teeth brushing and vigorous kissing. In fact, kissing and the sharing of *unsterilizable* (regarding BSE/CJD prions) food utensils in restaurants in particular, are gravely serious matters...and are potentially deadly behaviors because of the possible interfaces with people who are infeccted with CJD, vCJD, and nvCJD...Mad Cow.
Remember, there is an incubation period which can last years before the infected person will demonstrate physical symptoms of CJD prion disease. Since Alzheimer's Disease is ALSO a prion disease, it cannot be left out of this discussion. There is NO current test short of a brain necropsy which can accurately determine prion infection in either humans, or cattle/deer/elk/sheep and other animals.
Certainly, the water supply can potentially contain prions. One only has to recall that the British buried millions of cattle, many infected with indestructible killer prions, and that these carcasses are now breaking down...and some of their contents will eventually move into various ground water tables and aquifers and/or will run off into streams and rivers.
In the US, more and more accounts of mad deer and mad elk disease are appearing in the media. Deer hunters are being warned not to eat animals they shoot which 'show signs' of mad cow or 'chronic wasting disease' but these warnings are ridiculous in that they fail to inform hunters that deer and elk only show noticeable symptoms in the very final stages of infection. Wildlife professionals and veterinarians are extremely worried and concerned. Hunters should be scared stiff. By the way, the only viable explanation to date as to how US deer and elk became infected with BSE/mad cow is that they consumed tainted cattle feed spread out in pastures for grazing cattle. deer and elk got Mad Cow/BSE from that feed but not the US cattle eating right along side of them in the same pastures!! American cattle, according to the USDA and the beef industry, seem to be magically immune from infection. At least that is what the feds and the beef and dairy industries want us to believe.
Repeating - Fact: there are no tests for mad cow/BSE unless the brain of the animal is dissected in a laboratory by trained scientists.
Fact: most US cattle aren't allowed to live long enough to manifest symptoms of mad cow/BSE/CJD ...they are all turned into hamburgers and steaks, gelatin and scores of other human-interactive 'products' far too quickly.
See: Staggering List Of Products Made From Cattle
Nevertheless, former cattle rancher Howard Lyman ( and others of integrity, point out that every night over 10,000 cattle go to sleep in the US...and don't awaken in the morning. And no one is doing necropsies on them to find out why they died...they are usually just quickly carted off to the rendering plants and converted into everything from pet food to fertilizer for your garden. Some farmers just 'scoop, shovel and shut-up' as a means to get rid of dead and downer cattle.
No one knows for sure how many 'downer cattle' are slaughtered each year and put into the food chain. A 'downer' cow is one that has trouble walking or cannot walk. Many of these obviously could be suffering from one knows for sure because the USDA won't test them. In fact, there are slaughterhouses which ONLY handle downer cattle. Restaurants and food market chains have a choice as to whether or not to purchase meat from downer cow slaughterhouses. Many go right ahead and purchase 'downer' beef...because it is cheaper.
Furthermore, the blood from slaughterhouses containing innumerable diseases - and certainly a few prions - is commonly sprayed over all sorts of commercial feed products for calves, pigs and especially chickens. And then there is cow 'bone meal'...a primary source of added calcium to a countless products from human calcium supplements to flower and vegetable fertilizers. France has banned bone meal from being added to any animal feed.
By the way, 'they' are now putting human sewage - 'sludge' - into many home garden fertilizers as a 'natural' ingredient. That 'sludge' is loaded with everything from heavy metals, to pharmaceuticals, to viruses, antibiotics and certainly some prions. Read the ingredients on that bag of fertilizer before purchasing.
Note that wastewater 'treatment plants' pump their 'treated' human effluent into rivers, lakes, and into the oceans along both the East and West coasts where routine water sampling along beaches now consistently demonstrates live bacteria and viruses. What about the body fluids of CJD victims? In life, they go down the drain and toilet; in death, their body fluids are emptied down the drains of mortuaries when the victim is embalmed. In 1998, some morticians expressed fear and hesitation over embalming people who had died from CJD/BSE. If cremated, how high are the temperatures of crematories? Over 1,000 degrees? Answer: NO. Current mortuary guidelines for handling Alzheimer's and vCJD/CJD patients are extremely strict and cautious and many morticians
are, reportedly, refusing to embalm vCJD and Alzheimer's victims.
