Washington Firm Recalls
Beef Over Mad Cow Concerns

Note - So, what they are saying now is that the infected beef likely DID make it to
the food chain at some point...hence the recall. No one, however, is talking about all
the milk and milk products derived from the infected Holstein dairy cow. This also points
up the length of time in the BSE testing process...from the time the sample is taken
to the time the results are determined. According to the USDA's own statements,
it claims to have tested (a microscopic) 20,000 cattle out of 35 MILLION slaughtered
each year. This is far less than one tenth of one percent ALLEGEDLY tested. Nice to
see, once again, how much our government cares about us. -ed
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Verns Moses Lake Meats has voluntarily recalled 10,410 pounds of raw beef because of concerns the products may contain meat tainted with mad cow disease, the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Wednesday.
The USDA on Tuesday announced the first U.S. case of mad cow disease was found in a dairy cow in Washington state.
The raw beef products from the Moses Lake, Washington-based company "may have been exposed to tissues containing the infectious agent that causes bovine spongiform encephalopathy," the USDA said.
The USDA considers the recalled beef, which was produced on Dec. 9 and shipped to several processing plants, a low health risk.
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From Name Wittheld
Dear Jeff - I am former consultant for ConAgra Foods. Less than a year ago, ConAgra sold all of its beef processing facilities right after they had to recall 35 million pounds of ground beef! I was told,
however, the real reason for the unloading of these assets was NOT the recall. Its all much clearer now. Welcome to more government cover-ups with people on the inside being tipped off. (and people on the outside dying. -ed)


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