To Those Who Don't Believe
Alien Abductions Are Occurring

By Jim Mortellaro

It has come to the attention of this writer, that some folks don't believe in the Abduction Experience. I speak, of course, of Alien abductions. To wit, aliens abducting humans for purposes of (ostensibly) some sort of genetic experimentation; genetic, since the alien species seem to dwell on our reproductive organs. In the nearly 58 years I perceive I've been abducted, from the age of about two years, they've never looked at my heart, lungs or for that matter, my rear end. The latter being something laughable among those who would deride those who claim the experience.
Of course, there is no way by which I or anyone else may prove that we've had such experiences. Whilst I've been regressed by the best of the abduction researchers, namely Budd Hopkins, and since other rather famous and well respected researchers have examined my case and determined that it certainly appears to be true, there are still those who deny us our truth. It is you to whom I address in this piece.
To begin, what do you call 'reality?' When it comes to the abduction experience, I cannot define reality. In part, this is because in the experience, one seems to be in an altered state of consciousness. It is not a dream, but there are some similarities which make the experience dreamlike. Reality is what we perceive in this dimension. In the altered state of the abduction experience, there is another reality. The altered state of the abduction experience may not have reality in this dimension. Perhaps the other way around as well.
When I have a dream, I can rarely recall the dream. I know that I've had a dream, but within moments of my waking, the details elude. Some dreams can be recalled in a bit more detail. Those would be recurring dreams. You've all had them. It's the day before the history exam and you've not opened the history book. Which book is the size of three Manhattan telephone directors on atop the other. Or the dream in which one cannot find where he parked his car, or how to get home. Even in these recurring dreams and in my case, I am unable to recall the detail. Merely the feeling and an occasional flash memory.
Ah, but the abduction 'dream,' that's entirely different. I can recall nearly everything from the experience. Not merely the feeling but the events. Such events also live in my memory even before I've had the 'dream.' Besides which, the 'dream' is not really a dream. It is rather a recall of the events preceding the recall (which appears to be a vivid dream). Does that make sense to you? Good. Now to continue.
At age two years I began having nightmares. I would awaken screaming. My parents, for a long time, believed I was having a nightmare. However I would always tell them, "It was not a nightmare, Mommy. It really happened!" Yet, whenever I was ill, with a childhood disease or fever from the flu or cold, I would have genuine nightmares. I'd wake up screaming. But I would _know_ that it was a bad dream and then agree with my parents' statement. "Yes, it was a bad dream, Mommy! A very bad dream."
At age four, I refused to believe in Santa. It was, even to my young mind, impossible for a man to travel with flying reindeer, or for that matter, deliver a zillion gifts to a trillion homes. It would have to happen so fast, I imagined, that one could not see the blur. Besides, we had no fireplce.
The dreams vs. my perceived reality usually confused my mother and dad. It never confused me. I recall seeing a blue light pierce the wall on the North side of my bedroom. The wall and window in that blue light would disappear. Three little creatures whom I referred to as "Little Doctors," would float through the beam of light and I would be compelled to go with them. Compelled is the wrong word. I had to go with them as I was floated out the same blue light, but when inside that blue light, it became a white light. Up I would go with two or three of these little doctors as I called them behind me and one leading. The one leading was and is always the same character. Taller than the others, this being was there with me from the beginning. He is still with me now. I now call him 'Fred.'
Why "Fred?' Because I was reminded of an act on the old Ed Sullivan show, in which an older gentleman appeared with this floppy eared hound who was named, "Fred." He'd set Fred up on a stool, walk away about ten or so feet and holler, "Come on, Fred! Come on Fred." And Fred was supposed to jump off the stool and come to his master.