A visit to the dentist or dental hygienist now poses a clear and viable threat to patient health due to the re-use of invasive dental instruments...which are exposed to the blood and saliva of patient after patient after patient. Of course, all good dentists and health care professionals autoclave these instruments at around 240 F. to 'sterilize' them...which works well enough for virtually all bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, the prions which cause mad cow, CJD, vCJD, and nvCJD *cannot* be killed by anything less that 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
How about eye fluids...tears? Opticians in the UK were ordered over two years ago to stop re-using contact lenses on patients coming in for fittings because of the concern of spreading BSE/CJD. In other words, someone figured out that these proteins could be in tears.
After prions were detected in the tonsils of UK Mad Cow/CJD victims, the British conducted a lengthy examination of re-usable tonsillectomy instruments at a number of UK hospitals. The results: over 50% of these instruments shockingly showed evidence of prion contamination.
In simple terms: sterilization procedures had failed to destroy and remove prions from the instruments. The British became duly concerned and announced that a program to test extracted tonsils themselves for prion infection would commence as soon as possible. The tests were conducted - but the results were never made public.
Scientists at the University of San Francisco medical school have proven that mad cow BSE and CJD, vCJD and nvCJD are essentially the exact same creature. To repeat that earlier data: there was one test (why haven't there been more?) on the brains of a group of over 60 Alzheimer's fatalities which showed that a substantial percent of the victims examined, about 14, had actually died of CJD/Mad Cow disease. Remember also that Alzheimer's IS a prion disease.
If Mad Cow/BSE is in the meat and bones and blood of cow meat, and deer and elk, one must keep in mind that the *potential* exists for it to be in cow's milk as well. Especially in light of the current use of rBGH to drastically increase the milk output of dairy cattle...much of the increase volume of the milk is WHITE BLOOD cells...pus. (visit for full data).
It is no big surprise that testing of the milk of cattle known to have Mad Cow has *never* been done, or at least the results of such tests have released to the public. The results of a single, positive test which discovers a mad cow BSE protein in the milk of a single infected cow would pose an immediate and massive billion dollar crisis for the dairy industry.
Since cows' milk is produced via the proteins, minerals and fluids directly from the blood of the cow, it is logical to assume there is a potential risk in all dairy products. We already know that to be the case with a myriad of items now found in dairy products from artificially-induced hormones to antibiotics to pesticide and herbicide residue. So, how can anyone rule out prions? Answer: you can't. Again, as of this writing, not a single test of the milk of a Mad Cow/BSE infected animal has been done...or revealed.
The recent case of the flock of Vermont sheep who were determined to have mad cow, derived from eating cattle feed while in Europe, is a cause for great concern. Although mad cow/BSE hasn't officially been found in sheep dairy products, authorities in Vermont informed the public that is would probably be best NOT TO EAT THE CHEESE made from this infected herd. Now why do you suppose that warning was given?
At this point, in light of the British health authorities' now admitted policy of lying to and deceiving the populace there, it is clear that the same basic patterns of denial and deceit - which allowed the AIDS epidemic to burst out into the world so explosively - are being practiced in these early stages of the CJD/BSE epidemic. Words to the wise. Much to think about. -- Jeff Rense
CJD Transmission Now A Risk At 'All Hospitals'
Instruments Cannot Be Sterilized Of Prions
The Guardian - UK
Doctors at the hospital where 24 people have been exposed to infection >from a deadly brain disease knew which patients were at risk three months ago but failed to inform them, it emerged today. Health officials are now trying to trace patients who could have been exposed to sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) through contaminated instruments used during surgery at Middlesbrough general hospital during the summer.
A woman later diagnosed with CJD underwent neurosurgery on July 19 but instruments used during her operation were used again on more than 20 other people the in following months. Ian Holtby, director of public health for Teesside, said doctors at South Tees hospitals NHS trust knew of the woman diagnosis on August 8 but only decided they would contact those at risk last Thursday. Dr Holtby said: "It is unfortunate it has taken such a long time but it takes time to pull the experts together and it takes quite a while to pull the information out about the degree of risk." But he told patients not to "worry unduly" about the potential risk of exposure to the fatal condition. "Those people affected will be contacted, so if you haven't been contacted just forget about it," he advised.
