Orange Alert Obfuscates
Mad Cow News Release

By Dr. Patricia Doyle
Hi Jeff - You bet, as I mentioned in the previous email, they announce orange alert a few days before the mad cow story breaks and it makes mad cows seem trivial. Shell game.
They may even want us to think Bin Laden or some other boogie man put the sick cow in the pasture.
I have heard that some parts went into food supply. The radio news (I think ABC) did not say where, whether for animal of human consumption. They did play a clip from someone in some government organization which stated that the food was 'safe' and went on about it being no problem.
They probably don't know where the meat went, simply into the food supply at slaughterhouse.
This is a major major problem and the news is doing us a disservice by covering it up. I can hear those angry beef people clamoring for damage control.
It is all about the almighty dollar. The only thing that dominates the news is the stupid "orange" alert. Tom Ridge is a fool. The alert is not for the public, it is really for police and FBI, etc to go to higher security. Why keep repeating orange alert day and night when the public cannot do a thing about it? More nonsense. I am wondering if they used the orange alert to obfuscate the mad cow story. The
USDA KNEW about the cow and the story was ready to break, and voila: "orange alert." The old misdirection game. (Have us all looking at 'terrorists' while the real news and threat is our food supply.)
The media will be doing major damage control and we need to be front and center getting our information out. You know the mainstream won't give the factual info because already fast food stocks sank and beef commodities are following suit.
Over the past 50 years there has been an assult on animal livestock due to "progress." New farming methods that put poison into the stomachs and veins of livestock we eat had to take their toll. Ergo mad cow develops.
GM grains fed to livestock etc. I have to laugh when I hear "assinine" statments like we only feed GM Starlink corn to animals? Well, who eats those animals eats the corn.
Mankind is in deep trouble. Whether one eats game, African game and primates, or the nice civilized form of protein, like (mad) cows, the animals are "changing" thus putting those who eat them at risk for "changing."


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