Fred never did anything. No matter what his master said or did, Fred would just sit there and look happier than a clam. There is no connection except one. Fred was the funniest name I could think of. This became the moniker I applied to this taller than the others entity. I wanted to make this being funny. No, not funny. I wanted to make fun of this entity. And this was my way of doing so. So the taller shortstuff is not "Fred." Only every time I am abducted, and refer to 'it' as "Fred," he doesn't even crack a smile. But even in my altered state, I feel this ... sort of ... superiority over Fred. Makes me feel a bit better. Not to make fun of those who call on the name of their god to chase the demons away, but when I call to my Lord, He doesn't do anything. Perhaps this is all in my chart.
Or maybe it's all a piece of undigested beef. An underdone potato.
I recall one abductee who told me that she was made fun of (in a manor of speaking) by the alien entity when she objected to their taking her eggs and showing her children which were supposed to be hers. She told me that the alien asked (the head alien much the same as Fred), "Why do you keep pets?" As if to say, pets are taken by us and kept. We give our pets love. In return, they give us love. And peace. When I'm with my best little buddy Pepe, a French Bulldog, I am at greater peace than in Church. (Sorry Lord, but the shoe fits well, so I wear it)
Another perceived abductee, a male, objected to the aliens taking his sperm. He was told, in substance, "Why do you object? Do you not waste and spill your seed?" Gee, talk about freedom of spirit and independent decision making. Obviously these dudes never owned a loving, giving doggie or felt the need to 'waste theirn own seed,' assuming they have any. Had it been me, I'd have told them that humans are free to make their own decisions when it comes to their bodies. No one takes without giving. And these entities give nothing. In fact, as I will show, they take much.
Which brings us to how a lifetime of these experiences make a lifetime of negativity and unhappiness. Not to mention ill-health. Many perceived abductees, both male and female, are in poor health. It's no wonder. Most of us suffer from some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a real illness. Some years back, the medical community decided that it was not real. We now know that PTSD is real and affects millions of people who've experienced extreme stress. War, terrorism and natural disaster will make you ill. Reduce your immune system. Reduce one's ability to fight illness. The brain is a powerful instrument. It can and does control the body in ways we do not fully understand.
People who suffer PTSD have auto immune system disorders. MS, arthritis, headache, dependency on substances such as drugs or alcohol. Many more. Women more than men suffer IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This has been my bane for years, until a good man told me what to do about it. Jeff Rense does not subscribe to anything coming from dairy, but colostrum has changed my life. I no longer suffer pain, spasms and the embarrassment of meteroism. Not to mention constipation and it's converse.
Believe me when I tell you that depression is rampant among us.
Immediately following a most painful and bloody abduction, the first of it's kind for me (and many others as well), I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, according to my physician of three decades. I went to see my friend, Budd Hopkins and literally begged him to help me. I need not have begged. He was there, with compassion and love, with a caring I've not observed outside of my own family. After being regressed that first time, and within the hour, I was a changed man. I saw my doctor within 48 hours of that regression and he said to me (verbatim, this I shall remember the rest of my life), "Jim, what the hell happened to you? I was ready to begin aggressive treatment for depression if not for a breakdown?"
I told him that I'd been regressed by Budd Hopkins and that I never felt this good. Not in my recent memory. It was like night and day. No depression. Shock at having really (in my memory) experienced such horror, but I was actually happy to have uncovered the memory. My doctor was quite taken aback by my immediate progress, something he would again witness later on but under even more bizarre circumstances. This is the man who went on to spearhead a medical study of perceived abductees against a control group of people who had never experienced any such thing.
The one problem this medical study experienced however was that the control group had to be expanded by a very large number. You see, those who laughed at even suspecting abduction by aliens, were found to have been abductees. C'est la guierre.
Now for the final revelation. For the first time in public, I present a small excerpt from my physician's report on my condition on admission to the Emergency Room of a hospital in Upstate NY. The document is in the hands of Budd Hopkins and has been transmitted to Jeff Rense. With the permission of my doctor and the medical group, this is what I looked like in March of 2001, after a particularly grueling abduction experience. Jeff Rense has, in his archives, several radio shows which have tapes of both a medicated regression (using advanced medications to retrieve truth) as well as the regression tapes made by Budd Hopkins.