The South Tees trust has withdrawn £90,000 worth of surgical equipment following the scare. A hospital spokeswoman said: "We have withdrawn several drills, craniotomy sets [used by surgeons to cut open skulls] and general medical sets used in the theatre as a precaution as soon as the diagnosis was confirmed." The Department of Health (DoH) claimed the instruments should have been quarantined as soon as it became clear there was a potential risk of transmitting CJD. The chief medical officer has asked the regional director of public health, Dr Bill Kirkup, to look into the incident at Middlesbrough and report to him shortly.
Sir Liam Donaldson said the report "will ensure that any measures necessary to improve local procedures or strengthen national policy are taken". He said: "The immediate need is to provide support and help for those who believe they may have been affected and I am assured that the hospital is now so doing." Dr Paul Lawler, clinical director for South Tees hospitals NHS trust, said the equipment was not quarantined after the first operation because CJD was never suspected. Dr Lawler said: "It is a terrible incident but nevertheless it could still happen tomorrow in this hospital or indeed in any other hospital." CJD accounts for about 85% of all cases of the illness and, although it can prove fatal, it can also have an incubation period of up to 20 years.
It is not to be confused with variant CJD, which is the human form of BSE, and is potentially linked to contaminated meat. Government guidance on the handling of instruments exposed to CJD has been in place since 1999. A DoH spokesman said the guidelines to NHS trusts were there to "prevent the avoidable and unnecessary exposure to this disease".
Clive Evers, a spokesman and former chairman of the CJD Support Network, said the incident showed warnings were not being taken seriously. "This is something that should not have happened. There has been guidance in place well before the time of this incident," he said.
"Clearly what is happening is that good, solid guidance is produced and it is not being disseminated, it is not being taken seriously, it is not being publicized enough to the people who need to have access to it. That's the lesson that has to be learnt."
First Published 10-30-02 © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002,11098,822525,00.html
29 Patients May Have CJD From 'Sterilized' Instruments
By Michael Holden
LONDON (Reuters) - Twenty-nine patients at a hospital in northern England may have been exposed to the deadly brain disease sporadic CJD after infected equipment was used during surgery, officials said Wednesday. The patients at Middlesbrough General Hospital all underwent operations using instruments which had been used on a person who had a brain operation in July. The patient was diagnosed a month later with sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), an extremely rare but fatal brain-wasting condition.
A hospital spokeswoman said there was only a "very, very low" theoretical risk the patients had been exposed. "We have been working closely with the CJD surveillance unit to look at any possible risk to these patients, though it must be stressed it is extremely low," a hospital statement said. Only about one in a millionpeople contract sporadic CJD. Unlike the variant CJD strain -- the human form of "mad cow disease" which scientists suspect is contacted by eating beef contaminated with BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) -- sporadic CJD occurs randomly, usually in older people, and has no known genetic or environmental cause
British hospital guidelines specify that any equipment used in operations in any suspected CJD cases should be quarantined. But the Middlesbrough Hospital said there had been no reason to suspect the original patient had CJD, and so there was no cause not to use the equipment, which was withdrawn after the discovery was made.
"It was due to the diligence of one of our pathologists that a sample of tissue was sent to the CJD surveillance unit -- to rule CJD out rather than confirm it," medical director Paul Lawler said. "Once sporadic CJD was diagnosed we followed the procedure set down by the CJD incidents panel."
The hospital said it had delayed contacting the patients until Tuesday because it had been waiting for further guidance, in accordance with National Health Service practice. "We appreciate the distress and concern this news may cause to these patients, their families and the public at large," the hospital statement said.
Copyright © 2002 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.
Some Earlier Warnings --
The following compilation of CJD medical/dental instrument contamination stories spans the past several years and makes abundantly clear the risks and dangers of re-using invasive medical and dental instruments which have been 'sterilized'.
It is not possible to fully 'sterilize' instruments which come into contact with CJD-infected patients. We believe the same to be the case with Alzheimer's patients.
Prions can withstand 1000 F. While the general risks of contamination seem minimal, they cannot be ruled out as more and more hospitals and medical organizations are realizing.
Further, prions have now been found to be involved with ALL forms of 'mad brain' diseases: CJD, BSE, CWD, vCJD, nvCJD, GSS, Alzheimer's Disease and multiple other titles for the same basic pathology.
Recently, at the Medical Society of Milwaukee, Dr. Rebecca Meyerson, a neurology specialist with St. Mary's Duluth Clinic, stated they do not do biopsies any more for Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease because of the dangerous contamination issue.
