Rudolf Hess Mystery Solved

(Conspiracy Nation) -- Rudolf Hess (photo, left) was Deputy Fuehrer and second in succession to the Nazi leadership position under Adolph Hitler. He is commonly perceived as a "lone nut" of 1941 because in that year he flew alone in a plane to Britain, unarmed, and landed at the estate of a member of the British Royal Family. Hess was promptly arrested and put in prison. These are the basic facts allowed to us by what passes for history.

A book to be released in the United States in August 2002 argues that "for sixty years an unprecedented conspiracy has existed at the highest levels of the British Establishment to prevent the truth about Rudolf Hess and his fateful flight to Scotland in May 1941 from surfacing into the public domain." [1] According to the preface to an interview of the authors of Double Standards: What Really Happened To Rudolf Hess?, Hess's 1941 mission "was one of the pivotal events of the twentieth century." [2]

In an interview with co-authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince available at the Eye Spy! magazine web site (, a deeper, truer picture of what really happened is presented. Hess apparently flew to Scotland in 1941 with Hitler's full knowledge and blessing. Hess was to meet with a faction of British royalty who wanted to arrange peace between Britain and Nazi Germany. But prime minister Winston Churchill and his faction got to Hess first when his plane landed and locked him up, even though Hess, according to evidence, had been guaranteed safe passage by King George VI.

By 1942, two "Rudolf Hess's" were imprisoned in Britain, one of them being the real Hess and the other being a Hess double, a subterfuge meant to impede any rescue attempts. Later that year, the real Hess was secretly moved from Wales to Scotland. The Duke of Kent, part of the British Royalty faction trying to negotiate peace with Hitler, soon thereafter went on a supposed morale boosting flight to Iceland. The Duke's plane, unfortunately, exploded over Scotland. What really was happening, as suggested by Picknett and Prince, is that the Duke of Kent stopped to get Hess, in Scotland, so they both could fly on to Sweden to continue secret peace negotiations, and that both Hess and the Duke perished in the plane mishap (which may not have been accidental).

To British Royalty and British Intelligence, the real enemy was the Soviet Union. They wanted Hitler to wage bitter war against Josef Stalin's empire so that, once it was all over, the British could then come in and gain advantage and war booty from the consequently weakened Germans and Soviets. To the Nazis, a two-front war, having to fight both Britain and the Soviet Union simultaneously, was less than an ideal situation. But Winston Churchill, apparently, had a deep enough dislike of Hitler's Germany that he wouldn't agree to the plan. Churchill's capture of Hess and consequent knowledge of Royal treason apparently was used by him as a blackmail card against British Royalty.

When World War II ended, the "Rudolf Hess" tried at Nuremberg was not Hess, but the Hess double. Hermann Goering, Hitler's Luftwaffe commander, also tried at Nuremberg, had this to say about the supposed Hess on trial there: "Hess? Which Hess? The Hess you have here? Our Hess? Your Hess?"

------- Notes -------

[1] From interview of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, co-authors of

Double Standards, available at the Eye Spy! magazine web site,

[2] Ibid.


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