Read this here, an exclusive to our best friend, Jeff Rense. Note that certain names and places have been deleted in order to preserve a sensible level of privacy for us all. Soon, an affidavit will be submitted on this venue, which describes what a witness saw on the same night, at the same time, I was apparently abducted. This brief is in the hands of Budd Hopkins and more recently, Jeff Rense.
Case Study: James S. Mortellaro, Jr., Ph.D.
James Mortellaro presented at (----) Hospital in March of 2001 by ambulance to the Emergency Room.
Mr. Mortellaro was unconscious, later determined to be in mild shock.
Upon examination by the ER physician, patient was found to have bled (profoundly) from the bladder through the penis. His clothing was soaked with blood about the groin and upper thigh areas. There was sensitivity in the lower left quadrant even though the patient was unconscious. Patient was also found to have been bleeding from the nose and tear ducts. There were obvious signs of surgery in the nose above the septum, near the entrance to the sinuses.
Patient regained consciousness within ten minutes after presentation. His vitals were stable, BP 155/100, which was reduced after regaining consciousness to 135/85 within ten minutes. There was no indication of trauma to any portion of the body except for noted bleeding.
Patient was able to identify himself, name, the date, the name of the current president, etc., but was about five hours off on the time. He thought the time was about 6 PM. It was close to midnight.
Present were his wife, Trooper (---) from Troop (--) in (----), N.Y., Dr. (--------), his personal physician, various nursing personnel, the ER physician, Dr. (-----) and others.
When conscious, patient indicated feeling weak, disoriented and with pain in the lower abdomen favoring patient's lower left quad. After patient was made stable, CAT scans of the head, dorsal
and lumbar regions, along with CAT and MRI of the abdomen and kidneys. All non intrusive
pictures were negative, with the exception of the bladder which showed lesions in three areas favoring the left side.
A cystostoscopy of the bladder was performed indicating contusions of the lower left bladder area. A total of four such areas were found, which was apparently the reason for bleeding. The wounds were odd in that there appeared to be no apparent reason for their presence. Again, there was no indication of causative external trauma.
The blood found on the patient's clothing proved recent (within two hours) profuse bleeding.
Yet those areas were no longer bleeding (at the time) and should have been. This was a very curious and impossible scenario.
The CAT scans and MRI's confirmed recent (healed) nasal surgery which the patient insisted he never had. As his personal physician, having only recently given the patient a complete annual physical only days before, I can testify to the fact that no such surgery had been done at that Time.
A total of two cystoscopy's were performed within 48 hours, showing marked and nearly miraculous healing of the contusions in the bladder. Another cystoscopy performed within ten days of this 'incident', indicated nearly complete healing. Very strange, indeed. Very strange.
Patient was discharged from hospital during (deleted), feeling fine, with no apparent illness present.
We have never before seen such a bizarre case. I have been in practice for more than 40 years. The ER physician commented, "I haven't a clue!" No one has a clue. The State Police Trooper, who is known by and knows Patient (who is a reserve police officer) and Troop (-----) supervisors did a computer search as well as check with three troop barracks in three counties to determine if there had been an attempted car jacking or accident. There were none.
This case is a first in our experience, both from the standpoint of the rapid healing (which should be impossible) as well as the lack of any indication of trauma which may have caused such bizarre injury.
Dr. ____ __________, MD
To those who do not believe, even in the possibility, consider the above. To those who refuse to believe, you have a problem worse than mine. To those who believe, think about the possibility of being skeptical. Always skeptical. It keeps the mind open to explanations other than the alien abduction theory.
To me, I cannot allow myself to believe otherwise. After each regression, the memory is so real, that it must be part of my actual experience. I cannot think of any other explanation. However, what the heck do I know? There are more things in heaven and earth ... etc.
Love, peace and prayers,
Jim Mortellaro



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