Jeff Rense Calls Again For New National
Dental/Medical Sterilization Guidelines
As I have been saying on my program and website for the last several years now, we are past the age of 'sterilization' in medicine and dentistry as we know it when it comes to the re-use of invasive medical/dental instruments and equipment which now present the risk of spreading fatal CJD/vCJD prions from infected patients to the uninfected. The following headline confirms the issue in full:
I repeat, once again, that dentists are possibly spreading vCJD and Alzheimer's prion diseases from patient to patient. Most dentists I have spoken to, doctors as well, haven't a clue about CJD prions and how these tiny proteins are indestructible by all standard professional sterilization protocols. They can survive temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit...about 5 times higher than autoclave sterilizers which are now the benchmark technology for sterilizing all re-usable dental/medical instruments.
Any dentist or hygienist who works on a patient with CJD (or Alzheimer's) exposes most instruments to the blood and saliva of that fatally-infected patient. It is now clear that CJD prions will be found not only in the patient's blood but quite possibly in the saliva itself, as well. And those prions could still be found on the instruments after 'sterilization' ...
I again call on dentists and oral hygienists to cease re-using invasive instruments on patients. Unfortunately, this won't happen anytime soon, not until ignorance has been replaced with the hard science of reality.
All patients should be treated ONLY with single-use instruments and hygienists should begin to encourage patients to purchase their own prophylactic kits containing all the essential angles and teeth cleaning tools. These kits could be purchased by patients and brought into the office by the patient for each cleaning or dental procedure. All dental drills and the drill bits should also be replaced for each patient with new, unused equipment. That, of course, is not going to happen in the foreseeable future, either. It is also well worth noting that over 50% of the tonsillectomy instruments sampled in the UK showed Mad Cow prion contamination. It is no surprise that story vanished almost overnight.
One more time: dentists and doctors are now no longer able to guarantee they are not possibly spreading CJD prions to uninfected, innocent patients via re-usable medical/dental instruments.
Here are a few more news stories describing the risk of re-using invasive surgical instruments. All stories are available in full at
8 Patients May Have CJD From Re-used
'Sterile' Surgical Instruments
By Suein Hwang and David Hamilton
The Wall Street Journal
Tulane University Hospital and Clinic is grappling with...
Louisiana Man Exposed To Mad Cow/CJD
During Surgery Sues Hospital
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (Reuters) - A Louisiana man who may have been exposed to a rare, fatal brain-wasting disease during surgery...
14 Chicago Hospital Patients May
Have Been Infected With CJD
CHICAGO (AP) - Fourteen patients at two hospitals may have been exposed to CJD, a rare and deadly brain disease through tainted surgical instruments...
Canada Hospitals Study CJD Surgical Instrument Risk
TORONTO (AFP) - Four hospitals in southwestern Ontario are conducting a risk assessment to see if their surgical instruments may have been exposed to a fatal brain disorder
UK Medicine Yields To vCJD - All
Tonsillectomy Instruments Now Disposable
The National Heath Service (NHS) is to spend millions of pounds to prevent
vCJD To Cost Patients Billions To
Insure Safer Invasive Instruments
By James Meikle - Health Correspondent
The Guardian - UK
The NHS (UK) faces the prospect of paying billions...,3604,413721,00.html
Possible CJD Risk From Re-Usable
'Sterile' Eye Surgery Instruments
By Linda Davidson
LONDON (Reuters Health) - Instruments used in eye surgery could spread the human form of "mad cow" disease from patient to patient, research published....
14 Chicago Hospital Patients May
Have Been Infected With CJD
CHICAGO (AP) - Fourteen patients at two hospitals may have been exposed to a rare and deadly brain disease...
Warning Over Routine Surgical CJD Risks
Australian researchers studying the risk factors linked to sporadic CJD have found that the greatest is surgery for conditions like hysterectomies and heart surgery. They think...
CJD May Be Transmitted During Surgery
By Steve Connor
Science Editor - The Independent UK
Scientists have found new evidence to suggest that the human version of "mad cow" disease might be transmitted during surgery...
'Mad Cow' Prions Form In Muscle
As Well As Brain Tissue
By Merritt McKinney
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The abnormal proteins linked to "mad cow" disease and other brain-wasting illnesses can form in muscle much more easily than previously thought.
Thousands Of UK Hospital Patients Exposed to vCJD
By Jonathan Leake
Science Editor - The Sunday Times
Hospitals are having to warn thousands of patients that their operations may have exposed them...
CJD/Mad Cow - UK To Spend $300 Million
To Cut Surgical Instrument Risks
LONDON (Reuters) - The British government said on Thursday it will spend $300 million preventing the potential spread of vCJD...
And how about this story...have you heard about it lately?
Single-Use Medical Devices Commonly Re-used In US
NEW YORK (Reuters) - In hospitals and clinics around the United States, biopsy needles, catheters and other internal medical devices frequently are being re-used despite labeling that stipulates "single-use only,'' the New York Times reported Wednesday...
Note - This is a criminally-negligent practice which must be stopped. HIV, Hep-C, CJD and many other potentially fatal viral and bacterial diseases could be spread this way. Even normal sterilization practices are NOT always applied properly. Furthermore, vCJD prions, as their bovine clone known as Mad Cow prions, can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees F. In other words, no normal sterilization procedure, even if done letter-perfectly, can inactivate CJD prions. And how many prions does it take to become infected? Also, keep in mind the long incubation periods of these diseases. If you have a procedure done with a non-sterile, contaminated and re-used needle, catheter, dental tool, or other internal medical device...and you become ill a year or several years later, who would know, or who could prove that a tainted medical device was responsible? As is the case with HIV, Hep-C, and CJD, the symptoms likely wouldn't show up for up to years later. Here is the first graph of the story"
Now, here is a story dealing with Hep-C being spread by 'sterile' instruments...
Hepatitis C Linked To Dentists
By Kate Foster
Health Correspondent - The
Thousands of Hepatitis C sufferers may have contracted the life- threatening virus during dental treatment, health campaigners warned yesterday. (Note - this is Scotland and doesn't take into account the numbers possibly similarly infected in the US, etc. - ed)
It is feared current methods of sterilising dental equipment may not be effective in removing the risk of transmission of the virus, which is 100 times more infectious than HIV.
Jeff Frew, the secretary of Capital C, a support group for hepatitis C sufferers, told The Scotsman that of the 38 per cent of people whose source of infection is unknown, a "substantial number" could have been infected at the dentist.
He said: "Many people with the virus do not fall into the risk categories and do not know how they became infected.
"Dental treatment is the only time when large numbers of the public come into contact with blood. We believe that, although dentists sterilise their tool heads, they are too busy and do not have enough resources to sterilise their tools themselves, and machinery that drives the tools. Hep C is extremely infectious and blood could get into the tool mechanisms and be passed between patients."
Although 10,000 Scots are known to be infected, it is believed a further 25,000 do not know they have the virus, as it can take 20 years for sufferers to fall ill.
Nigel Hughes, the chief executive of the British Liver Trust, warned the risk of infection from dental surgeries "could not be ignored".
He said: "It would be possible to catch hepatitis C in this way if the equipment is not rigorously cleaned and sterilised.
"There's always a distinct possibility, especially if the dental practice session is very busy"
And, finally, here is an abstract from a formal medical paper:
Anesthesia And Non-Conventional
Transmissible Agents (Or Prion Diseases)
JP Estebe Annales Francaises
D'Anesthesie Et de Reanimation
Volume 16 ï Issue 8
1997 16:955-63
Abstract The transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) represent a group of neurodegenerative diseases with lethal outcome. They include Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and kuru, among others in humans, scrapie in sheep and spongiform encephalopathy in cattle (bovine spongiform encephalopathy: BSE)...
A new variant clinicopathological type of CJD (nvCJD) has been reported. The nvCJD has strain characteristics distinct from other types of CJD, close to those of BSE transmitted (studies with intracerebral inoculation), consistent with BSE being the source of this new disease...
It has been suggested that CJD might be transmitted by blood products derived from patients with CJD during the prodromal [precursory] stage...
For the most part of conformational changes of PrPc, the remarkable resistance of the infectious agent (PrP alone or combined) to ordinary sterilising procedures is a major problem. Because of this resistance, current recommendations are to recognize patients at risks and to use disposable medical devices. This is particularly true in anaesthesia during endotracheal intubation, spinal anaesthesia, and to a lesser extent with peripheral nerve blocks.
All instruments used for patients with CJD must be destroyed. The economic consequences of these measures have highlighted the essential importance of an early diagnosis.
For a complete list of important Mad Cow/CJD stories visit the Mad Cow/CJD DataPage at or use our site search engine at the top of the right side of the homepage.



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